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May 15, 2024 6 mins
Erika made national news for what happened at her sister's wedding...
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You don't. When it gets thelast call and all the dudes kind of
start creeping up on you, wehave the solution. Give them the John
Jay and Ridge drunk Diyal line sixtwo eight, nineteen thirty three is John
Jay and Ridge Erica. Good morning, good morning. Hey. I want
to tell you I'm doing the showright. And I'm looking at the news

and I see this story that saysa brave bridesmaid picked up a snake at
a wedding. And it says abridesmaid, in fact, the sister of
the bride at a wedding in Arizona'sgoing viral after she picked up a huge
snake that slithered under the steps ofthe venue where many were standing. Without
pause, she grabbed it by thetail held it away from her. Everyone

watched as she carried the long snakeaway. I watched the video. Yeah,
and first of all, that's youright, you carry the snake,
You grab the snake. Yep.Like when my son was little, he
would grab snakes all the time.They're little snakes. This is a big
ass snake in your home and ahalf feet so gross. Here's a clip

of the news piece about you.I don't think I realized how big it
was until I picked it up,and I was like, oh my gosh,
thanks, just tall me care you'rewhy why isn't that girl start of
anything? He gets a snake?Yep, and just grew up watching Steve
Bear winning My Room Model. Sotell us the story. Where was the
snake? How did you see it? What made you run up to it
and grab it? Uh? Sothe snake made a couple appearances, and

there was a worker there. Hewas, you know, tending to the
beer donkey, and he had somesnake tongs on him and he was trying
to catch the snake a couple oftimes, but it kept just getting away
from them. And finally the snakewas out in the open and my sister's
a bride went to go get himto like take care of it, and
no one could find him anywhere.And I was like, well, well,

it's just a gopher snake. Imean, it's not like a rattlesnake
or anything. Let me just gopick it up and place it somewhere.
So that's what I did. Ijust went up to the steps and it
was a cheeky little snake. Youcan see when I picked it up.
And did like try and looking atme, So I don't know if it
was just trying to bite me orit's just like, hey, I was
invited. How did you know likeit was a gopher snake? Because don't

they kind of look like rattlesnakes?He channels. Actually, yeah, they
do actually rattle their tails too tolike kind of scare you. They think
they're a rattlesnake, but no,you can tell by their heads and they
have like little streaks under their eyes, and their heads are much smaller than
a But you're too close. You'retoo close to like if you really close
to nose like, no worries snakesclearly and smolder. They candled my steamer

when yeah, you're an American hero, so brave. I did not Like
I think I'd be like, hey, I think that's a gopher snake,
but I'm not one hundred percent sure, so I'll just let it go.
I'm not going to touch it.Like the gamble you took to me is
pretty ballsy. Oh, how didthe beer donkey take the snake? Bear?

Donkey was fine. His name wasJethrow. He was great. It's
a great donkey name. Who areyou? Erica? Who are you?
Did you grow up in Florence?No, I grew up in Arizona City,
which no one has ever heard of. I know, Arizona City,
middle of nowhere. Yeah. Ithought everyone like in Arizona grew up picking
up snakes, and I grew upin Arizona. I caught lizards and pigeons,

but I didn't catch snakes. ForGod's sake. Hey, what now?
Why did you stay to get marriedin Florence? Beautiful background to the
prison there? Yes, absolutely is. She forgot our wedding photos there?
Wow, the way that barbed wirelike just sparkles off the sun. Actually,
it's going to be a reflection ofmarriage, you know, because it's

a prison. Marriage is a prison, marriage is an institution. What's funny
is like on the comments, Igot a lot of marriage proposals, and
I am married, so I've beenusing it against my husban and like,
see, you should have requested theday off a long time ago, like
I told you, and you wouldhave been there and I wouldn't have all
these suitors waiting for me. Holdon a minute. Your your husband didn't

go to your sister's wedding. No, he didn't. So now he gets
an earful every time the video goesviral. Okay, why didn't he go?
I feel like you would like theconversation of you having to ask him
to take a day off seems likea no brainer. Why wouldn't he go?
Marriage? Marriage is hard? Sohe got a new job, and

I don't know, he must havejust forgot. We knew about this wedding
a year ago. So yeah,I just thought he would request it off.
And then I kept reminding him andhe just kept forgetting. And finally
the week of he asked his bosslike, Hey, can I take this
day off? And they're like no, Like, you would think that they

would come through. Granted you shouldhave request it, but you would think
that they would come through for that. What line of work is your husband
in? He's a police officer.Oh wow, go to mile So I
guess they did need him off.Yeah, hey, how did the video
go viral? Who did? What? Like? Was it on Instagram and

it just got picked up? Andit was somebody filming you right, you
weren't holding the camera and the snake. Yeah, it was my sister filming
my other sister. Yeah, shewas filming it and she posted it on
TikTok, and it just kept gettingmore and more views, and we're just
like, oh my gosh. Andthen the news station started calling and we're
like, oh my gosh, sohow many interviews have you done so far?

I think this is my FoST Ohwow, are we the only radio
station? Yes? Yeah, whennews breaks, we fixed it. That's
it, Erica. Thank you forthe exclusive exclusive on Rich. All right,
Erica, thank you. If weever have a snake problem, we'll
call you. All right, soundsgood, Thanks for listening. Thanks are

calling in? Yeah, no problem. By like Sta Jing Rich
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