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Animal Radio Episode 884

November 11, 201678 min
Emotional Support Turkey
A woman who lives in Washington is trying to have her pet turkey certified as an emotional support animal. Mary Pearce got Sammi as a baby turkey and she's now 6 months old. Pearce uses a wheelchair and says, "A turkey can be domesticated just as well as a dog or a cat." Pearce has Lupus, which gives her chronic pain and bouts of depression, but she says having Sammi around helps her cope with her health issues.

Custom Made Subscription Dog Food
With dog meals including blueberries, chia seeds, human-grade chicken and basil, Ollie, another startup, is looking to freshen up the dog food industry starting in New York City with a line of custom-made subscription dog food. Of course it is all made fresh and Ollie’s uses a unique algorithm to customize each order, ensuring your dog gets a balanced diet.

Catnip Festival
London's "Catnip" Festival will be coming up. It's a huge special event that hopes to give you the opportunity to celebrate your favorite online cat videos! And in typical cat fashion, it's a late night event starting at 10:00pm on Nov. 25th through until 6:00am the next morning.

5 Ways Pets Serve In The Military

Animal Radio salutes the pets that have participated and contributed to the military efforts over the years. Almost every American war, dogs have been active participants. From bomb sniffing, to security to search and rescue, you will find dogs work serving alongside their human counterparts. Robert Semrow reports on the dogs, birds, and even cats that have been a major part in armed forces.

Banning "Double-Handling"
Dog show officials in England have sparked a battle with trainers over plans to ban one of the secret techniques employed during competitions. The Kennel Club has moved to crack down on the controversial use of what's called 'double handling' due to fears that it leaves dogs feeling stressed. The technique involves a second trainer, hidden from view, attracting the attention of the performing dog by using a whistle or toy to make it look more alert and focused.

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