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May 30, 2024 43 mins

How do we stop the spread of antisemitism? In Part Seven, we continue the story behind the Candace Owens & Daily Wire feud. Along the way, we see the event that led to a monumental shift in conservative media. Special Note: Adult Language.

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Speaker 2 (00:51):
Previously on Red Pilled America.

Speaker 1 (00:53):
He claimed Pasternak was trying to control his mind. Apparently
the threat of effectively using his kids sent the rapper
over the edge.

Speaker 3 (01:02):
I'm sorry for the people that I heard, and I'm
sorry for the families of the people that had nothing
to do with the trauma that I had been through,
and the world.

Speaker 4 (01:12):
Is a shitty apology that wasn't really an apology.

Speaker 5 (01:14):
Well, according to his bio, Harley Pasternak once worked for
the Canadian military, where he participated in experiments that measured
the effect of various drugs on the human mind.

Speaker 2 (01:23):
Emmanuel challenged Apple, Adidas, Spotify, and Ye's touring partners to
stop working with the hip hop Eygon.

Speaker 1 (01:30):
People have turned to Rabbi Shmooe to cleanse themselves of
racist accusations. I'm Patrick Carelci.

Speaker 2 (01:40):
And I'm Adriana Cortes.

Speaker 1 (01:41):
And this is Red Pilled America, a storytelling show.

Speaker 2 (01:46):
This is not another talk show covering the day's news.
We're all about telling stories. Stories.

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Hollywood doesn't want you to hear stories.

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The media mocks stories about everyday Americans at the globalist ignore.

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You can think of Red Pilled America as audio documentaries,
and we promise only one thing about the.

Speaker 6 (02:07):

Speaker 1 (02:12):
Welcome to Red Pilled America.

Speaker 2 (02:21):
We're up part seven of our series of episodes entitled
Family Feud. If you haven't heard the previous episodes, stop
and go back and listen from the beginning we're looking
for the answer to the question what can we do
to stop the spread of anti Semitism by telling the
story of the epic conflict between Candice Owans and The
Daily Wire. So to pick up where we left off.

By the end of twenty twenty two, Kanye Ye West
felt under pressure by what he saw as a Hollywood
connected gang. He tried to air out his trauma, but
when he did, he fielded a level of global attack
that few American cultural figures have endured. In his moment
of crisis, his friend Candice Owens reached out to him,
and what he said to her was revealing.

Speaker 7 (03:07):
His first sentence to me was now I'm finally free.

Speaker 2 (03:11):
He'd eventually apologized to the Jewish families he'd hurt, but
the apology was rejected. Yay had lost his billionaire status,
most of his major corporate connections, and his Hollywood trainer
allegedly threatened to effectively take away his kids if he
didn't shut up. The rapper really had nothing to lose,
so when he sat down with Alex Jones on December one,

twenty twenty two, he decided to do the unthinkable.

Speaker 8 (03:36):
You're not hitler, You're not a Nazi.

Speaker 9 (03:39):
You don't deserve to be called out and demonized.

Speaker 3 (03:41):
Well, I see good things about Hitler. Also, I love everyone.
I'm done with the classifications. Every human being has something
of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.

Speaker 2 (04:04):
A few hours later, Kanye's Twitter account published an image
of the Star of David merged with the swastika. The
platform immediately suspended his account. The global icon appeared to
be on a suicide mission. His outburst was inexplicable to most,
but a few could see what the artist was doing.
You see, dating back to the late nineteen sixties, artists

have used Nazi references as a form of shock value,
whether it be mel Brooks in the film The Producers
or Ozzy Osbourne in press interviews.

Speaker 4 (04:35):
Who do you think has influenced your stage shows the most?

Speaker 10 (04:38):
Mary, Where did you get your ideas from?

Speaker 4 (04:40):
From working in a mortuary when you were fifteen? Adolf Hitler?

Speaker 2 (04:44):
Mel Brooks is Jewish, and Ozzy would go on to
marry Sharon Levy an Ashka Nazzi jew. So the men
are obviously not anti Semites. They were simply going for
shock value and they haven't been alone in history. Famed
fashion designers Pol McLaren and Vivian Westwood, legendary punk star
said Vicious, and singer Susie Sue of Susie and the

Banshees have all used the swastika in their attire. Susie
Sue would later tell author John Savage why she wore
the Nazi symbol, stating quote.

Speaker 11 (05:15):
We hated older people, not across the board, but generally
the suburban thing. Always harping on about Hitler, and we
showed him and that smug pride. It was a way
of saying, well, I think Hitler was very good. Actually,
a way of watching someone like that go completely red faced.

Speaker 2 (05:34):
Kanye West was employing a version of this tactic in
his interview with Alex Jones. And that's not just a guess.

Speaker 1 (05:40):
A core tenant of the Christian faith is the love
of everyone, even the lowest amongst us. Followers of Christ
are also forbidden from worshiping idols, a belief Yea expressed
long before he sat down with Alex Jones.

Speaker 3 (05:52):
I'll subscribe to icons you take, like the Nazi symbol.
If you go to India, it's all over the place,
but it does represent that, it represents something different.

Speaker 1 (06:02):
After Kanye's Alex Jones appearance, I publicly proposed a theory.
What Ye did today was the Christian version of what
punks did in the nineteen eighties, Fuck your villains, a
rebellion against weaponized ancestral pain. Like it or not, it
was meant to slaughter a sacred cow. I wasn't endorsing
what he did. It wasn't a wise thing to do.
I was simply highlighting that Ye was using his Christian

values to make a statement. And I know this because
shortly after publicly proposing my theory, I got direct confirmation
from Ye himself that I was indeed correct. Kanye was
basically saying, if my pain doesn't matter to you, then
I'll love what you hate. As Christ commands, he was

breaking one of the unwritten social justice rules, rules used
to censor criticism and ultimately control the window of debate.
And it was the breaking of this same set of
unwritten rules that would eventually lead to a public fe
family feud between Candiceoans and the Daily Wire team.

Speaker 2 (07:03):
Is there anything worse than war? We all have big
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Welcome back to red pilled America. So Kanye West's hitler

stunt must have placed his friend Candace Owens in a
bit of hot water, because in the days and weeks
following his Alex Jones appearance, the Daily Wire host went
completely silent about the rapper. Candice neither defended nor condemned
his appearance, but that in and of itself was perilous.
There's a saying amongst the woke social justice crowd, silence
is violence. On the left. If progressives don't speak out

against perceived racism, the woke left labels them as complicit
in racism. On the right, if conservatives don't speak out
against perceived antisemitism, the woke right labels them as complicit
in anti semitism. Kandas's silence was viewed as an endorsement,
and she gained a new vocal enemy, a man named
Rabbi Shmooley. You may recall Rabbi Shmooley from earlier in

this series. An American rabbi, author, and social justice activist.
Rabbi Shmooley is someone that people have sought out to
cleanse themselves of accusations of racism. Singer Michael Jackson famously
sought his counsel when The Icon was accused of anti Semitism.
Comedian Roseanne Barr contacted him when she was being accused
of racism. He presents himself as a civil rights activist,

but Rabbi Shmooley has gained the reputation of being an
enforcer of these unwritten social justice rules. So when Kansas
Owens chose not to publicly condemn ye West, Rabbi Schmouley
and his daughter embarked on a form of jihad against
the Daily Wire host Candace.

Speaker 4 (10:57):
You and I have met, I'm Rabbi Schmulei. When I
have met, why did.

Speaker 12 (10:59):
You fly arding us?

Speaker 13 (11:01):
How did you pretend Kanye West?

Speaker 2 (11:03):
From time to time, Rabbi Schmooley and his daughter would
post videos condemning Candace's support of ya West, branding her
an anti Semite, but the post didn't get much traction.
In the months that followed, Kanye's Alex Jones appearance, the
fervor over his comments began to quiet down. By the

fall of twenty twenty three, the pressure for Candace Owns
to respond to every Kanye utterance appeared to have waned,
and in that time, Candace's star had only grown. She'd
become the envy of conservative America. Professionally, her podcast was
one of the most influential shows on the Daily Wire,
and she stood in a class all of her own

as an anti victimhood ideology champion. Her personal life was
blossoming as well. Her second child, a daughter, had turned one,
and by October twenty twenty three, Candace was deep into
the pregnancy of her third child, another son. Life couldn't
have been better. But then, on October seventh, twenty twenty three,
a horrific event would pull Candas into a conversation that

many public figures have desperately tried to avoid.

Speaker 10 (12:12):
We have breaking news out of Israel this morning. Ramas
has launched a surprise attack within Israel's borders overnight, first
launching rockets from the Gaza Strip, then selling millilitants into
the streets of the southern part of Israel. Hundreds of
people have been injured. Several have been killed, but that

number could be much higher.

Speaker 14 (12:38):
As we speak, Palestinian gunmen are inside Israeli cities and towns,
something we have never before seen on this scale. Hamas,
the major Palestinian militant group that controls Gaza, says they
have taken Israeli's hostage and they have taken them back
inside of Gaza. Now, these military says this infiltration came

by lands, by sea and by air in the form
of Hamas gunmen on paragliders infiltrating into Israeli territory.

Speaker 2 (13:12):
The Israeli response was overwhelming.

Speaker 15 (13:15):
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared the country was quote
at war. He said their enemy would pay an unprecedented price.
Israeli warplanes took aim at Gaza. Among the targets had
this high rise, which was reduced to rubble. Hundreds have
been killed on both sides, and it is a sharp
escalation of violence for a region that bear's the scars

of centuries of conflict.

Speaker 2 (13:43):
Initial news of the attack was heartbreaking. Hundreds of innocent
lives were extinguished. Given the decades long instability in the area,
the news could have been chalked up to just another
tragedy in an area with a long history of tragedies.
Americans would likely turn their eyes back to the border
crisis or the election. But then news of unimaginable atrocities

began to reach the American people. The first report came
from Israeli news outlet I twenty four news.

Speaker 6 (14:14):
David, it's hard to even explain exactly just the mass
casualties that happened right here. In fact, the Israeli military
says they still don't have a clear number.

Speaker 2 (14:23):
On October tenth, twenty twenty three, media were given a
tour of Kafaraza, a small agriculture community or kibbutz, as
it's called in Hebrew. Accompanying the tour was a reporter
for I twenty four News named Nicole Zedek, and what
she heard on the ground was absolutely horrifying.

Speaker 6 (14:41):
I'm talking to some of the soldiers and they say
what they've witnessed as they've been walking through these different houses,
these different communities.

Speaker 2 (14:51):
Babies there are heads caught off.

Speaker 6 (14:53):
That's what they said.

Speaker 2 (14:54):
Hamas was beheading babies. A little while later, Zedek posted
on the X platform stating quote soldiers told me they
believe forty babies slash children were killed. The exact death

toll is still unknown as the military continues to go
house to house to find more Israeli casualties. I twenty
four News posted a clip of an interviews a deck
conducted with a key source for the Horrific news.

Speaker 10 (15:27):
We walk door after the door.

Speaker 4 (15:29):
We killed a lot of the tourists.

Speaker 5 (15:30):
They are very bad.

Speaker 6 (15:31):
They cut head of children, cut the women.

Speaker 2 (15:34):
Jewish media outlets were the first to amplify the report.
At least forty babies killed, read the Times of Israel headline.
A moss terrorist murdered forty babies, including beheading, stated the
Jewish Chronicle. Photos of babies being burnt decapitated confirmed, said
the Jerusalem Post. The head of an Israeli emergency response organization,

Yossi Landau, told CBS News he had quote all with
his own eyes, children and babies who had been beheaded.
The atrocity was quickly picked up by the US media,
including CNN, who'd received confirmation from the top of the
Israeli government.

Speaker 8 (16:11):
We have some really disturbing new information out of Israel.
The Israeli Prime Minister spokesman just confirmed babies and toddlers
were found with their heads decapitated in Kafar Aza in
southern Israel after Hama's attacks in the kibbutz over the weekend.
That has been confirmed by the Prime Minister's office.

Speaker 2 (16:35):
News of the atrocity quickly reached the White House when
Israeli's Prime Minister Benjamin net Niyahu called President Biden to
personally deliver more horrific news.

Speaker 9 (16:45):
And since we last spoke, the extent of this evil
has only gotten worse. They took dozens of children, bound
them up, burned them, and executed them.

Speaker 2 (16:55):
Biden met with the leaders of prominent Jewish groups at
the White House to convey his shock over the troubling news.

Speaker 5 (17:02):
I never really thought that I would see have confirmed
pictures of terrorists beheady children. I never thought it ever.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
Anyway, his comments were jarring. The President confirmed there were
pictures of the horrific crime. Initially, the Israel Defense Forces
or IDF, could not confirm the baby beheadings, but after
Biden's comments, several IDF spokespeople went on record to confirm
the horrors.

Speaker 16 (17:31):
Yesterday, you couldn't verify those reports out of that particular coborts.

Speaker 11 (17:35):
What can you tell us today, Jonathan.

Speaker 5 (17:38):
I can tell you that it's been verified firsthand by
a senior official in our coronaries service.

Speaker 9 (17:44):
It's called Zaka.

Speaker 17 (17:45):
He indeed saw the heads of the severed babies. Major
Libby Weiss told us Israeli soldiers at kafa Asa reported
finding slaughtered children.

Speaker 18 (17:57):
Multiple have said that they saw be headed had children
of varying ages, ranging from babies to young old slightly
older children.

Speaker 2 (18:08):
The grotesque story was picked up by NBC News, Fox News,
CBS News, ABC News, The BBC, The Telegraph, France, twenty
four hindustand Times, Sky News, just about every English speaking
outlet in the world. It wasn't long before pro Israel
supporters began bombarding their social media feeds with the story.

Forty beheaded babies became their rallying call, and the homostrocities
didn't stop there. Israeli officials delivered one horrific story after another.

Speaker 12 (18:40):
We saw the most horrific things I saw in my
own eyes. A woman who was pregnant, four months pregnant.
They came into a house in front of her kids.
They opened up her stomach, took out the baby and
stabbed the little tiny baby in front of her and
then shot her in front of her family.

Speaker 4 (18:56):
And then they killed the rest of the kids.

Speaker 9 (18:58):
Piles of pen children each were tied to the back,
burned the vets.

Speaker 12 (19:02):
Young girls who were raped and then murdered.

Speaker 9 (19:05):
Women brutally raped and murdered.

Speaker 4 (19:07):
Little kids who are beheaded.

Speaker 12 (19:09):
Bastards put these babies in an oven and put on
the oven. We found the kid a few hours later.

Speaker 2 (19:15):
The officials who told those stories had one clear message.
The savages that committed these heinous acts were less than human.

Speaker 12 (19:23):
These are not regular enemies, These are not regular situations.

Speaker 1 (19:33):
But shortly after these atrocity stories hit the American airwaves,
a few journalists started speaking up. Photojournalist or In Zev,
who was on the tour of Kafaraza, posted on x
I'm getting a lot of questions about the reports of
Hamaspi headed babies that were published after the media tour
in the village. During the tour, we didn't see any
evidence of this, and the army spokesperson or commanders also

didn't mention any such incidents. The Washington host followed up
on Biden's claim that he'd witness the pictures of beheaded babies.
A white House spokesperson responded clarifying that the President hadn't
actually seen the pictures, and in fact, no US official
had yet confirmed their existence. Indie news outlet The Grey
Zone began looking into the source of the original beheaded

babies reporting and found that I twenty four News named
a source Israeli reserved soldier David ben Zion.

Speaker 4 (20:25):
They cut her off, Chilon cut her the woman.

Speaker 1 (20:28):
The Grey Zone learned that this Israeli soldier was quote
an extremist settler leader who incited violent riots against Palestinians
in the occupied West Bank earlier this year. On the
same day that he told I twenty four News he'd
witness beheaded babies, the soldier posted a video to his
personal Facebook account appearing giddy, smiling from ear to ear.

Not what one would expect from someone who just witnessed
beheaded babies. In other words, the soldier may not have
been telling the truth. In the coming months, one by one,
each of the most grotesque atrocities reported by Israeli soldiers,
emergency first responders, and Benjamin Nittanyahu himself were either debunked

or shown to be based on no evidence. In one instance,
a British journalist dug into the horrific story of Hamas
ripping a fetus from the body of a pregnant woman.

Speaker 7 (21:19):
The baby that was connected to the court was stabbed,
she was shut in the back.

Speaker 4 (21:24):
We simply know this as I'm true. The list of
the dead should show there's no such victim.

Speaker 1 (21:28):
That's British journalists and filmmaker Richard Sanders. He questioned the
Israeli first responder Yasi Landau, who first told the story
to American media.

Speaker 4 (21:38):
MS. Landa said, you know, I have a picture of
this atrocity.

Speaker 9 (21:40):
If you want to see the picture, I have the
picture of it.

Speaker 6 (21:43):
This is the baby.

Speaker 4 (21:44):
I'm sorry to be graphic here, but I can't see
a baby here.

Speaker 1 (21:47):
You can't see the baby because but this is the
picture of the mother.

Speaker 4 (21:51):
It was a piece of child. Flash. It wasn't a baby.
It certainly wasn't a baby.

Speaker 1 (21:58):
And then there was this story of systemic rape on
October seventh.

Speaker 9 (22:01):
Young girls who were raped, women brutally raped and murdered.

Speaker 1 (22:05):
In late December twenty twenty three, The New York Times
published an article entitled Screams Without Words, which claimed to
provide evidence of widespread systemic rape on October seventh, just
as reported by Israeli officials. It was a major piece
of journalistic work for The Times. The central figure of
the story, Gaul Abdish, was murdered by Hamas during the attack,

and the writers claimed that she was raped in the process.
The story of Abdish took up about a third of
the article, but once it hit the newsstands, her family
furiously denounced The Times, claiming that there was no evidence
that Abdish was ever raped. They accused the paper of
simply inventing the story. But that was just the beginning
of the problems with the article. Key witnesses were caught

giving inconsistent statements to other news outlets. When challenged about
the lack of evidence backing up their story, the lead
author gave a stunning response, is.

Speaker 19 (23:00):
Because evidence is almost like a legal term that suggests
you're trying to prove an allegation or prove a case.

Speaker 1 (23:06):
Of course, that's not my role.

Speaker 17 (23:08):
We all have our roles, and my role.

Speaker 8 (23:10):
Is a document, is to present information, is to give
people a voice.

Speaker 1 (23:19):
The lead co author of the New York Times rape
story didn't think it was his job to provide evidence
for the claims in his story. Another co author had
direct ties to Israeli intelligence, as the Breaking Point podcast
would later report.

Speaker 20 (23:33):
A massive scandal is developing the New York Times, where
it has now been revealed that the co author of
a discredited article on rape on October seventh liked genocidal
posts on social media is a former member of an
IDF intelligence unit and had not even worked as a
journalist at all prior to taking on a central role
in Times coverage.

Speaker 1 (23:53):
The story of widespread systemic rapes on October seventh began
collapsing under scrutiny. That's not to say that rapes didn't happen,
It's just that reports claiming they were backed by evidence
were not. But perhaps the most damning debunking came from
the Israeli outlet ha Udits. Roughly two months after the
October seventh attack, ha Udits published the results of their

investigation into some of the most egregious atrocities as reported
by Israeli emergency responders, soldiers, and government officials. The paper wrote, quote,
according to sources including Israel's National Insurance Institute, Kibbutz leaders,
and the police, on October seventh, one baby was murdered
ten month old Mila Cohen. She was killed with her
father Ohad on Kibbutz Bieedi. That baby was hit by

a bullet shot through a safe room door. Forty babies
were not beheaded, babies were not baked in ovens, and
they weren't cut from the bodies of pregnant women. Hamas
no doubt committed documented horrific atrocities, as Habits and others
revealed they gunned down innocent, unarmed civilians. But the most
sensatialized reports were either debunked or shown to lack no

real evidence. So why were these lies fed to the world.
American journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is ethnically Jewish, would eventually
give his take on the reason.

Speaker 21 (25:08):
How is it possible to have concluded that there were
forty beheaded babies when there was a grand total of
one infant that was killed on October seventh. Only lying
and fabrication would cause somebody to claim that you would
see forty beheaded babies. They had none of those. There
were no cutting babies out of wombs, there were no

baking babies and ovens. These were all absolute lies spread
by the Israeli government and their supporters the United States,
not because there were no atrocities on October seventh, there were,
but because the goal was to convince Americans that people
in Palestine are something completely different. They're not human, They're
somehow more savage than Nazis, They're worse than Isis, and

all of these lies were vital to sustaining that. And
at the end of the day, a lot of these
lies were what led a lot of Americans to decide
that Joe Biden is right to finance the Israeli war
because these people that are being killed are people who
deserve it, because they're subhuman.

Speaker 1 (26:07):
As news of these fabricated atrocities first began making their
way onto US airwaves, some Americans opted to be cautious
in this fog of war phase, and that may have
been because they'd seen this movie play out before.

Speaker 16 (26:23):
Mister Chairman and members of the committee.

Speaker 15 (26:25):
My name is Naeira and I just came out of Kuwait.

Speaker 16 (26:30):
While I was there, I saw the racket soldiers come
into the hospital with guns. They took the babies out
of incubators, took the incubears, and left the children to
die on the cold floor.

Speaker 2 (26:45):
I was horrifying.

Speaker 1 (26:46):
Now Yida's nineteen ninety testimony was fabricated, but the lie
was used to help rally American support to enter the
Gulf War. It's called atrocity propaganda, and it's a common
tactic used in the build up to war. You see,
most Americans feel sympathy for innocent people caught up in
a military conflict. Some may even choose to personally part

with their hard earned cash to come to their aid.
But to rally the entire American machine to participate in
a major military conflict. To do that, something unique is
almost always needed. The attacks on Pearl Harbor and nine
to eleven are perfect examples. In the case of October seventh,
Israeli officials apparently didn't think that the tragic killing of

innocent Israelis was enough, so they turned to atrocity propaganda
to sell the American public on supporting its military response.
As these fabricated stories hit America in mid October twenty
twenty three, neocons like Ben Shapiro were doing their best
to amplify their exposure. On October tenth, when the forty

Beheaded Babies hoax first broke, the Biden administration called on
Israeli forces to only deliver a proportionate response, but Ben
Shapiro disagreed. He posted on x quote what precisely would
the appropriate proportion be here? How many did terrorists make
up for? How many babies they beheaded? Absolutely meaningless and
stupid horseshit. A few days later, he turned to his

podcast audience to argue that if America didn't provide aid
to Israel, a nuclear war could be eminent.

Speaker 7 (28:17):
If Israel is forced to the wall, the possibility of
nuclear exchange is extremely high. That is why it is
very important that the United States provide the material aid
to Israel.

Speaker 2 (28:26):
That his Ben Shapiro was belligerent with rage over the conflict.
His colleague opted to take a different approach.

Speaker 7 (28:32):
You Know, something I really miss about my grandparents, and
something that I really appreciate about older people is that
they have the wisdom to pause and reflect and to think.
They're such great listeners, you know what I'm talking about.

Speaker 2 (28:44):
On her first show following the October seventh attacks, Candice
Owens argued that the best approach in the fog of
war is to be measured in your response.

Speaker 7 (28:53):
I myself have received pressure to post something which is
strange of course, because if you follow this show, oh
you know that we follow culture, that we talk about
politics as it relates to America. You've never seen me
weigh in on various wars that are happening overseas, and
on this one, I definitely want to make sure that

I take my time and that I make sure that
I understand what's happening, so as we all pause and reflect,
and I think that the most acceptable thing for anyone
to do right now is to pray for innocent lives,
pray for innocent people, and to pray for true justice.

Speaker 2 (29:29):
Over the early days of the conflict, as the atrocity
propaganda saturated US media, Candice continued her attempt to stay measured,
But as the temperature rose, neokons began to resemble the
woke left, looking to silence any and all voices that
questioned America's involvement in another foreign conflict. The woke right

had arrived. When Charlie Kirk questioned how Prime Minister net
Yahoo could have allowed October seventh to happen, he was
attacked by the woke right as an anti Semite. When
Candice stepped into the ring to defend her friend, So.

Speaker 7 (30:03):
For Charlie to raise those questions of why it took
six hours in a country that is the size of
New Jersey for there to be a response when you
can't go five feet without coming across somebody in the mitariy,
I think that's a meaningful question.

Speaker 2 (30:18):
She called out self proclaimed free speech champion Dave Ruben
for celebrating censorship during the conflict.

Speaker 7 (30:25):
If you are supporting Palestine on the streets that is
now banned in France during this time, no conservative should
be celebrating that band, but Dave Rubin did. He tweeted back,
maybe the West has a chance. Yeah, I guess maybe
the West has a chance if we just start banning
speech that we don't agree with.

Speaker 2 (30:59):
It was obvious that Candace wasn't speaking out on these
issues because she was anti Israel. She believed that silencing
voices of descent would only lead to more anti Semitism.

Speaker 7 (31:10):
I remember commenting at the time that this sort of
thing was going to lead to people believing that Jewish
people had too much power.

Speaker 2 (31:18):
For roughly the first month of the conflict, even with
all the pressure to take aside, Candace remained focused on
the issue of free speech. Let's defeat. Dissenting voices with arguments,
not censorship became her mantra. But then in early November
twenty twenty three, US Republican Congressman Brian mast took the
rhetoric to an entirely new height.

Speaker 19 (31:40):
I would encourage the other side to not so lightly
throw around the idea of innocent Palestinian civilians, as is
frequently said. I don't think we would so lightly throw
around the term innocent Nazi civilians. During World War Two.

Speaker 1 (31:57):
At the time, it was clear the Gaza strip was
being back to the stone ages. Countless buildings were bombed, schools,
a Christian church, residential buildings, even a hospital parking lot
was hit. Dead Palestinian babies and children were being pulled
from the rubble for everyone to see. It wasn't atrocity propaganda.
It was just atrocities. And now neocons like congressmen masked

were effectively making the argument that even gossen children weren't innocent.
History has shown that this type of rhetoric is made
right before a genocide is committed. With two kids and
another one on the way, in a matter of days,
Candice decided to take a stand against congressmen mast She
responded to the congressman.

Speaker 7 (32:36):
On X no government anywhere has a right to commit
a genocide. Ever, there is no justification for a genocide.
I can't even believe this needs to be said or
is even considered the least bit controversial to state.

Speaker 1 (32:50):
A few days later, GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley made
a move to be the lead warhawk in the race.

Speaker 22 (32:56):
The last thing we need to do is to tell
Israel what to do. The only thing we should be
doing is supporting them and eliminating Hamas. It is not
that Israel needs America. America needs Israel.

Speaker 1 (33:09):
Candace chose to mock the Neocon.

Speaker 7 (33:11):
Well, I am here today to endorse Nicki Haley for
President of Israel. I think bb Net and Yahoo is
going through a very bad time right now. Support for
Israel has virtually collapsed, and the one person that I
think is capable of getting it back is Nicki Haley.
With a enough money from foreign interest lobbies.

Speaker 1 (33:30):
Neo CON's like Ben Shapiro were using every tool at
their disposal to get America's unconditional support for Israel. Yet
Kandace's America First position went directly against his efforts, and
she was using Ben's streaming platform to do it, so
he took a drastic step. At an event, Ben Shapiro
grabbed a microphone and called Kandace's position on the Israeli

Palestinian conflict disgraceful and attend. He caught the attack on camera, yes,
and then their family feud entered a new phase. It
appeared that Ben Shapiro was attempting to push Candace off
his streaming service, and that's when things got biblical.

Speaker 2 (34:12):
You may recall in twenty seventeen, Candace told Red Pilled
America that she was going through a religious transformation. Thank
you guys, thank you so much for your time.

Speaker 1 (34:23):
Are you religious?

Speaker 13 (34:25):
I am not, but I'm starting to become a lot
more spiritual. It's become a natural journey back to the
way that I was raised with my grandfather, which I
definitely I definitely want to talk about more, but it's
kind of still happening.

Speaker 2 (34:36):
So that by November twenty twenty three, she was ready
to speak about that transformation publicly. On the same day
the video leaked of Ben Shapiro calling her disgraceful, Candace
posted a passage from the Bible which closed saying quote,
no one can serve two masters. Either you will hate
the one and love the other, or you will be
devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot

serve both God and money. She followed it up with
christ Is King. Then Shapiro took the statement personally and
when at Candace.

Speaker 1 (35:06):
Again, Candace, if you feel that taking money from the
Daily Wire somehow comes between you and God, by all
means quit.

Speaker 2 (35:13):
Ben Shapiro was now directly calling for Candace Owens to
leave the company. In response, Candace notably took the high road.
You have been acting unprofessional and emotionally unhinged for weeks now,
and we have all had to sit back and allow it,
and have all tried to exercise exceeding understanding for your
raw emotion. But you cross a certain line when you

come for scripture and read yourself into it. I will
not tolerate it. It was clear that things were getting hot,
but even as the temperature rose, Candace decided to bring
a guest onto her Daily Wire show that would bring
the confrontation to a boiling point.

Speaker 1 (35:53):
I think I've made it pretty clear by now that
I hate war. It's just something that just destroys so
many lives, and imagine your family having to worry about
when the next bomb is going to be dropped in
your area. Since October seventh, innocent Israelis have been faced
with this real life horror. They are living with the
harsh reality of terror every day in a war that

many of them did not want or ask for. That's
why we wanted to tell you about the International Fellowship
of Christians and Jews. The IFCJ is on the ground
now addressing all urgent needs. They are praying for the best,
but IFCJ is preparing for the worst by packing emergency
bomb shelter kits that can be delivered immediately to those

in desperate need. Your life saving donation today will help
assemble and place these kits with enough food and life
saving emergency supplies for twenty people in a bomb shelter.
The cost to put together and hand out these kits
is two hundred and ninety dollars each. Your gift now
will help save lives, and thanks to a matching challenge

gift from a generous IFCJ supporter, your gift will double
an impact to help provide twice the support. The number
to call to make your gift is eight eight eight
four eight eight IFCJ. That's eight eight eight four eight
eight IFCJ or four three two five. Or you can
donate online by going to SUPPORTIFCJ dot org. That's one

word support IFCJ dot org.

Speaker 2 (37:25):
Do you want to hear red Pilled America stories ad free,
then become a backstage subscriber. Just log onto Redpilldamerica dot
com and click join in the topmenu. Join today and
help us save America one story at a time. Welcome
back to Red Pilled America. So by mid November twenty
twenty three, Ben Shapiro had publicly called on Candace Owens

to quit. The family feud was now completely in the open.
The Daily Wire, no doubt, wanted Candace to fall in
line with its top priority, Israel, but she was just
getting warmed up. Candis was approaching her maternity leave. She
decided to have a final guest on her show, one
of the world's leading critics of Israeli policies towards Palestine.

Speaker 7 (38:09):
All right, guys, have you heard of Norm Finkelstein. If not,
I look forward to introducing you to him today. Norman
is a political scientist and activists whose primary fields of
research are the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the politics of
the Holocaust.

Speaker 2 (38:23):
Norman Finkelstein is perhaps best known for his book The
Holocaust Industry, in which he argues that the memory of
the Holocaust has been exploited for political and financial gain.
His credentials on the Israeli Palestinian conflict make him nearly
unassailable on the topic. Finkelstein is Jewish and both of
his parents were Holocaust survivors that were interned in multiple

concentration camps during World War Two. Candace had already hosted
a Jewish comedian arguing the pro Israeli side of the conflict,
so she decided to platform the other side of the
debate as well. At one point, Finkelstein addressed the often
used trae in Israeli Palestinian debate, the idea that the
conflict is too complicated for novices to address. As he spoke,

the pained look on Candace's face said it all. His
argument was deeply impacting her.

Speaker 5 (39:13):
It is not a complicated question. When a country has
a declared policy of denying a population food, water, fuel, electricity,
that is not complicated. Every hospital in Goza now has

been disabled. You're an expectant mother. Do you really have doubts, questions, reservations,
qualms about whether that is right? Imagine you, Candies, your
child is born prematurely and is put in an incubator

where the fuel is cudd off, and your child that
you've been carrying but nine months suffocates to death. Is
that complicated? Does it require a PhD In Middle East
studies to figure these things out? In my book, it's

as complicated as Jews, like my parents' mother, mother and
both sides, father and both sides, sisters and brothers on
both sides. It's as complicated as my family, except for
my mother and my father being shoved into gas chambers.

That's how complicated it is in my eyes.

Speaker 2 (41:08):
About half an hour after the interview dropped, while on
leave out of the country, the Daily Wire's co founder,
Jeremy Booring took to x to make an announcement which stated,
in part.

Speaker 1 (41:18):
Candace is paid to give her opinion, not mine or binds.
Unless those opinions run a foul of the law or
she violates the terms of her contract in some way.
Her job is secure and she's welcome at Daily Wire.

Speaker 2 (41:37):
It appeared Jeremy Booring was inching towards cutting Candace loose.
The writing was on the wall. Going back to his
days with the secret Hollywood conservative group the Friends of Abe,
Jeremy had been intimately involved with the neocons. When Trump
accused President George W. Bush of lying America into the

Iraq War, he jumped on the Trump bangwagon and even
shut down the FAAY because of its civil war over Trump.
When he formed The Daily Wire with Ben Shapiro and
the Wilkes Brothers fracking money, the organization had one issue
above all others, that being Israel. Candace Owens was now
daring to air both sides of the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

She was in open revolt, and Ben Shapiro was even
calling for her to quit. Candace went on maternity leave
in November twenty twenty three, and many thought that when
she returned, she would likely avoid further provocation. But that
wasn't remotely what happened. When Candace Owens returned to The
Daily Wire, she decided to go to war with the

woke right, and when she did, she revealed one of
the few paths to reducing the spread of anti Semitism.

Speaker 1 (42:47):
Coming up on the finale of Family Feud, because.

Speaker 7 (42:49):
This really blew my mind. Do you know which books
the Nazis were burning?

Speaker 10 (42:54):
There is something really truly wrong with Candace Owens.

Speaker 7 (42:57):
What are you gonna do? Not you gonna kill me
because I refused to caw tau to you, because I'm
not fearful of you, and I think it's weird that
you and your daughter are promoting and selling sex toys.
That's why deem you an unholy rabbi.

Speaker 17 (43:09):
You don't know what a rabbi does. How dare you
call him an unholy rabbi? How dare you go into
the anti Semitic trope of his hag daughter. It's something
used throughout the late eighteenth and through the early twentieth century.

Speaker 7 (43:20):
Sorry, sorry, Hag is now anti Semitic.

Speaker 8 (43:22):
But sometimes you do wonder if these guys' goals is
to create more gew hatred in the world.

Speaker 2 (43:29):
Red Pilled America is an iHeartRadio original podcast. It's owned
and produced by Patrick Carrelci and me Adriana Cortez for
Informed Ventures Now. You can get ad free access to
our entire catalog of episodes by becoming a backstage subscriber.
To subscribe, just visit redpilled America dot com and could
join in the top menu. Thanks for listening.
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