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Animal Radio Episode 867

July 15, 201680 min
Personal Pet Check Up
You know your pet better than anyone else, including your vet. Doc Halligan has part two of her weekly "once-over" exam. Follow these steps and you'll be on top of any problems before they become serious.

Doggy DNA Nabs Poop Offenders
A luxury apartment community near Grand Rapids, Michigan says it will use DNA technology as a way to sniff out dog owners who fail to pick up their pets' poop. The Ridges of Cascade complex is asking dog owners to swab their pet's mouth so it can build a DNA database that will allow it to identify residents who ignore its strict cleanup policy. The management company as already contracted with the Tennessee-based company PooPrints to collect DNA samples of each dog in the development. Violators will face a $350 fine.

Sloth Love

Most every social media butterfly has seen at least one cute video of a sloth (if not, check out our Facebook page). These litter critters are so cute, that many people want one as a pet. Photographer Sam Trull says she "went to Costa Rica for the primates but stayed for the sloths." She has the lowdown on sloths, and she says people think they're slow. She says "they can be fast when they want to, and their nails are pretty scary too."

How Do I Clone My Pet?
Pet Cloning is now available in the U.S. through Viagen Pets. Melain Rodriguez is back to talk about mentally preparing for cloning your pet. She'll talk about what the process involves and if genetic preservation hurts your pet.

The Cat's Got More Than Your Tongue

A pet feline in New Zealand has been stealing men's underwear and socks from other people's homes! In just 2 months, the 6 year old cat named Brigit, acquired 11 pairs of underwear and more than 50 pairs of socks. Brigit’s owner says she has put notes in every mailbox on her street to warn her neighbors.

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