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Animal Radio Episode 865

July 1, 201680 min
Virtual Chicken Petting
Imagine leaving your dog at home while it turns on the smart TV and chooses a program to watch. Lori Brooks will tell you about the new technology. She'll also tell you about Virtual Chicken Petting that artificially replicates physical interaction between chickens and their farmers.

Relief For Orlando Shooting Victim's Pets
After the mass killing in Florida, The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando Shelter, says it will offer assistance to the pet of people affected by the shooting at the Pulse nightclub by providing short-term care for the pets of those who were injured in the shooting.

Share A Glass Of Wine With Your Pets
So, you love your cat and you love your wine. A Colorado company called Apollo Peak wants to help cat owners enjoy the experience of sharing a glass of wine with their pets, so they've come out with a non-alcoholic, beet-based, catnip infused wine for cats.

Making Training Your Dog Enjoyable

Zak George is back and he has tips on making training your dog enjoyable for both you and your furry-friend. He believes that if your dog likes to do what your training them to do, you will be more successful. He'll also talk about Service Dog fraud.

What You Need To Do Before Your Dog Goes Missing
Animal Radio's Pet World Insider, Robert Semrow has a short list of the things you should do so that, if and when your dog or cat disappears, you'll be prepared for a prompt and safe return. Don't forget, 4th of July is one of the biggest times for shelters and lost pets.

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