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Animal Radio Episode 899

February 23, 201778 min
Bob Barker's 15th Visit with Animal Radio
Iconic TV host and Animal Advocate Bob Barker is back for his 15th appearance on Animal Radio. At 93 years old, Bob is still helping animals live better lives. He's been instrumental in unshackling elephants from circus acts; even relocating several to sanctuaries. Now he's rescuing orphan bears in Canada.

Dogs Prefer Reggae Over Heavy Metal
When you leave the house, do you leave the TV or radio on for your pets? New research indicates that when it comes to music, dogs like variety. The results make a very strong case for music as a calming technique, especially in shelters where the high stress levels can cause dogs to cower, bark loudly, jump at people for attention and behave in ways that make them less likely to be adopted.

Bill Would Ban Pets on Lap While Driving
North Carolina State lawmaker, Representative Garland Pierce wants pet owners to show affection for their pets, but not while they are trying to drive a car. Pierce says, "I don't have a problem with pets, actually, I want people to love their pets. But I want the highways to be safer."

Miniature Donkey Craze
There's a new trend in the world of exotic pets, but not your typical exotic animal. We're talking about the increase in people who are adopting miniature donkeys. These miniature donkeys are pretty much about the same size as a large dog!

Animal Terminal Opens at JFK Airport
The world's first privately owned animal terminal and quarantine facility has opened at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. The ARK, as its known, is a huge $65 million dollar, 14 acre facility that is cozy enough for a tiny kitten but spacious enough for a Clydesdale.

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