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DJ Khaled, Oscar Predictions, and More!

March 6, 201851 min
March 02, 2018 - We have your phone taps courtesy of Mr. Luther Luffiegh! First "Twitter Sister", then "Marshall Mathers Housing". Luther calls to confirm his stay at a persons house he met on twitter. Then, Luther calls a residence to tell them that he on his way with the college students that will be living at their house for the semester. The folks want nothing to do with Luther, and grow a tad irritable. DJ Khaled is in the Neighborhood to celebrate "Father of Asaad" and the new single "Top Off" feat Beyonce, Jay-Z and Future. Before the Oscars kick off the Neighborhood makes their picks for awards, the Neighborhood Roundtable continues, plus #HipHop, Natalia with News, and more!

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