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Animal Radio Episode 863

June 17, 201680 min
Cloning Myths Debunked

Viagen Pets has brought pet cloning to the U.S., and along with it a lot of questions and myths about the process. Melain Rodriguez is back to debunk the myths and clear up any confusion about the process.

Disaster Preparedness

Animal Radio's Pet Word Insider Robert Semrow wants to make sure you're ready in case of a natural disaster. He has a list of the top tips for preparing your pet for earthquakes, inclement weather and any other disaster that could come your way.

Can Dogs Recognize Faces from Pictures?
A new study published in the journal Animal Cognition indicates that dogs may have facial recognition skills similar to humans! Well, of course, your dog recognizes you when you walk in the door, but how about if you were on vacation without him or her, could they see a picture of you and recognize it?

Inflatable Dog Poop
A town in Spain has installed a giant inflatable dog poop in an attempt to discourage dog owners thinking of walking off and leaving a pile of poo in the streets. The town has about 6,000 dogs and if you do the math, they are capable of producing around 1,100 pounds of excrement every day. And, THAT is more or less what the giant inflatable represents, the amount of poo left on the streets across the town each day, according to a town council member.

Pet Sitting Business Sues for 1 Million After Poor Yelp Review

A Texas pet-sitting business is going after $1 million in damages from a couple who gave them a one-star review on Yelp and criticized the business' treatment of their tiny blue tropical Betta fish named "Gordy" while the family was away on vacation. Prestigious Pets of Dallas claims the review is defamation.

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