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Animal Radio Episode 894

January 20, 201778 min
The Secret Service Dogs
Did you know that the Secret Service has many dogs that have jobs protecting the President and other dignitaries? Maria Goodavage went on assignment to find out about the agency's furry employees.

Pets May Benefit The Mentally Ill
There is an ever-growing body of evidence that reinforces the health benefits of animals and pets. A new study published by BMC Psychiatry explores the role pets had in support, self-management and personal networks of those suffering from long-term significant mental illness (e.g. bipolar disorder, schizophrenia). Their research concludes, "Pets should be considered a main rather than a marginal source of support in the management of long-term mental health problems."

National Answer Your Cat Day…Really?

Pet World Insider Robert Semrow really loves his pet holidays. No holds barred, he's going all-out for National Answer Your Cat Day. The only thing crazier than that is his answers. "Someone get Bellevue on the phone!"

SeaWorld Ends Killer Whale Shows
Was it some very bizarre coincidence that as we said goodbye and rest in peace to 39-year-old Tilikum, the orca who died at SeaWorld in Orlando a few weeks ago, that just 2 days later the very last ever killer whale show was performed at Sea World in San Diego? The company will now replace its signature theatrical killer whale show.

Campaign Funds Used For Traveling Bunny
We've heard of all kinds of campaign spending abuses but this one is a new one. During an investigation of California Representative Duncan Hunter's campaign expenses, the House Office of Congressional Ethics uncovered that the lawmaker had used $600 in campaign funds to cover airfare expenses for his family's rabbit.

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