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Animal Radio Episode 896

February 2, 201778 min
Ethical Questions About American Humane
The American Humane Association (AHA) charges thousands of dollars to put its "No Animal Were Harmed in the Making of this Movie" certification at the end of feature films. However, one has to question the ethics of this business model after two alleged incidents of animal cruelty on accredited movie sets. Should the same organization that is supposedly watching over animals have influencers in their pocket book?

Nature is the Worst

E. Reid Ross (Cracked) will tell us about 500 of the most absurd and horrifying things that happen in nature. From murderous squirrels to farting fish, "E" uncovers, and revels in, some of Mother Nature's ugliest moments.

Having a Pet Alligator

Mary Thorn is no regular pet guardian. Yes, she has dogs, but she also has a pet squirrel and an Alligator that she dresses in clothing. Mary just battled the State of Florida to keep "Rambo," a 6' gator that she considers part of the family. The calm and collected reptile also is a therapy animal for troubled children.

Cat Gets Diploma
There's a cat named Oreo C. Collins from Macon, Georgia, who successfully earned an online "High School Diploma" from Jefferson High School. Oreo's owner, Kelvin Collins, actually got Oreo's diploma as a way to highlight fraud in online degree programs.

World's Longest Tail
A dog in Belgium earned himself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world's longest tail. An Irish wolfhound named Keon gets the honor. His tail measures 30.2 inches long from the top of the bone to the tip, without including his hair, according to the Guinness World Records.

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