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Animal Radio Episode 792

February 6, 201599 min
America's Got Animal Talent
This week we're sending 5 animal acts to the front of the line at NBC's America's Got Talent auditions. AGT Casting Producer Erin Tomasello is our guest and she wants you and your pets to win a million dollars.

Gimme Some Skin

Dr. Debbie and Joey Villani cover many of the different skin related problems your pets can have. From mange to cancer to dry itchy skin, they'll tell you whether or not you need to see your vet or if the answer is in your pantry.

Animal Ambulance Service
Our Hero Person, Cheryl Brady started an ambulance specifically for animals in the Sarasota area. She's transported over 4000 animals and has as many stories to share.

Preventing Bloat
Some dogs are simply predisposed to bloat, a fatal stomach issue that needs immediate attention. Some guardians are electing for a preventative surgical procedure called Gastropexy.

Get Your Ex A Hissing Cockroach For Valentine's Day
If you are looking for a less than romantic gift for an 'ex' on Valentine's Day, the San Francisco Zoo might have just the thing. You can adopt a hissing cockroach or giant scorpion in the name of your 'ex'. The zoo says the gift could protect your karma and help it continue its mission of connecting people with wildlife.

New Research On Rabies
New research on rabies done at KSU could change the way we think about rabies and prompt more people to keep up with their pet's rabies shots. If a pet is exposed to rabies and is up to date on boosters, they just need another booster and they'll be fine. But pets that are not up to date, end up in quarantine at the vets for 6 months to make sure they don't come down with the disease.

In Dog We Trust

The rug in the entranceway to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office is forest green with the sheriff's gold badge on it. Where it's supposed to say "In God We Trust" it says "In Dog We Trust." Hundreds of people have walked on the rug without noticing. A deputy finally spotted it the other day. The Sheriff's Department now plans to auction off the rug with the proceeds going to a local animal rescue group.

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