Big Boy On Demand

Jackie Chan, Wiz Khalifa, and More!

January 9, 201865 min
January 5, 2018 - We have your phone taps courtesy of Mr. Luther Luffiegh! First "Catfish First Meet", then "Christina Milian/Karrueche". Luther calls hotel to meet the love of his life a model but the story is so crazy the woman he is calling hangs up on him. Then, Big Boy calls Karrueche with the help of Christina Milian. Pretends to be someone from a sponsor that wants to get a few questions from her. Karrueche then catches on and recognizes his voice. The Neighborhood looks back on our favorite interviews from 2017 including Jackie Chan and Wiz Khalifa, we have your Neighborhood Roundtable for 2018, plus #HipHop, Natalia with News, and more!

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