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May 1, 2024 6 mins

Rumer Willis zooms in to talk new movie, motherhood and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
On with Mario Lopez' brol Mario Lopez Jordannel on Zoom
from the new film My Divorce Party actress Rumor willis
welcome back, Rumor.

Speaker 2 (00:11):
How are you?

Speaker 3 (00:12):
I'm so good? How are you?

Speaker 2 (00:14):
I'm doing well?

Speaker 1 (00:15):
First off, I know you have a one year old,
right you? Congratulations. I don't think i've seen you since then.
And a lot of baby talk already on ig, are
you thinking about having another kid already?

Speaker 3 (00:27):

Speaker 4 (00:28):
I mean I want a big brood, so I mean,
I'm one of five girls, so I feel like, you know,
at some point we have to have a boy in
this mix.

Speaker 2 (00:37):
Yeah, right, Oh my gosh.

Speaker 1 (00:39):
Well, once you get the next one, you'll see it's
a game changer right there, juggling and then with the
fighting and the whole thing.

Speaker 4 (00:48):
But I feel like one to two is always the
hardest with dogs, with babies, like it's it's always the
most challenging.

Speaker 3 (00:55):
But then after that it's like, you know.

Speaker 2 (00:56):
Yeah, I have three.

Speaker 1 (00:58):
I was going for four, but I don't know if
my wife will go for it. But it is a
lot of fun once you get all the chaos right there.
And I know your daughter recently celebrated her birthday right.

Speaker 3 (01:06):
Yeah, April eighteenth.

Speaker 2 (01:07):
Oh, that's great. What's her personality like?

Speaker 1 (01:10):

Speaker 3 (01:11):
She's so funny, so smart.

Speaker 4 (01:15):
Like we were teaching her. We were just on vacation
and we were teaching her. My sister were teaching her
how to blow a kiss, and she got it within
a couple minutes.

Speaker 3 (01:23):
She picks up on stuff so fast. She's just she's
so online.

Speaker 4 (01:28):
You know.

Speaker 3 (01:28):
You see some babies that are just like still kind
of chilling and being like a little larva.

Speaker 4 (01:34):
She's like, I want to move, and she's very clear
with what she wants, tells you points and things, loves.

Speaker 3 (01:39):
Food, like, she's just she's just the most magorical creature.

Speaker 2 (01:42):
Little girls of the vest.

Speaker 1 (01:43):
That's awesome. What do Grandma and Grandpa want to be
called any names yet?

Speaker 3 (01:50):
My mom is yah?

Speaker 4 (01:51):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, and yeah, which is I guess the
Greek word for for grandma?

Speaker 3 (01:58):
H uh? My dad is papoo?

Speaker 2 (02:03):
Is that is that from a language?

Speaker 3 (02:08):
I think I think it might be Greek as well.
We kind of just went for it, you know, because
she's got a lot of she's got a lot of.

Speaker 4 (02:16):
People in her life to delineate, you know, different different
names for everybody.

Speaker 2 (02:22):
I love that.

Speaker 3 (02:23):
I love it.

Speaker 2 (02:23):
How is Papoo by the way, so good?

Speaker 3 (02:26):
Good? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (02:28):
I love seeing uh, I love seeing all the pictures
of you and the family.

Speaker 4 (02:31):

Speaker 2 (02:32):
Let's get to the movie. Congratulations my divorce Party.

Speaker 1 (02:36):
I'm assuming uh it's about a divorce and someone there
was a party, but I may be wrong.

Speaker 4 (02:41):
What else, you know, it's kind of I feel like
Bridesmaids was one of the first films to really kind
of crack open this lane of allowing women to do
comedy without having to be sexy, right, And I feel
like a lot of the time we're pigeonholed into okay,

if they're going to be funny, but it has to
be sexy or you know that there's this one specific lane.
And what I love is, you know, there's all of
these films about men and getting together, whether it's a
bachelor party, a divorce party, or something, and they're very crass,
and they make silly jokes and they're kind of their
wild misadventures.

Speaker 3 (03:23):
Right. We've been watching them for years, and.

Speaker 4 (03:26):
I feel like sometimes with women it can be a
bit limiting because people don't really want to necessarily see
that side of women. And so but we all know
that we're like that when we're with each other, and
I feel like this movie does a funny job of being.

Speaker 3 (03:40):
Able to just show a little bit of that.

Speaker 4 (03:42):
The women and the other girls are so funny, and
I have to say, we had such a silly time
making each other laugh and just trying to not necessarily
play tricks on each other, but just really kind of
like ribbing each other being silly, and sure, it was
really fun.

Speaker 1 (04:00):
I have a lot of female cousins in a sister
and so I've been to a lot of these functions. Well,
women are way nastier than guys, way nastier. They're mad
funny because they're so nasty. So I hope you all
kept it real like that. Where'd you film it?

Speaker 3 (04:17):
We spent three weeks in Joshua Tree, and it was
kind of towards the middle to end of COVID, so
there was no one there. So we're just all, you know.

Speaker 4 (04:26):
Stationed up with the best western and there's like two
restaurants we can go to, and it was it was
just silliness and so much fun. Because we're also in
wild costumes. We've got like, you know, crazy makeup every day,
and our director really kind of let us play. We
would be like slipping in jokes every day, be going

all right, what about this one? And she really just
let us go and it was so much fun.

Speaker 2 (04:52):
You ever been to a divorce party in real life?

Speaker 4 (04:55):
You know?

Speaker 3 (04:55):
I haven't.

Speaker 4 (04:56):
I feel like maybe I'm getting to that age now
where there might all right, right, I was kind of
in that middle ground where there's like the younger friends
who got married really early.

Speaker 3 (05:07):
But I feel like, you know, thirty five thirty six
is like right around or we're either going to.

Speaker 4 (05:13):
Like stick this out people, or they're like, all right,
divorce party, lets go.

Speaker 2 (05:16):
Yeah, let's turn up, let's turn out.

Speaker 3 (05:18):
Going to the weddings. I'm still going to the weddings
and baby showers right now.

Speaker 2 (05:21):
There you go.

Speaker 1 (05:22):
Mother's Days around the corner. What's an ideal day for you?

Speaker 4 (05:26):

Speaker 2 (05:26):

Speaker 4 (05:28):
I just want to hang out with my kid. Honestly,
I love her so much. I'm around, even if I'm
away from her for a little while.

Speaker 3 (05:35):
I just want to hang out with her.

Speaker 4 (05:36):
But now that I get to actually celebrate Mother's Day,
I would love to spend time with my grandmother, my
dad's mom, because she's the matriarch of our family. And
is whip smart and so fun. And normally we do
because there are so many women in my family, we
do like a Mother's Day get together in French with

all of us.

Speaker 3 (05:57):
Last year.

Speaker 4 (05:58):
It was amazing because I just had my daughter and
we all got to come together.

Speaker 3 (06:02):
So I'm sure we'll do something similar this year.

Speaker 2 (06:05):
Oh that's cool.

Speaker 1 (06:05):
Well, congratulations on everything, both personally and professionally. My divorce
party is available now rumor. Thanks so much for hanging out.

Speaker 2 (06:14):
Thank you all right, take care with Mario Lopez
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