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Animal Radio Episode 902

March 16, 201781 min
New Pet Product Special
It's that time again for our bi-yearly special show featuring the latest and hottest new pet products- coming to a pet store near you. We'll have giveaways from the Global Pet Expo, one of the two tremendous pet-trade conventions in the U.S. Today we're featuring the Pet Acoustics Cube pre-loaded with music designed specifically for your pet. We'll also be introducing the world's first automatic self-cleaning DOG potty.

Financing Your Next Pet
The Sabin family had bought their new dog for $2,400 with financing offered at the pet store. Then they received a payment notice that said she owed $5,800. When Dawn Sabin tracked down a customer service rep at the company she found out she didn't really own the dog after all. They told her, "You're not financing the dog, you're leasing." Without quite realizing it, the family had agreed to make 34 monthly lease payments of $165 after which they had the right to buy the dog $300. This is more common than you might think.

The Term "Cat Lady" Added To Dictionary
Oxford Dictionaries has announced the addition of 300 new words and short phrases that will be added to its dictionaries. Among them "cat lady" made this year's cut. So what exactly is the definition of a cat lady? It’s a noun and refers to an older woman who lives alone with a large number of cats, to which she is thought to be obsessively devoted.

Before You Hire a Pet Sitter…
Animal Radio's Pet World Insider Robert Semrow has the 'Top 5 Must Knows When Hiring A Pet Sitter." It isn't easy to find the perfect person to take care of your furry family and we understand that. Make sure you're not vulnerable to any 'pet-sitters from hell.'

N.Y. Court Upholds Tough Restrictions on Sale of Cats and Dogs
A Federal Appeals Court has rejected a bid to overturn a New York City law imposing tough restrictions on the sale of dogs and cats. The verdict early this month is considered a huge victory for animal advocates and those animals that would normally be sold by puppy mills and mass breeding operations. The 2015 law says pet shops could only obtain dogs and cats from federally licensed breeders with clean recent animal welfare facility visits and could not sell dogs and cats over eight weeks old or weighing less than two pounds, unless they were spayed or neutered.

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