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Animal Radio Episode 879

October 6, 201680 min
Nicole Sullivan Guests
America's Favorite Dog Walker, actress & comedian Nicole Sullivan (King of Queens - MadTV) is our guest this week. She wants you to know about the Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats. She's also wants you to know her sleeping arrangements.

Caring for Fukushima Pets Left Behind
Shortly after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan five years ago, residents who lived near the plant were immediately evacuated because of the risk of radiation exposure, but did you know they were forced to leave their animals behind? Fortunately a man named Akira Honda raced to the disaster area to help.

Creating a Foster Revolution

The mastermind behind the world's largest pet adoption website, Petfinder, is working to change the way un-adoptable animals find homes. Betsy Saul has started the website to unite transitional pets with foster parents.

DON'T Give Your Dog a Bone
Vets are now warning people not to give their dog a bone because it could kill them. And, if you're thinking that only applies to cooked bones, which break and splinter much easier, that is not always the case. Surgery is usually needed to remove any blockage and in some cases, the damage caused by bones is so serious that it can be fatal.

120 Pound Rodent
The word rodent implies ugly unwanted, little creatures that sneak into your home and freak out a lot of us. There is a 120-pound rodent in Texarkana that is genuinely loved, hugged and even given home-cooked meals. His name is Chico and he’s a Capybara, a species National Geographic says is, "The World's Largest Living Rodent."

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