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Animal Radio Episode 876

September 16, 201678 min
Some People Like Dog Breath
Comedian Paul Reiser is our guest as he waxes prophetically about his dog's breath and other quirky canine behaviors.

The Dogs of 9/11

Robert Semrow celebrates the dogs that were an integral part of September 11th 2001. From the search and rescue dogs to the service dogs that helped people escape from the World Trade Towers, we pay tribute to our furry companions.

Another Bad Flea Season
We're smack dab in the middle of another troubled flea season. Many of us don't want to put harsh chemicals on our pets. Dogfather Joey Villani has some smart tips for treating your pets naturally.

Protecting Your Pets From Hawks
You might have thought that high flying hawks hunting for innocent smaller house pets down below in people's yards was an urban myth, but it does happen! In 2011 a hawk plucked two small dogs from their Boston area yard and dropped them from the sky, resulting in some pretty serious injuries. Lori Brooks will tell you what to do to avoid hawk-trouble.

Proof That Dogs Understand Us
For all of us dog lovers this is proof of what we have always wanted to hear! The average dog has the ability to understand human speech. Scientists in Hungary claim to have found proof that dogs use both sides of their brains to understand the meaning, as well as the intonation of words, in much the same way that we humans process language.

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