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September 12, 2023 38 mins

Hilariously relatable, the Netflix and social media sensation, Leanne Morgan, is Just Getting Started! That's the title of the sold-out tour she's currently in the middle of, yet she STILL found time to sit down and have a long lovely chat with us! I adore her!

Leanne keeps it clean and oh-so-real, finding the magic in the mundane and inspiring us to do the same. Listen, and you'll hear her say that after doing this thing for over two decades she was thinking it might be ending... but realizes now that she's just getting started! Her advice to you? "Keep dreamin' and keep doin'!" ~ Delilah

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
What in the world happened? One minute, we're enjoying summer,
and the next poof, it's September and it's all back
to school this and back to routines that. Whoo this year,
I was not ready. Well, okay, part of me was ready.
The part that wanted board kids to stop pastering me

was ready. The part that wanted to be able to
go a day without the ac running at full tilt
was ready. The part that wanted to feel fully hydrated
again after months of parched lips and alligator skin. That
part was ready. But the other part, the other part
of me, wanted nothing to do with this new change
in the weather. You know, the part that loves to

sip a cup of iced tea on the porch at
midnight while it's still warm outside. The part that wandered
the gardens anytime of the day and found something to do,
some weat, to pull, something to pick, something to snack on.
That was healthy. The part that watched my children crow
over some new delight and grow right before my eyes.

That part of me, that part of me was a
little sad to see summer fading into the background and
fall waiting eagerly in the wings to take its place.
But change. Change is inevitable, isn't it. Today's guest knows that,
and she knows how to find the humor in it all.
After discovering her passion for stand up comedy later in

life and finding the time and confidence to pursue her dream,
Leanne Morgan has cemented herself as a must watch comedian.
You've seen her write that tall, beautiful, blonde woman who's
all over our social media feeds, talking in her little
Southern drawl about marriage, menopause, the miracle of raising children,

and throwing back to winter. Thyroid worked, and she wore
itty bitty bridges. I adore her. I love her. I
love her sense of humor. And she has a great
backstory too. This Tennessee beauty felt the call of Hollywood
when she was young, but it seemed out of reach

for the country girl that she was, so she went
off to college. She graduated, She got married. She moved
to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to Beanstation, Tennessee,
to start a family. To stay busy. After having her
first baby, Leanne began selling jewelry at home parties. She
was supposed to talk about the jewelry, but instead entertained

her customers with banter about breastfeeding, hemorrhoids, and being a mama.
They thought she was hilarious, and before she knew it,
she was one popular jewelry party hostess who was booked
a year in advance. The jewelry company saw what was
happening and asked her to speak at their sales rallies.

Speaker 2 (03:02):
It was there that.

Speaker 1 (03:02):
People started saying, you need to do stand up, and
so she did. When the family moved to San Antonio
in two thousand and one, Leanne finally had access to
comedy clubs, and that is when her career really got underway.
We're going to catch up with Leanne Morgan today and
I wore my big pennies so there was plenty of

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That's Better Help hlp dot com slash love Someone. Welcome
to Love Someone. Leanne y'all, Thank y'all for having me,

Thank you for agreeing to do this. Oh my word,
you are my leannmore again. Let me introduce you to
our audience. First is with me on love Someone Today,
and you are the someone I love about three o'clock
in the morning. You know when when your body's like
I'm so tired, and your brain's like, oh no, there's

something we must think about, and I'm like, okay, I'm
shutting my brain off so that I can laugh, and
I have been known to wake up other people in
the house watching your videos. Leanne Morgan, cause you make
me laugh.

Speaker 2 (05:31):
Thank you someone for saying that you angel, and you
just describe what I do every night. I go at
toabaya and then wake up in the middle of the
night and think of all the things that I need
to do, could have done, should have done.

Speaker 1 (05:44):
Oh my word, you have burst upon the scene. I
know you've been doing this for years because I found
videos from when your kids were younger, But it's like
God has just smiled on you and the whole world
is discovering how how freaking funny you are just talking
about life.

Speaker 2 (06:04):
Thank you Delona Well. I started when my baby child
was eighteen months old. I started calling myself a comedian.
She's twenty five and I've done every horrible gig you
can imagine. I've had good times and bad times, and
ups and downs, and then I was just about to
let it go and this thing blew up in twenty nineteen.

Speaker 1 (06:29):
Boy, has it blown up? How does it feel to
be a rising star that's on the tips of everybody's
tongue While you're talking about the fact that your thyroid
is kicked out.

Speaker 2 (06:43):
Oh my gosh, It's just crazy. It has been crazy,
and every day I think, what in the world I
really do? Every day is a blessing and a surprise,
and I just cannot believe it. And I always thought
this would happen for me. I feel like God revealed
that to me when I was a child. I know
he didn't. I mean I would say to my mom

and daddy and my grandmama and everybody, I go, I'm
going to go to Hollywood. I'm going to be a
movie star. I'm going to be in show business. And
they would go, you know, And I was from the country,
five hundred people, and they would just look at me.
And I look back on it, and I know they thought,
what that little kook.

Speaker 1 (07:22):
But anyway, you weren't exactly a little coop, honey. How
tall are you?

Speaker 2 (07:28):
Well? I'm five eight and I had a show last
night at the Rhyme and in Nashville, and somebody said
to me, you ling, and you talk like you're a giant.
You're over six feet tall and you're not. And I go,
I know, but I'm always I feel like I've always
got little women next to me coming right up under
my breast. I'm just getting taller and bigger. And my

hands were feet bigger.

Speaker 1 (07:51):
Our mom was over six feet tall. She was a giant,
a true giant. Yeah, but she had a giant of
a personality too. And I think that's what takes you
from five eight to six eight, is you have such
a big, fun personality.

Speaker 2 (08:05):
Oh thank you, my darling, thank you.

Speaker 1 (08:08):
Tell us about your family you got, you got babies
that are growing or grown.

Speaker 2 (08:13):
I've got three children that my boy just turned thirty.

Speaker 1 (08:17):
And he's the one that as you describe him, go
ahead and tell our audience.

Speaker 2 (08:21):
He's an old soul from heaven.

Speaker 1 (08:24):
It's the yummy that I love.

Speaker 2 (08:27):
Yummy, yummy, yummy. And our little Billy Graham is what
And I hate I've put that burden on him because
he's had to pray over all of us. But he
is also he has been like a little old man
all his life, has had a garden since Susan's sixth grade,
and from heaven. He's a wonderful danny and husband. He's
got my two grand babies. I've got two grandsons that

are a little over two and a half and a
new baby that was born in May.

Speaker 1 (08:54):
Congratulations, thank you, that has been magical.

Speaker 2 (09:00):
Gone, We've hit them all with those babies. And then
my girls are twenty seven and twenty five.

Speaker 1 (09:06):
Now your has your daughter in law, because I heard
one of your routines when she was pregnant with the
first one talking about my baby. This was her baby.
Has she realized yet that it's it's actually your you
and your husband's baby and she just has the privilege
of raising it.

Speaker 2 (09:23):
Yes, she realizes that these are our babies. But let
me tell you, she is thankful because we lay twenty
minutes from Lamb and when I said that that netflix special,
that was true. They just let those babies off in
the yard and we get them anytime we want them,
and we've got cribs and honey, we're on fire. I
keep apple sauce pouches.

Speaker 1 (09:45):
I have a daughter that has four and she lives
on my property, so she really does let them out
in the yard. They just run over to nana's house.
But my biological daughter, she's like, she still believes they're hers, Like,
what's what's up with that? Because I still have very
young children. I tell people this, and it's true. My

daughter has helped me be a much better parent. Watching
her parent her kids, yes, watching how patient she is,
I really feel like a men old hag.

Speaker 2 (10:18):
Okay that I just received that. And I am going
through this thing where I watch my boy and his
wife parent and they are doing such a wonderful job
and they are so patient, and I feel like, did
me and Chuck Morgan just run through the house screaming.

Speaker 1 (10:36):
I did, Yeah, patient's gone. It never I can't say
it's gone. I never had it.

Speaker 2 (10:41):
I never had it. Well, I feel like I was
such a good mama. And then I look at them
and I apologize to all of them all the time.
I go, I am, what did I say? Because now
I've gone in my new hour. I'm working on my
new hour, you know, on my new tour, a hundred
city tour, because I did the Big Penny tour and
then I shot the Netflix special and now I have another.

And I talk about the things I said to my
little children that I shouldn't have said, like judgmental things
about people. Talk about people, honey, well, and I'll just
tee you what it was. My mental child. She would
ask me about she was worried about people's salvation, and

she said mommy when she was a little bitty thing, Mommy,
do you think Johnny Cash is going to Heaven? And
I go, yes, I do think Johnny Cash's going to
go to Heaven hand gin or out spreading the gospel
with Billy Grant. Then she asked me about Jane Love,
and I think I said to a little innocent child,
you know what, I think she could mature spiritually, I

really tell. And I think I was going through a
hard time myself and I was judging beautiful Jane Low
and I think what it was is I had gone
up besize in my pants. That'll do it, that'll do it,
that'll do it.

Speaker 1 (12:01):
I felt so good yesterday and I was being so
sweet in the morning because I put on some shorts
I hadn't been able to wear in a long time,
and I was so proud of myself. And then I
used the restroom and I looked at the size in them,
and I'm like.

Speaker 2 (12:15):
What what?

Speaker 1 (12:20):
Then I was grumpy again.

Speaker 2 (12:22):
Hunteen you want. I had a bikini wags yesterday because
I'm going to the beach with my little grandchildren and
I didn't want to frighten them, and I went and
got a bikini wag and a young girl. I thought,
that little thing is not going to be able to
go on. And I said, isn't there like a paper
pair of pennies or a thong? Because now just take

everything off from the waist down and get on that table.
It was like surgical lights. I mean it was a sight.
I've never felt so vulnerable in all of my life.
And I thought, what is happened to me? There was
a mirror in there. I thought, what has happened to me?
I tell you what I think. My body has changed again.
You know it changes all the time, but now at

fifty about I'll be fifty eight in October. I feel
like I'm shaped like those people from Whovill. I feel
like that you remember in the Grinch. I've got like
a stomach and then little bitty leggs. My legs they
used to be so jiggly, and you know, if they all,
they're getting smaller, and my stomach is getting bigger. And

I say to my girls, I go, oh, no, mom,
you look at your little legs. And I go, but
is it like the people in whoval Well, I'm.

Speaker 1 (13:36):
An egg on stilts. I have always been an egg
on stilts. I'm a very tall egg on stilts. That's
my body type.

Speaker 2 (13:43):
Honey, I'm sorry, I'm gonna have steal veil.

Speaker 1 (13:46):
Oh, it's all yours.

Speaker 2 (13:47):
That's funny. Well, I had a big fanny. I guess
it's still big. I don't know, but I don't know what.
I don't know what my shape. I need to come
up with something that's similar to egg on a stelt.

Speaker 1 (14:01):
Got me think it getting old is weird because our
spirits never age. Our spirits are eternal, they never atee.
And my personality has never matured.

Speaker 2 (14:11):
You know.

Speaker 1 (14:11):
I think I peaked at tenth grade. Ninth or tenth
grade is when I peaked emotionally.

Speaker 2 (14:17):
Oh, my darling, near fun. That's what you are. You
know what I'm doing for fun? I get a spray tanging.
We would like that. I was telling somebody last night.
I go, he's still got a lot of tists us from.
But it's also made him be a good huntering gatherer.
It really hangs. You know, he's competitive, And thank the
Lord for him because he took care of us so

that I could get out here and try to make it.

Speaker 1 (14:42):
And now do you get to take care of him?
Have you like gone on a cruise or anything fun.
Have you spoiled him after your Netflix special?

Speaker 2 (14:49):
Not yet. We bought them. I've been too busy. We
bought these babies, grand babies. A big playground, one of
those nice ones where they as somebody actually puts it
up for you. You don't bind. It came art and
that you know, it's not leveled to the ground. We
bought that. That's our big purchase we've made. But now
we have not gone anywhere nifty. He'll go with me
if I'm at with the wind in Las Vegas or

somewhere like that. But he's still working a big job
and is really kind of what's happening in my career
is kind of what's happened in his career. He is
running president of a huge division that it's just crazy.
It's kind of the same thing that's happened in my career.
And he is at the top, and he's very busy,

and I'm so proud of him. And it's good because
he's not used to me being gone. He's used to
me being the mama. I took care of everything.

Speaker 1 (15:42):
Is he at home with the dogs? Is he taking
care of the.

Speaker 2 (15:45):
Dogs with the dogs, He's traveling some but he's at
home with the dogs. And he said the other day,
we need dog food. And I said, I'm not the
mama anymore. You got to go get the dog food.
I'm kind of Beyonce Chuck.

Speaker 1 (16:00):
Can I tell you a secret is Amazon delivers. You
just put it on on once a month. The dog
food shows up at the door. You don't have to
pick it up. It's not They'll bring it right to
your door.

Speaker 2 (16:14):
Well, they do the fresh pitt kind of stuff.

Speaker 1 (16:17):
Oh, I don't know about that, because.

Speaker 2 (16:19):
We get we get the hord Dull food, but Mono
picky minor bangles and they've got an eight in disorder Dalala,
So they like to have a little fresh.

Speaker 1 (16:28):
Well, I may, I live on a farm, so mine
get fresh eggs. And yesterday I froze twelve bags of
four cups each of shredded zucchini so that in the
winter we can have zucchini bread or zucchini muffins. And
you know, I gutted them and you take the seeds
out of the middle. So I just fried that up
in some bacon fat. And that's what my dogs had
with their kibbles last night. So they're a little spoiled ella.

Speaker 2 (16:53):
You're running a farm and you've got chickens and you've
been growing zucchini, and your painting and making stuff out
of paper.

Speaker 1 (17:03):
Yeah, and doing a little radio show. That's why. That's
why I say I make messes wherever I go, because
I'll be doing one thing. I'll be out yesterday picking cucumbers,
picking zucchinis, and then all of a sudden, my son
comes running out and says, my mom, I forgot to
tell you we have an open house because school's starting,
you know, And here I am in my What I

fought were size twelve shorts, but clearly worse. So I
had to run in and change real quick, because you know,
you can't go to the school with your breeches open
like that.

Speaker 2 (17:34):
Yeah. Oh, my lord, Delillah, you and my bowie would
be best friends. We're so you're farming, you don't have
to tell me your location. But you know, my people
are farming people. And my mama had a garden all
my life. We killed her own beef, My family had
their own we ran a meat processing plant. We did
everybody's home killing.

Speaker 1 (17:55):
So you would fit right in at my farm. When
you're finished being beyond you gotta come and hang out
at my farm.

Speaker 2 (18:04):
I would love to.

Speaker 1 (18:05):
We got a dozen chickens. We got a butcher in
the next few weeks.

Speaker 2 (18:09):
Oh, my lord, let me ask real quick, Delilah, how
do you have this energy? My darling. I know that
you're not on dough or dexa tramp. What are you doing?

Speaker 1 (18:20):
But my sister and my mom and I were on that,
just like you and your mom were. No. No, My
energy comes from the fact that I believe you know,

I said, our souls are eternal, our spirits are eternal,
and I just refuse to believe that my body is aging.
I refuse it. I canceled that out. I try not
to have any well lit mirrors. The secrets of feeling
good is don't look at the side, cut the tags
out of your clothes so you don't see the size,

and don't have any well at mirrors, you know, in
the bedroom of the bathroom, and you feel much younger.

Speaker 2 (19:09):
Well, okay, but it just seems like you're doing a lot.
And you got Can's little children still at home and
going to school.

Speaker 1 (19:18):
Yeah. Yeah, My oldest bio son turns thirty nine this month.
But my youngest, my youngest is going into second grade.
I will be working forever alone. Remember the Jarratol commercials
they used to do. Remember when what was the what
was the talk show host Larry King when he was

doing the squatty potty commercials.

Speaker 2 (19:45):
I need a squatty potty, but I can't take that
on tour.

Speaker 1 (19:49):
Do you take a tour bus on your tour or
do you just go to airport after airport after airport,
go to.

Speaker 2 (19:54):
Airport after airport after airport. We've looked at a bus,
but I've got these best touring teams that they know
that I'm fifty eight years old. I term fifty eight,
and they really try to rout me to where it's
not hard. It's not as hard, and I don't need
a bus, and you know, it just doesn't make sense
for me right now, but it sounds nifty. And I

would love to have a toilet and a little refrigerator
and maybe somebody could put some food in it that
I could feel better on instead of me getting out
here and eat white flower and hunger and you know,
eat my emotions. But they're adding so many shows because
I'm selling well, Thank the Lord. Then I get to

stay in a city longer and so I can rist more.

Speaker 1 (20:39):
We need to get you a residency in Vegas where
you can stay for like a month or two and
folks can come to you. That's what we need to do,
because you are freaking hysterical. Leanne Morgan. Anybody who has
not seen her look her up. You can. You're on
every social media platform now. You're brilliant.

Speaker 2 (20:58):
Thank you, Delana.

Speaker 1 (21:00):
It is been a blandly You just take everyday life
and you shine a light on the stuff that most
of us are embarrassed to openly. Well, I'm not because
I'm not embarrassed about anything. I have no filter. You
may have noticed that, but other people in my.

Speaker 2 (21:16):
Life and I get it, honey, and I dig it.

Speaker 1 (21:19):
Yeah, because clearly I've seen your big panty tour. You
got no filter. I love that. But you make me smile,
you make me laugh out loud.

Speaker 2 (21:29):
Isn't that wonderful to have that big belly lamp? And
thank you for saying that. If you're getting that from me,
thank you.

Speaker 1 (21:36):
You give me big bell when you talk about your
dogs up on your bed, when you went through your depression,
when your baby's left home. I go through that, and
my darling daughter lives thirty minutes away, forty minutes away,
and I miss her like she's in Istanbul.

Speaker 2 (21:58):
I know, I know it is. I took to the
bed every time somebody went off to college, and they
all live near me. And my baby as a makeup
artist and she travels with me, and she deserves to
have her own life and I know by it.

Speaker 1 (22:13):
But but she's your baby and she needs to travel
with you and be with you.

Speaker 2 (22:18):
Yes, she's got other opportunities, and I just go I
still pull her back.

Speaker 1 (22:22):
Yeah. She halla's turning twenty nine, and at least once
or twice a month, I say, when are you coming home?
She's like, Mom, I have a family, you know, a fiances,
brother in law, two kids, a dog, two cats. I'm like,
I know, but you need to come home.

Speaker 2 (22:40):
Oh, I know, I know. I've talked to mine girls
several times this morning. But are they not the best
friends that you've ever hangd Yes?

Speaker 1 (22:50):
I heard people say it, but I couldn't really understand
how awesome it is to have your children grow up
and you fall in love with the adults they are.
I mean, when they're kids, you love them because they're
so dang cute and you just love them. But when
they're young adults and their personalities and their values and

their snarky sense of humor and all that comes out,
I'm like, how is it that I ended up with
the most amazing human beings.

Speaker 2 (23:21):
Being my children? I know I feel the same way.
And we're going to go to the beach together and
that's the best thing, or the mountains or wherever we go,
and we just sit around and we cook and we laugh,
and I really enjoy them. I'm enjoying this time in
my life with them.

Speaker 1 (23:39):
Are they loving having a mom that's a superstar?

Speaker 2 (23:42):
They are really enjoying it. And it took them a
while to figure out what was going on. And people
have interviewed them and they all say, well, you know
when she was before this all happened, but I've always
done comedy and been a stand up. And they said
she always put us first, and we knew she was
doing that, but it just didn't you know. She always

had us at school and did all of that, and
really I was doing gigs but they weren't that demanding.
But anyway, now, I mean, they're like, they just think
it's so fun. A lot of them travel with me
you know, back and forth, and if there's somebody they
want to meet, they get to meet them and they
are really enjoying it. And they know I'm tired, and

they go, girl, you're going to have to exercise and
take care of the staff. They tell me what today,
but I need them to tell me what today. But
their daddy was the one that was It took him
longer to figure out what was going on, and he
kept saying, well, this could end tomorrow. Well, this could
end tomorrow, don't you know. Don't do anything.

Speaker 1 (24:44):
Crazy, don't do anything crazy, don't order don't order a
swing with that place act because this could end tomorrow.
I don't think it's going to end tomorrow, Lenn Morgan.
I think your star is rising. But I think that
amazing things are going to happen because you just you
bring laughter and light and love to a lot of us.
And I appreciate that.

Speaker 2 (25:05):
Oh Belln, Well, thank you for saying that, you angel,
thank you. Well, there's one you know. Every day it's
like I say, it's something wonderful happening and I can't
even believe it, but I'm having a ball.

Speaker 1 (25:19):
So who's the most famous person that you had no
idea that they were up at three am like me
watching your videos, laughing out loud, like have you met
anybody that you just thought the world of? And then
they're like, oh my god, I love your routines, I
love your Netflix special.

Speaker 2 (25:39):
Oh their head. Well, Tricia Yearwood is coming to my
show tonight. I've never met her, and they said she's
a huge fan.

Speaker 1 (25:47):
I love her well.

Speaker 2 (25:49):
I had a bit about her about her chicken pacanda.
I think her cookbook was the best cookbook I've ever had.
Her first cookbook. My children love chicken pakada try as
she here would. And then they'll say, can I have
that for my birthday? And I make it? And I
did a bit about that, and I think somebody must
have sent that to her. So I'm excited about meeting
her tonight. But did you know that I did a

movie with Reese Witherspoon and Will Ferrell When Where it'll
come out in about a year. It wrapped before all
that sag after a strike happened, and honey, that you
talking about something coming out of the heavens and going
what in the world. Rece Witherspoon and I met right

before COVID and she started following me during the pandemic,
and I was doing back porch videos with no makeup
bone I looked like a pig chay bird. And I
was just talking about making jello, selling for my little
mom and Danny and Chicken cash role. And she would
message me and say, because I would always end up
with saying everything's gonna be all right, and she said,

you're helping land, You're helping people. Keep doing that, and
my heart beat out of my body. I think little
Breese with spoin and then Honey, that little things from
Tennessee and wants to lift up women, and I guess,
lift up Tennessee girls. And she I think she was
the one that said I want her to read from
my big sister. And I did a table read and

Los Angeles thought I was gonna faint. Had never done
anything like that before in my life. When they said
they want you to do a table read, I go,
what's a table read? I had no idea. And anyway,
I got that part and we wrapped that thing this summer,
this early summer before that strike happened, and it'll come
out in a year.

Speaker 1 (27:35):
What's it called. What's it called?

Speaker 2 (27:37):
It's called You're cordially invaded how fine a wacky like
just a wacky movie, and we laughed, and I mean
we had a ball. We laughed until we were weak
all day long, every day and it was so Will
Ferrell and Reese Witherspoon. I'm like what I mean. That

has been crazy. There's been several people that I thought
they know who I am. I tell you because I've
never felt like one of the cool kids in the
comedy industry because I was raising three babies and a
kitten heel in Knoxville, Tennessee, and I was not in
La or New York, and I never felt like I
was part of you know, Comedy Central and all that

kind of stuff. And to hear like other comedians in
the business that like John Mullaney say I loved your special,
I'm like what, Mike Birbiglea, Tom Papa, all those people,
Jim Gaffick and all those people I've always admired, to
get messages from them, I mean, that has been you know,
validating as a comedian. As a stand up you want

people to, you know, to say she's legit. That's been
important for me, and people have said that because I
was out there. You know, my husband had a job,
a big job in Knoxville and was providing for us,
and I was trying to do gigs wherever I could
and raise three babies. And so it's important for me
for people to think that, you know, I've got the

chops and that I can do it because I've done
this a long time, and then for this to happen
for me at this age, I mean, in this point
in my life, it could not have been any more
perfect time.

Speaker 1 (29:13):
And oh my word, I am loving spending time with
comedian Leanne Morgan. Isn't she the best? We have a
little more time with her. So let me share a
bit about another podcast sponsor and give them the applause
they deserve. Mercy Ships has been transforming lives for over

forty years. Many people in our world have no access
to healthcare and as a result, they must endure pain
and suffering. But with the support of volunteers and donors,
Mercy Ships can go to these communities and perform free surgeries,
surgeries that help mothers see their babies for the first

timeies that allow little boys and girls to run and play.
They change lives through the work they do. Now thanks
to the launch of the Global Mercy, the first custom
built hospital ship of its kind, they can help even
more people. The Global Mercy is projected to serve one

hundred and fifty thousand patients over the next five decades.
Four year old Amatu from southern Senegal was the first
to receive surgery on the Global Mercy. Born with one
windswept leg and one bowed leg, he missed out on
so many things kids love, but thanks to the treatment

he received from Mercy Ships, Amatu can't wait to run
around with his friends and he dreams of all that
lies ahead. Learn more about mercyships at mercyships dot org.
It is God's perfect timing because your children will never
resent your career. You were there for them. You were
there a hundred percent. I can tell by your routines

and talking about the pickup line. Oh, I hate the
pickup line. I hate the pick up and drop off lines.
And you know I've got eleven more, twelve more years
of that. But you were there for them, and now
it's your time to shine. And I think in our
culture and our society for years, if you're you know,
over thirty, you're considered washed up as a woman in

entertainment and that's changing. That's changed a lot the last
few years. And I love that.

Speaker 2 (31:32):
I do too. And you know, I've got the fifty
over fifty for Forums magazine and they were you know,
there's a list of women. And when you read that
list of women, then you realize, I mean a lot.
It is time for women. It is our time.

Speaker 1 (31:50):
It is our time to shine.

Speaker 2 (31:53):
And I do think and I've always done, you know,
material about my family, but there's something about at this
point how it resonated with people. I think going through
menopauls and your children leaving home and launching children and
taking care of elderly parents. When I during the pandemic,
when I would talk because I stayed with my parents

a lot and helped them. My mom had had a stroke,
it was just something that was perfect time and for
that to come together. And people are all going through that,
you know, everybody goes through all those things, and it
is resonated with paople.

Speaker 1 (32:29):
Your honesty and your transparency is what resonates with people.
Doesn't matter what you're talking about. It doesn't matter. So
if you're talking about your dogs or whatever, just you
have a very wonderful way of taking the mundane and
pointing out the absurdity in it and making us laugh
at ourselves. And we've all got stuff we're going through.

So thank you for that.

Speaker 2 (32:52):
Oh well, thank you for telling me that, you angel,
Thank you for being with us today.

Speaker 1 (32:58):
Leanne, tell me about your book you got coming out.

Speaker 2 (33:01):
Oh my, Darling, it's called What in the World? Because
every day I go what in the world? And I'll
just tell you. I wanted to tell all the horrible,
sinful things I did in the eighties because if I
had not been a comedian, I wanted to be a therapist.
I got my degree in choln family studies crisis intervention counseling,
and during the pandemic I should have gotten a master's Instead,

I was eating. But my literary agent, who is Darling Albert,
who was raised in Harlan, Kentucky, said ling in, I'd
love to hear about your sin in the eighties. But
he said, honey, you're not John Crawford. Gent He goes,
why don't we do the first book be about funny
essays and we can intro you to the world. And

I go, okay. So we took out a lot of
the sin Tolilah, and it is funny essays about me
and these kids and they're daddy and how my story.
And I've had a ball doing it. Now. I have
said in thought I was stupid. Well I've gone through
this book. I thought, you know what I really was
a thing doing. But anyway, that's okay. You know, I've

been washed in the blood and I'm okay. But this
book is funny essays about my little children and my
life and my breeches and my husband and the footheels
of the Appalachia Mountains. And it's called What in the World.
And I do hope that people love it and find
it funny, but I also hope that they realize keep dreaming,

keep doing, don't stop. You know that it's never too late.

Speaker 1 (34:33):
It's never too late.

Speaker 2 (34:34):
It's never too late.

Speaker 1 (34:36):
And I think in probably twenty thirty years, when you
are still kicking butt and still you know, selling out shows,
you'll have another message that resonates with us because you,
like I said, you haven't even you're not even at
the top of your game, yet your star is rising.

Speaker 2 (34:54):
Well, thank you, Delala. I think you're one of the
smartest people in the world, and so I received that,
and I think you you know what you're talking about,
because you're delallah, thank you.

Speaker 1 (35:04):
Aren't you so glad they didn't have cell phones goad,
oh technology back when we were teenagers.

Speaker 2 (35:10):
Oh, I'm so thankful. I was an idiot. I was
always up perking on somebody's property.

Speaker 1 (35:17):
Oh my gosh, ah God, I love you well, good luck,
have a wonderful time on the rest of your tour.
Where can people go to find out if you're going
to be close to them?

Speaker 2 (35:30):
Go to Lenannmorgan dot com. And I've got all that
social media voo doo also, But let me tell you
that I'm about to announce if they don't see their city,
I'm about to announce January through June of twenty twenty
four and where they're going to be. All new dates coming.
But I've got a big fall. I might be somewhere
near them this fall. But Lenmorgan dot.

Speaker 1 (35:51):
Com, Okay, we'll send folks there so they can come
and see you and have a good belly laugh and
feel so good about their little works because you make
everything okay, it is gonna be okay.

Speaker 2 (36:04):
God, bless you, Thank you, God, bless you you Angel
and get I know. I don't know how you're getting
out there with all that zucchini, but I'm imprayance.

Speaker 1 (36:14):
Love you. Leanne's comedy has landed her at the prestigious
Just for Laughs festival in Montreal and has brought her
development deals for her own sitcom. She's garnered over two
point five million followers across social media, and her popular
online stand up specials So Yummy, reached over fifty million

views on YouTube. Her fan base continues to grow as
her oh So relatable material is about everything from being
a housewife, raising children, and our changing bodies. Maybe you
saw her on The Kelly Clarkson Show, The View or
Nicket Knight's Funniest Mom. When she's not on the road,
Leanne cherishes spending time at home in Knoxville, Tennessee, with

her husband Chuck, her three grown children, her grandbaby, and
her two beagles. You want to find out more information
on Leanne Morgan, visit her website TRIPLEW dot Leannmorgan dot com,
www dot Leannmorgan dot com. You can also keep tabs
on her by visiting her social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok,

and YouTube. Her Just Getting Started tour is currently underway.
And if I were you and she was coming to
my town, al anywhere near my town, I'd grab a ticket,
take your spouse, take your best friends, your grown up kids.
I promise you will laugh yourself silly. You'll also come
away from the experience with the realization that we are

all in this together. There are two sides to every coin,
that life is both magical and mundane, and everything in between,
vibrant at any age, and that finding the humor in
all of it is the best survival tactic. I am
feeling much better after spending time with Lee, and I
hope you are too. Follows on the way, folks, Let's

embrace everything it dishes out.

Speaker 2 (38:11):
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