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October 24, 2023 20 mins

Cher. That's all one needs to say to get the attention of those within earshot. She's an icon, a legend, a powerhouse, she's... Cher!  And she's with us today on this podcast episode to spill the tea on her new album, "Christmas" (and maybe a few other little secrets!)

With 13 tracks, 4 of them originals, and a number of colabs with her besties, Darlene Love, Stevie Wonder, Michael Bublé, Cyndi Lauper, and Tyga this album has it ALL. Why do a Christmas album now, after 6 decades of chart topping hits? Tune in to find out! ~ Delilah

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
Have the temperatures outside where you live cooled enough to
tempt you to build a fire in the fireplace, put
on some fuzzy slippers, brew up a steaming cup of
hot cocoa or soothing big a low t If not,
we'll be there soon. The rain. Who The rain is

starting to come down with regularity. Where I live, the
wind has been howling. Pumpkins are popping up on stoops
and porches. While their carved faces are meant to be menacing,
There's nothing spooky about this time of year for me.
I just love autumn. I love the leaves, I love
walking through them. I love riding my horses when the

leaves are falling. One of the best things about this
time of year is the abundance of new holiday music
that is dropping. October is traditionally the month that artists
revealed their projects they've been working hard on, and this
year will not disappoint. Maybe you caught wind of a

quick visit I made to Los Angeles last month. Maybe
you saw me sharing hints on social media. Malibu Beach,
to be precise. While I wasn't able to share much
about it at that time, I can now the seasonless
national treasure that is, Share invited me and a handful

of other folks in the music industry to get together
to listen to her new Christmas album. So that we did.
We gathered, We sipped on sparkling water, we nibbled on
delicious little tidbits, and we waited in breathless anticipation at
her home. And then the music began. Oh Oh, my

heart's how I love Christmas at any time of year.
And hearing Cher's powerful voice belting out our old favorites
and exciting news soon to be favorites since shivers up
and down my spine even on a warm evening in September.
It was a very merry, very bright, and hooray, a

very rock and roll holiday album. It includes thirteen songs,
many of them holiday classics, and four new original songs
written by Sarah Hudson and her team, who I got
to meet, I got to hang out with, I fell
in love with them all. It also has a star

studded list of musical besties, including Darlene Love, Stevie Wonder,
Michael Boublaiz, Cyndi Laupper, and Tiga. It was the most magical,
amazing evening I had to pinch myself before, during, and
after to make sure I wasn't dreaming the whole thing.

Can it get any better than that? Well, yes, yes
it can, because she is here with us today and
we're going to hear all the details about how her
glorious new album Christmas came about. Christmas has been available
for a couple of days now. It was released October
twenty at the first single DJ play a Christmas song

dropped last month. It's disco vibe. We'll have you up
on your feet. We'll be sharing all the details on
Shar's new album Christmas right after I share the details
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Liza Ahead learn more about mercyships at mercyships dot org. Hie,
Hi Sarah, how are you? I'm wonderful? How are you?

Is the question?

Speaker 2 (05:18):
Pretty good?

Speaker 1 (05:19):
You're pretty good? You're pretty awesome. Are you dancing? Are
you dancing to your new Christmas song? Because this DJ
here is is putting it on for you. I mean,
come on, how could you? How could we not when
you title a song, DJ play this, you know, come on?
I know? That was like damn. She is so clever,

she knows, she knows how to stroke it. So we
can't not play it.

Speaker 2 (05:45):
I didn't think about it. I didn't write it, but
I love it, and I actually was thinking about it,
and I was thinking, boy a bit, every DJ is
going to play it.

Speaker 1 (05:54):
Yeah, that's exactly what every one of us that have
talked to each other said. Oh my god, she mentioned
as like she remembers, there's a person here. I love that.

Speaker 2 (06:06):
It's so weird. I mean, I don't know. I wasn't
thinking it when I was doing it. I just thought
about it. I thought, oh my god, I'm gonna say
to them, I'm giving them props.

Speaker 1 (06:16):
You are, it's totally giving us props. And we love that.
We love that, and we love you. First off, I
got to say thank you for inviting me to your
listening party.

Speaker 2 (06:26):
It was fun. It was fun, right, it was fun.

Speaker 1 (06:28):
And your patio, your little thing is so beautiful, and
you're so beautiful and you look so happy with your honey.
And I was just like my sister and I both
kept pinching ourselves, going, oh my god, aren't we really
in shares place? And then when the music started. When
the music started, because they had given me little snippets

of a few of the songs, but when we got
to listen together, you know, to the whole album. It
was wonderful. Thank you.

Speaker 2 (06:58):
It's kind of a bunch of songs that you think
wouldn't go together, but they do.

Speaker 1 (07:02):
They do. So why why now? Why a Christmas song?
After all these years of you've done sappy love songs,
you've done dance songs, you've done dance songs about love,
You've done love songs that you can dance to, and
now we've got a Christmas album and some of them
you can dance to.

Speaker 2 (07:23):
Well, you know, I never wanted to do one because
I could never. I never felt like I could pupture
what I wanted, and I wasn't even and because I
didn't know what I wanted. But then I thought, if
I could just pick the songs myself, that I would

have a chance. I would pick songs that I loved
and maybe pick songs that people don't know. And then
Sarah they came up with, you know, drop Top and
Angels in the Snow and DJ and not all at
one time. I mean she they actually wrote one of
the songs, dropped Top sleigh Ride, because I said to Sarah,

I want you to take some kids stuff and make
it grown up, and she did, I mean so, and
then I just started like I found Chuck Berry's song,
you know, Run Run, Rudolph So. And also I got
a chance to sing all the kinds of music that
I loved.

Speaker 1 (08:24):
I mean, come on, I got to meet your friend
Darlene Love, and she told me the story of when
when you sang that with her and you were a teenager.

Speaker 2 (08:45):
Right, Well, I sang background on it when I was
a teenager, but I was in the studio when she
did it when she's actually sang it, and we all knew,
you know, I've been in the studio a couple of
times when everybody in the room just nose and nobody
was breathing. And then it was done and the only

thing that happened was that Fanita had just bent over
and hit her in the knee, and then we were
all just amazed. It's just an amazing feeling, an amazing
moment when you hear a song like that.

Speaker 1 (09:22):
Well, she shared a wonderful story with me, and she said,
when they had you singing the background the backup, somebody said,
well you need to back up a little bit. You
need to back up a little bit because your voice
was so beautiful and powerful and strong, and she said,
I knew at that moment she had it talking about you.

I know that she knew that you had this powerhouse
inside of you.

Speaker 2 (09:53):
Well that's pretty good talking from a powerhouse. But it
was Philip. It was phil Spector, and he kept saying,
could you just back up? Could you just back up?
And Darling once said, if she backs up and emmosals
being studio.

Speaker 1 (10:05):
Be ah, that is wonderful. And now you got to
sing it with her on your first Christmas album and
we are blessed to be able to listen to it.
And I'm just excited because I got to be honest
with you. Sometimes I get kind of bored. I mean,
I've been doing Christmas music how many months out of

the year, two months, three months out of the year
for my entire career, and you can only hear holly
Jolly Christmas so many times.

Speaker 2 (10:35):
I know That's why I didn't do it, because I
just didn't. I couldn't fit it in. I just couldn't
fit it in. And even though there have been great
Christmas albums, I just this kind of sound a little
bit ridiculous. But I just wanted to do a share
Christmas album and I didn't really know what it was.

I couldn't really find it. And then I just share.

Speaker 1 (11:01):
Celebrating Christmas with us right here on Love Someone. With Delilah,
we have a little more time with her, but I
want to take a moment to unwrap the gift of
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better help HLP dot com slash love Someone. And how
did you find Sarah? The young lady and her gang
that wrote the original music? How did you find her?

Speaker 2 (12:35):
I've known Sarah since she was four years old, and
I think that she brought or someone at the company,
the record company was talking to her and then she went,
oh my god, okay, share of course, of course, and
then we started talking about when she was little, and
you know, and we just were it was just like

no time had gone past. And then she wrote the
other two with her crew.

Speaker 1 (13:02):
She is a breath of fresh air. I so enjoyed
talking to her and the young men that helped her
collaborate on the new stuff that you did, which is
fresh and fun and holiday and love and joy all
wrapped up that you can dance to.

Speaker 2 (13:22):
Also you can just be happy to it too.

Speaker 1 (13:25):
Yeah, and we need that, we need that.

Speaker 2 (13:29):
Oh yeah, yes, and yes, but it's it's joyous. I
don't know. It just turned out that the songs that
I picked independently became joyous as a group.

Speaker 1 (13:47):
When I was there at your house and I was
listening and the song came on because you do duets
with Stevie Wonder and Tiger and You, Darlene.

Speaker 2 (13:58):
And simply and Michael Boblay.

Speaker 1 (14:01):
Michael Buble came on and he's I love him, and
so I texted him, I said, oh mg, and I
shot a little video. I said, I'm at Shar's house
listening to you sing with her. And then he sent
me a video back as he was at home with
the kids, and oh my god, it's so beautiful.

Speaker 2 (14:18):
I know, it's we only have kind of two sad songs,
and it's by far the saddest. All my girlfriends cried
when they heard it. But it's great and he's really special.
And I didn't know him. But then Cindy. Cindy came
on board right away, right away, so I got all
these people. And the truth is, I don't think I

ever had anybody on any one of my records.

Speaker 1 (14:42):
Seriously, this is new, all these all this love mashing
up together.

Speaker 2 (14:48):
Yeah, and I didn't think of it. I thought of
it with Stevie because when I tried to sing a song,
it just didn't work, you know. And I called him
and said, Stevie, I think I've done a good job
on a lot of it, but there are some parts
that are just you and I can't do it, and
I need you to come and do it.

Speaker 1 (15:07):
And he, of course was thrilled to do that.

Speaker 2 (15:09):
Okay, he just said, okay, it was too easy, and
then he said at the end, do you want me
to play my harmonica? And I was like, oh my god, yes,
I do.

Speaker 1 (15:19):
Well, it is a wonderful, fun album. I'm honored to
get to share it with my listeners. And just to
see you shine I heard at the party and I
did a little research. You've got is it six decades?
You've been on Billboard's top chart, the top of the chart.
I think so, you think so? And now here we

are in a new decade. So we got we gotta
make it seven?

Speaker 2 (15:46):
I know. Well, also I have. I'm going to start
a new album after the season, after Christmas.

Speaker 1 (15:51):
Are you going to give yourself some time to just
relax and enjoy it?

Speaker 2 (15:55):
Yeah, but you know what I'm going home about the
next The next one is a share album. Well this
was a share album too, but the next one doesn't
have a theme.

Speaker 1 (16:06):
Well, thank you for this theme, and thank you for
spending time with us, and Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Speaker 2 (16:11):
I love you, it's nice to see you again.

Speaker 1 (16:14):
And thank you for the picture, because my kids think
I'm cool nowure. Oh, it was such a good picture
of us. And I sent it. I have, you know,
a thousand kids, and I sent it to all my
adult children and they're like, dang, mom that share. I'm like,
I know it. That's me. That's me, your mom right

next to her. Okay, And we're friends. And I met
your best friend and she's been in touch with me,
your best friends from from way back. And she sent
me pictures of some of the things her daughter had designed,
the clothes and.

Speaker 2 (16:50):
The joe Joey you met Joey.

Speaker 1 (16:52):
Yeah. And and I, like I said, my sister and
I were just thrilled beyond words to be there and
your pool, your home, the roses I took. I was
the crazy woman taking pictures of your roses. I didn't
see you, so it's okay, okay. I was just like
those roses smelled heavenly and I couldn't I couldn't get

enough pictures. It was like the main picture on my
social media for some time. Here are roses from Shar's party,
because they were so good. Everything was beautiful. I didn't
eat though, all that nice little food you had, I
didn't eat there.

Speaker 2 (17:28):
I was too excited.

Speaker 1 (17:30):
I'm a slob, and I was afraid I was going
to drop it on my shirt or my jumper. And
so after where I left him, like, dang, I'm so hungry,
and those little thingies looked so good, but I did
not want to go give you a hug with food on.

Speaker 2 (17:46):
You know, No, that wouldn't have been a good look.

Speaker 1 (17:49):
That would not have been a good look.

Speaker 2 (17:51):
I'm going to tell you. I make a confession. I'm like,
I should wear a bib sometimes I should.

Speaker 1 (17:56):
Wear a bib. I should invent a stylish bib. Actually,
your girl friend's daughter should invent a stylish bib for
adults that were slops.

Speaker 2 (18:05):
No, you're not quite there. It's got to be rhymestone.

Speaker 1 (18:08):
It's got to be blink blin a blink bib. I
don't eat in the car because if I ever eat
in the car, I wear it.

Speaker 2 (18:18):
Well, I'm not that bad, but yeah, I have to
be kind of careful because also I'm very big with
my hands, you know, so talking and you know I
have to kind of calm down.

Speaker 1 (18:30):
Well, don't calm down this holiday share. Thank you, Merry Christmas,
God bless you. Okay, same to you, big bye bye Hunt.
This album is such a gift, and like all the
best presents, it's when you can give to yourself just
as easily as you can share it with others. Thirteen
amazing Christmas songs from Chaer, our goddess of pop who

has been aweing and delighting us for nearly six decades
now and showing no signs of slow down. She is
one of the world's best selling music artists, with over
one hundred million in record sales. Her achievements include a
Grammy and Emmy and Oscar, three Golden Globes, a cons

Film Festival Award, and the Billboard Icon Award. She is
the only artist to date to have a number one
single on a Billboard chart for six consecutive decades, starting
in the sixties, go into the twenty tens. I think
we're going to be adding the twenty twenties to that list.
I believe we Are Christmas is available everywhere right now,

so don't waste any time before adding it to your
holiday playlist. I'm pretty sure I can help her with
the request of DJ play a Christmas song. I will
be that DJ, as will many others. Go to Christmas
dot share dot com to download yours today Christmas dot
share dot com. If the shorter, darker days and all

the craziness in the world have you feeling a little glum,
Christmas music, especially Christmas music sung by Sharon her Friends,
is the antidote. Spending time with me in the evenings
is another proven way to lift your spirits and mine.
Do spend some time while the sun is up paying
attention to all the good things that are happening around us.

The colorful leaves, the busy squirrels, all manners of mushrooms
popping up in fields and gardens and forests. It is
a fairy land out there. Enjoy the sights and sounds
and senses that autumn delivers. Then curl up with a
cup of tea and tune in to my radio program.

I love spending time with you.
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