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Animal Radio Episode 892

January 5, 201778 min
Doggie Drive-Thru

Amanda Brown opened a drive-thru fast food restaurant for dogs ONLY. Your dog can get the popular Bow Wow Bowl with their choice of protein, vegetables or grains in an edible bowl. Bane and Vader's opened their flagship store in Easton Pennsylvania. Amanda has plans to franchise this idea, which came to her when she saw research showing that humans often ordered food for their dogs when going through a fast food drive-thru.

Microchips and Misconceptions
While microchips are a very important part of pet identification, they will not help you find your missing pet unless it's picked up and scanned by a veterinarian or shelter. That's why Dr. Debbie recommends a visible tag and perhaps a GPS collar. Only a GPS collar will allow you to track your pet's location using your smart device or computer.

Shop Cats

Do you know of a business that has a token cat? You'll certainly appreciate the "Shop Cats" in Tamar Arslanian's new book. She features, in both picture and the written word, the most notable shop cats in New York stores. Take for instance, the wine store cat that has his own chiropractor, or the cat that is a mascot at a dog boutique, or the occult shop cat that totes a magic wand in her mouth.

Will There Be an Animal in the Whitehouse?
A philanthropist wants to do something to make the Trump White House more like those in the past: She wants Donald Trump to have a presidential pet. The very wealthy Lois Pope, who is also the widow of National Enquirer founder Generoso Pope, announced that she was giving "Patton," a ten-week-old golden retriever/poodle mix puppy to the Trumps.

Clothes Wearing Alligator Gets Pardoned
Following months of negotiations with Florida state officials, Mary Thorn has been given a permit that will allow her to keep her pet alligator, Rambo, who she says is fully trained and not a "normal" gator. Mary dresses Rambo in human clothing to protect his sensitive skin.

Stealing Your Pet's Pain Killers
Stealing from a sick animal may seem a low way to get a drug fix, but it happens frequently. Opioid abuse is rampant and a survey from Baylor College of Medicine reveals a surprising number of pet owners steal their pets' medications, especially painkillers and namely the drug Tramadol.

App Replaces Trump Pictures with Kittens
Hopefully we all have found our sense of humor again after the election of 2016. If you are an animal lover, you should find this pretty amusing too. Google now has an extension for its Chrome browser, called Make America Kittens Again. It replaces pictures of president elect Donald Trump with pictures of adorable kittens.

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