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Animal Radio Episode 874

September 2, 201680 min
Pound for Pound

Shannon Kopp spent the good part of a decade with an eating disorder. She would eat large amounts of food and then vomit 20 times a day. No therapist, doctor, or even rehab could cure her. She didn't find relief until she met a dog.

Pet Insurance Company Fined $150,000
The Washington State's Insurance Commissioner has fined a pet insurance company, American Pet Insurance, which goes under the name Trupanion, $150,000 for violating state laws. The violations include a failure to cancel policies in a timely manner in cases such as a pet's death, after a customer no longer owned a pet and when the pet owner canceled a policy.

TSA Rejects

Alan Kabel tells us about dogs that were trained to work for TSA but ended up failing their certification. Now, these animals are finding new homes through a unique adoption program.

Get Your Licks on Route 66
It's time again for the 8th Annual "Get Your Licks on Route 66 Adoption Tour." Fido Friendly publisher Susan Sims is getting ready to start the nationwide journey in Los Angeles with CBS's Emmy winner Brandon McMillan.

Do Dogs Love Us or Do They Just Want Our Food?
In an experiment further investigating the relationship between humans and dogs, researchers wanted to find out if it is a true bond or a love of food. They found most dogs anticipate the praise of their owner as much or more than a food reward.

Catty Wagon

Aimee Gilbreth comes up with some pretty unique ideas to raise money for her animal welfare organization. On the heels of the successful '6 Packs & 9 Lives' calendar featuring buff men with cats, now she's unleashed the Catty Wagon, adopting felines from a converted food truck that looks like an orange kitty.

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