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Animal Radio Episode 885

November 17, 201678 min
Music For Cats
Composer David Teie created a CD containing music for cats. It was designed with specific harmonies and sounds that appeal to the feline persuasion. Surprisingly, the album is also getting rave reviews from humans that like it too. David joins us and explains the methods behind his madness.

Dog Breeds Most Likely To Run Away
There is an interesting list out. It's a list of the dog breeds that are most likely to escape, get out of the yard or run away. Business Insider asked Whistle, a company that makes a GPS and activity-tracking dog collar, for data on breeds that run away most often. Animal Radio News Director Lori Brooks will explain the study and give you the list. Is your dog breed on it?

What Horses Can Teach Humans
During the week, Dr. Allan Hamilton is a real-life brain surgeon. During the weekends, he spends his time with horses. Dr. Hamilton has a unique way of listening to these horses. His resulting insights translate far beyond the training ring and are relevant in boardrooms, living rooms, classrooms, and even meditation rooms.

Bachelor Party Beer Fund Turns Into Puppy Fund
When you think of a bachelor party, rescuing adorable puppies probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. And, truthfully, it wasn't the plan for a group of buddies in Tennessee who were celebrating their friend's wedding either. The men who had planned to go four-wheeling in the woods had a change of plans and their beer fund became a puppy food fund.

Flea Collars Made Out Of Wood

Norman Strodach's first invention was a toilet seat for cats, of which he's sold 10,000. His next invention was a Cedar wood pet collars that naturally resists fleas and other biting pests. Anyone looking for a natural solution to fleas should hear what Norman has to say.

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