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SHANNON MCPEEK: Operation Happy Nurse - LOVE SOMEONE with Delilah

LOVE SOMEONE with Delilah

The vast majority of us have, at one time or another, benefitted from the TLC of a nurse. It's a grueling profession with long hours on your feet, strange shifts, not entirely pleasant duties (understatement!) and is often taken for granted. So here's a question for you, who takes care of the care givers? Shannon McPeek has always likes hepling others, this personality trait led her to the nursing profession, which she finds immenently rewarding, but sooooo stressful! Six months into her new vocation, she hit a profound low, and soon after determined that not only would she find ways to reduce her own anxiety, but other's as well. Enter "Operation Happy Nurse" an on-line support community offering a boutique menu of self-help services; fitness instruction, community forums, book club, nutrition advice, and give-aways (LOTS of give-aways!) Join Shannon and I on this episode of "LOVE SOMEONE with Delilah." If you're a nurse, join the Operation Happy Nurse community, and if you know a nurse, help us spread the word! ~ Delilah Learn more about your ad-choices at
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SHANNON MCPEEK: Operation Happy Nurse - LOVE SOMEONE with Delilah