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Speaker 1 (00:00):
I want you, you guys, this is history.

Speaker 2 (00:02):
What you've done?

Speaker 1 (00:03):
What show you guys should do a platform that includes
the world's most morning Burke's j injuries, every playing by record.
I've made it just hilarious.

Speaker 3 (00:16):
She'll stunt up.

Speaker 1 (00:17):
I Chola made you think they like the controversial questions.
We're taking its fart. I like, thanks breakfast club, good.

Speaker 2 (00:24):
Morning Usa yo yo yo yo.

Speaker 4 (00:26):
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
yo yo.

Speaker 2 (00:32):
Yo jess hilarious, Yo, what I have charlomagnea god past too?
Up planet, It's Thursday.

Speaker 1 (00:41):
For a second, Yes it's Thursday. I see. Yes, I
had to think about it. I was like, damn, what
is today?

Speaker 5 (00:45):

Speaker 1 (00:45):
It is Thursday?

Speaker 2 (00:46):
Good morning. Hopefully you guys had a great June teeth
at A lot of you guys were off, so hopefully
you enjoyed your day.

Speaker 4 (00:54):
Yeah, we got to make June team for winkend. I
don't know how they got to do the calendar. They
got a finesshic calendar to make June team for all
on a Friday or something or a Monday.

Speaker 1 (01:03):
So we can have a whole Juneteenth weekend.

Speaker 3 (01:05):
I agree, because taking the day off and there coming
back to work just makes no sense.

Speaker 1 (01:10):
Yeah, it's kind of weird.

Speaker 4 (01:11):
Yeah, it almost feels like a setup, like they did
it in the middle of the week on purpose, like
we're gonna be out, you know, having a good time,
you know, drinking and joining ourselves and then all be
late for our respective jobs and businesses on the next day.

Speaker 2 (01:25):
When sim Simmer, one of our producers, calls and be like, Yo,
where the hell all you. I'm like, bro, I'm tired.
I'm like, I was out all night last night. I
was shout to everybody. I was out in Queen's yesterday.
We did shout to the USTA. We did something for
Juneteenth where we had kind of like a barbecue in
the park and we would teaching kids how to play tennis,
and they would teaching kids how to play tennis, giving
kids rackets and sneakers and doing things outside of the

typical basketball and baseball.

Speaker 3 (01:49):
So they were teaching kids how to play tennis.

Speaker 1 (01:50):
It was dope.

Speaker 2 (01:51):
I played tennis when I was a kid, you know,
one of my first jobs actually working at the US Open.

Speaker 1 (01:55):
So it's pretty cool. To be back in Queens, South
Side Queens.

Speaker 2 (01:57):
So looks to everybody that came out and shout to
missus Joe, Shout to Tanis Shi, shout to everybody that
had us over there yesterday. We had an amazing time
at Roy Wilkins Park and.

Speaker 4 (02:06):
Queen's or the rest of us were gathered around our televisions.
That was daytime watching Amazon Prime. That was, you know,
as a family for Kendrick Lamar's Ken and Friends, Ken
and Friends show, phenomenal concert man from top to bottom.
I mean, because it wasn't just Kendrick Lamar friends, it
was DJ Heading Friends and Mustard and Friends and you know,

every single generation of West Coast was represented in some way,
shape or form last night.

Speaker 1 (02:36):
And they deserve it. Yeah, they deserve it. That was
a hell of a victory lap for mister Miller. That
was mister Lamar.

Speaker 2 (02:44):
That was a great performance. I mean just just the energy,
just what it meant for the West Coast, what it
meant for l A and seeing everybody on that stage
unified and.

Speaker 1 (02:53):
What he did and what he pulled off. I just
thought it was a great show. Great show.

Speaker 4 (02:57):
I've never seen anything like it. And be honest, with you.
I mean, you know the circumstances that brought that show together. Uh,
you know, Kendrick Lamar winning a very decisive, very decisive
win and a rap battle against Drake to be culminated
in that moment Chef's kiss.

Speaker 3 (03:14):
It felt like it was a perfect storm.

Speaker 2 (03:16):
Just that last night was a perfect storm, from the
Juneteenth to the performances, to special guests he brought out,
just how it felt like a big family West Coast
were youth.

Speaker 6 (03:26):
That was.

Speaker 4 (03:27):
That was the greatest June Team celebration I've seen since
they've made this an official holiday. Yeah, that was the
best one I've seen since since they've made it an
official holiday. That was the best June Team celebration I seen.
It was fantastic. It We'll talk about it some more.
What about what about you, Jess? How was your June Team?

Speaker 7 (03:46):
Was that the doctor?

Speaker 1 (03:47):
Oh this all pregnant? Yeah?

Speaker 7 (03:52):
Yes, I'm glad that I did get my three hour
Striggers has done because that I was running from that.
I'm not gonna lie. I don't like too many needles.
And before somebody say but she got all them tattoos,
please shut up. I hate people say that because tattoo.
Needles don't go as deep as needles when you have
to draw blood. So I finally did it. I believe
I passed, but I will find out today or tomorrow

if I passed it.

Speaker 1 (04:16):
You want to fail it the sugar test.

Speaker 7 (04:19):
Why would I want to nail it?

Speaker 1 (04:20):
I failed the first one, sugar.

Speaker 2 (04:23):
No, no, no, she failed the first one she passed.

Speaker 7 (04:26):
This is coming from This is coming from a man
with what four girls, four kids.

Speaker 1 (04:32):
You passed the first one, that's why you had to
take the next one. You want to fail it?

Speaker 7 (04:36):
No, I failed the first one. My sugar came into high.

Speaker 1 (04:39):
Sure, that's what it is.

Speaker 7 (04:41):
And then so the third one you have to I
mean the three hour one. You have to uh fast
and they take your blood every hour to see you
have to drink some type of liquid that's disgusting. It's
loaded with high fruits sugar, I believe because it tastes
like a sweeter version up high the orange, and they

take your blood every hour. So I did that. I
felt weak. Then I feel good yesterday. So I didn't
even really get to see a Kendrick thing. I'm so upset.

Speaker 3 (05:10):
Oh wow, wow, Well, I'm sure we'll be giving you
updates all morning long.

Speaker 7 (05:14):

Speaker 2 (05:15):
All right, well, let's get the show crack, and of
course we got front page news coming up with Morgan.

Speaker 3 (05:19):
I mean, it's only right to start to show the
right way.

Speaker 1 (05:20):
Right there we go.

Speaker 2 (05:22):
It's Ketrick Lamar's the Breakfast Club. Good morning morning everybody.

Speaker 3 (05:25):
It's DJ n V.

Speaker 2 (05:26):
Jesse, Hilarry Charlamagne, the guy. We are the Breakfast Club.
Let's get in some front page news.

Speaker 1 (05:32):
All right.

Speaker 2 (05:33):
This is a tough time for sports because there's no NBA,
there's no football, and baseball is not in playoffs yet,
so this is a tough time.

Speaker 1 (05:43):
Yeah, but I wait for the playoffs with w NBA
as well.

Speaker 4 (05:46):
WNBA is great, and it's also it's tough. It is
tough in sports, but lights can people are having a
way tougher time this morning.

Speaker 2 (05:53):
Good morning, Morgan, Good morning.

Speaker 3 (05:57):
I just just ignored him. Go ahead, Morgan, how you
feeling this morning?

Speaker 1 (06:00):
I'm good.

Speaker 8 (06:01):
I mean, you know, black highly favored the all. What's
going on over there? But anyways, let's get into the headlines.
New York's top court is rejecting a bid to hear
Donald Trump's appeal of the gag order in his hush
money case. The New York Court of Appeals on Tuesday
decline to hear the bid on the grounds that no
substantial constitutional question is directly involved.

Speaker 9 (06:23):
That means the gag order imposed upon Trump not to
talk or post.

Speaker 8 (06:28):
About durers, witnesses, and others involved in his Manhattan Supreme
Court case will remain in effect now. The Trump campaign
spokesman Steve Shung responded by saying the order wrongfully silence
is the former president and at the height of his campaign,
and they'll continue to fight against the order. Trump was
found guilty, of course, last month, of thirty four counts

of falsifying business records. You guys thought that he should
be able to speak, So what do you How do
you feel about that now that it's going to remain
in effect.

Speaker 4 (06:56):
I still think he should be able to speak, But
I didn't know you can reject somebody's appeal of anything
in the courtroom.

Speaker 7 (07:02):

Speaker 8 (07:02):
Well yeah, and it says clearly here that you know,
basically it's I'm imagining that it's to protect those involved
in the case, because you know, it's not like he
didn't get inside an inspection.

Speaker 2 (07:13):
But everybody else to speak, you know, But I figured like,
you know, if the judge could speak, if jurors could speak,
I don't understand why he shouldn't be able to speak.

Speaker 8 (07:19):
He probably has that Beyonce type power where you know,
he says something and people move in the masses, you know,
whereas well, certain people will say something and it might
not have as much movement.

Speaker 9 (07:29):
So you got to be careful with that, you know.
January sixth.

Speaker 4 (07:34):
Yeah, if it's able to protect the if it's to
protect the jurors, I totally understand. I protect the judge,
I totally understand.

Speaker 10 (07:40):

Speaker 8 (07:41):
So meanwhile, former President Trump he rallied in the swinging
state of Wisconsin on Tuesday and pushed back against reports
that he said Milwaukee is a horrible city. Let's hear
those comments from former President Trump.

Speaker 1 (07:52):
I love Milwaukee.

Speaker 11 (07:53):
I was the one that picked Milwaukee. I have to
that yet, I was the one that picked it. They
lie like lie a horrible candidate. They have a candidate
that has no clue, doesn't know where he is, and
all they can do is lie.

Speaker 7 (08:06):
I love it.

Speaker 1 (08:07):
I'm the one that picked Milwaukee.

Speaker 11 (08:08):
Officially, Joe Biden is humiliating our country on the world stage.

Speaker 2 (08:13):
He's actually humiliating us. He wandered off the G seven
in Europe the stage. You looked like he.

Speaker 1 (08:21):
Didn't know where the hell he was. But he didn't
know where he was.

Speaker 2 (08:24):
He's blaming it now on AI. He doesn't know what
AI is, but that's okay.

Speaker 4 (08:31):
Didn't he say I thought he said? I thought he
said Milwaukee was a horrible city.

Speaker 9 (08:35):
He did, Yes, he did.

Speaker 8 (08:39):
He told the crowded racine that that was a complete
lie and it was made up by the Democrats ahead
of the Republican Convention next month, because you know, the
Republican Convention is being held in Milwaukee next month. Now
rare scene is about thirty miles south of Milwaukee and
in Wisconsin. In twenty twenty, Biden one Wisconsin by a

narrow margin. Trump one Wisconsin in twenty sixteen.

Speaker 9 (09:03):
Moving on, in.

Speaker 8 (09:04):
Louisiana, the first state to officially require the Ten Commandments
to be displayed in all public classrooms. This new law
calls for a poster sized display of the Ten Commandments
to be put up in all classrooms from kindergarten through
public universities by the beginning of next year. A so
called context statement that describes the Ten Commandments as a

prominent part of American public education for almost three centuries,
will also be part of the display.

Speaker 1 (09:31):

Speaker 8 (09:31):
Critics have questioned whether or not the law is constitutional,
with some saying lawsuits are likely. Texas, Oklahoma, and Utah
have also proposed similar laws like this. What do you
guys think about that? I thought there was supposed to
be a separation of church and state.

Speaker 4 (09:45):
Even though I believe it should be a matter choice.
Can you really be mad at the Ten Commandments being
in a classroom?

Speaker 1 (09:52):
No, you can't. It's the Ten Commandments, Yeah you can't.

Speaker 9 (09:56):
I'm not upset about it.

Speaker 8 (09:57):
I just think that there's definitely going to it's going
to cause a rift, you know, among those who may
not follow Christianity. And I also anticipate this cyple legislation
will challenge the Constitution's First Amendment. And I believe the
Bill of Rights which states that Congress shall make no
law respecting an establishment of religion. Basically again, separation of

church and state.

Speaker 12 (10:19):
But we'll have more.

Speaker 4 (10:20):
And the crazy thing about to take amandments is like,
it's it's I guess you could say it's religious, but
I mean honor your father and your mother.

Speaker 1 (10:29):
You should you should not steal.

Speaker 9 (10:32):
Oh no, it's definitely a good set of rules to
live by.

Speaker 1 (10:34):
It is you know what I mean.

Speaker 9 (10:36):
But you know it's where it came from. Somebody might
have an issue with it.

Speaker 2 (10:39):
So all right, well, thank you Morgan. We'll see you
next hour. All right, guys, everybody else, get it off
your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one five to one.
Let us know how you feeling, what you did yesterday,
your move. Call us up right now, get it off
your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one oh five one,
call us up right now. It's the breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (10:58):
Good morning, breakfast club, right right?

Speaker 13 (11:04):
Ray yo, Charlamagne, yasy?

Speaker 8 (11:07):
What up are we lost?

Speaker 1 (11:08):
This is your time to get it off your chest.

Speaker 2 (11:10):
I got an indoor pool, outdoor pool.

Speaker 1 (11:12):
We want to hear from you on the breakfast club.

Speaker 6 (11:14):
Get on the phone right now.

Speaker 13 (11:15):
He'll tell you what it is.

Speaker 1 (11:18):

Speaker 2 (11:18):
Who's this Hey, good morning? Get it off your chest.

Speaker 13 (11:22):
Okay, So I'm trying to man.

Speaker 12 (11:24):
You act like you don't like life, skin.

Speaker 2 (11:27):
He dope.

Speaker 1 (11:28):
I act like I was just the earth song.

Speaker 14 (11:30):
Come on and your little tail side the wagon that
champick lamosa.

Speaker 12 (11:34):
Come on, you're going on life skin people.

Speaker 13 (11:38):
You don't like us, and he and I'm talking, so
I mean, yeah.

Speaker 2 (11:44):
Why people you don't ebody?

Speaker 4 (11:49):
I do love everybody, but ain't nothing wrong with us
keeping off footing on their beage.

Speaker 2 (11:53):
Next see hay, my god, that growing easily.

Speaker 15 (11:56):
You can't do that.

Speaker 1 (11:58):
Like banana.

Speaker 2 (12:01):
You're not helping to help the situation.

Speaker 13 (12:05):

Speaker 2 (12:07):
The day tim you didn't help the situation.

Speaker 1 (12:10):
Hello, who's this?

Speaker 13 (12:11):
Yeah with Vancer down here in Hintsville.

Speaker 1 (12:13):
Jeordian, what's up, Vince? You get it off your chest.

Speaker 13 (12:16):
I want to address that issue with the commandments being
displayed in the class homes.

Speaker 1 (12:22):
Yes, sir, yes, sir.

Speaker 13 (12:24):
Okay, So I get what Charlemagne was saying about, you know,
not being able to should shouldn't be able to uh
dispute that. But everybody's not, like you were saying, not
a Christian. There's always gonna be a disagreement about religion.
So if you're going to post to take commandments, are
you gonna repost everybody else's religion in the schools.

Speaker 4 (12:46):
I get it, as I said, I understand it, but
you know, it's just it's just hard to uh dispute
the ten commandments, like you know.

Speaker 2 (12:55):
Down should not kill do you know what I mean?

Speaker 1 (12:57):
Yeah, it's just.

Speaker 4 (12:58):
Hard, like you see that up and it's like, regardless
of what religion, you're like, okay.

Speaker 1 (13:02):
Yeah, it's it's kind of what you would teach your
kids with, yallars right.

Speaker 13 (13:06):
You're right then, But then all the other religions they
teach about the same teachings after you sit down and
look at them, they teach the same things in regard
to how we're supposed to live our life and how
we're supposed to get through our day and treat the
fellow man. So are you going to display the same thing?
So it ought to be some which issues with it.

Speaker 1 (13:25):
Yeah, it's a matter of choice, and I mean I
know you know that.

Speaker 4 (13:28):
What people are more disputing is, you know, whether or
not I guess the separation of church and state.

Speaker 1 (13:32):
But it's like the yeah, I get it.

Speaker 4 (13:34):
I understand the legal aspect of it, but just in general,
the Ten Commandments, it's just like, eh, okay.

Speaker 13 (13:41):
I mean we can, we can listen to a whole
bunch of things, but you know, yeah, that's it's pick
a tunitia battles. Right.

Speaker 1 (13:46):
Yeah, it's my first time getting through and I.

Speaker 13 (13:49):
Appreciate y'all and I listened to all everything for the
last fourteen years.

Speaker 1 (13:53):
Brother, all right, all right, we'll go you two.

Speaker 2 (13:56):
Now, Hello, who's this?

Speaker 5 (13:58):
It's forty four of from Ohio.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
What's up? Forty four? Get it off your chest?

Speaker 5 (14:02):
Hey, man, I had a softball game yesterday. My partner
before the game said I'm gonna go ahead and cancel.

Speaker 16 (14:10):

Speaker 5 (14:11):
I wouldn't work on a holiday on the four, so
I'm not working on our holiday. I ended up going
ahead and going to work second game. We started to
tell the coach before the game, like, hey, we gotta
start the second game right at sething fifteen. Bought the girl,
the little lady stand up and say, hey, why are
picnics always getting short? I immediately turned around today, ain't
no more picnics today, not on this day. Happy June teens.

Speaker 1 (14:32):
Let's get this game started. Okay, it was a Caucasian girl.

Speaker 13 (14:37):
Let me put it in perspective for you.

Speaker 4 (14:39):
Oh Caucasian girl, Yes, sir, okay, all right, well thank
you brother too.

Speaker 5 (14:46):
Yes, sir.

Speaker 13 (14:47):
And also wanted to go in and give a shout
out to my man out in a ba chis o'
lewis chis o management man. I know he can't be
honored how y'all howes does the one gay to day?
But definitely want to salute my man down there.

Speaker 17 (15:00):
Let's five seven alrighty brother, have a good night, all
right you two fellas, get it off your chest.

Speaker 2 (15:06):
Eight hundred five eight five one oh five one. If
you need to vent, hit us up now. It's the
breakfast club. Good morning, the breakfast club. He Maddy, this
is your time to get it off your chest, whether
you're man or blessed. I hate the way that you walk,
the way did you talk, I hate the way you dress.

Speaker 1 (15:23):
Everything when me is best call up now eight hundred
five eight five five one.

Speaker 3 (15:28):
Not just me, I'm what the coach of philing?

Speaker 13 (15:31):

Speaker 7 (15:31):
Who's this?

Speaker 10 (15:32):

Speaker 7 (15:33):
What's your name?

Speaker 13 (15:34):

Speaker 2 (15:35):
Ladd lands up? Get it off your chest?

Speaker 18 (15:37):
Good morning, breakfast, good morning.

Speaker 15 (15:40):
I just got a question for Charlam and to god man,
your sir, what life do fact the day?

Speaker 17 (15:45):
So your girl man, all of them.

Speaker 7 (15:49):
I don't understand.

Speaker 4 (15:51):
I don't understand why you know, me being so in
love with Melani and my melanin and and you know,
just letting y'all know how inferior y'all are to us
is insulting.

Speaker 6 (16:03):
It is played not like ten times last night, and
it hurt, hurt.

Speaker 1 (16:09):
Your page soul every single time, every single time.

Speaker 2 (16:18):
He got there was a light skinned brother that bust
the solar girl in elementary school.

Speaker 4 (16:25):
You watched that, You watched that show last night and
you was like, man, this is too black, too strong.
I'm not even joking. One of my homegirls from l A.
I texted her, I said, man, how you feel? She said,
I wish I was black? Probably she said that she
bran him, but she said I wish I was black.
That's a great that's a great thing to hear on Junete.
She's not comfortable on and.

Speaker 7 (16:44):
Do you know she's only saying that she wished she
was black? And at the Kendrick Lamar and yesterday she
don't wish she was black. Trust damn.

Speaker 4 (16:52):
You know the whole you know the stage with shaped
like Drake shut up man so they could dance on
his They.

Speaker 3 (17:02):
He's great, man, shout shout my light skin brothers out there.

Speaker 1 (17:07):
Man's wrong with you?

Speaker 4 (17:08):
That's crazy. They bought drink if you missed it like that,
they brought drinks, dought on stage.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
They did not man, they did not stop.

Speaker 1 (17:14):
It was wild. You know they did not.

Speaker 7 (17:16):
Well, there goes my news.

Speaker 1 (17:18):
You got it, get it off your chest.

Speaker 2 (17:20):
Eight hundred five eight five one oh five one. Now, Jeff,
we got just the mess coming up.

Speaker 1 (17:25):
I don't know what happing, but not like like Gus
came on.

Speaker 4 (17:31):
The whole floor turned yellow to represent light skin, and
everybody started blow walking and crip walking on it.

Speaker 1 (17:37):
That's erazy, that's that's not crazy. That's that's not true.

Speaker 7 (17:41):
That is gonna give us a full recap, even though
he wasn't there or invited, So we'll be back after this.

Speaker 1 (17:48):
Kendrick had a bag of owl heads, just way wild.

Speaker 7 (17:51):
He's like that.

Speaker 1 (17:52):
That's that's that's not true.

Speaker 2 (17:54):
Well, just the message coming up, don't go anywhere as
the breakfast Cloagan morning, the Breakfast Club, Good morning everybody.

Speaker 3 (18:02):
It's d j n V.

Speaker 2 (18:03):
Jess, Hilary Scholamine the guy. We are the Breakfast Club.
Let's get to Jess with the mess.

Speaker 7 (18:08):
You news is real weather, her lions, jeffic Robert Moore.
Just don't do no lines, don't do that talk.

Speaker 1 (18:17):
World why jeffs worldwide me on the Breakfast Club. She's
the coaching.

Speaker 7 (18:23):
She was able to get y'all to see something and
understand something that nobody could get you to see this.

Speaker 1 (18:29):
Thomas set it off.

Speaker 7 (18:32):
All right, y'all. So Jim Tenth Kendrick killed yesterday. He
had his Drake disc concert at the Kid for him.
It was a huge night for LA of course, and
a huge knight for hip hop. Some of the friend
featured at the show were DJ Head, DJ Mustard, Doctor Dre,
Roddy Rich, Dom, Dom Kennedy, Tody Dollars, Signed Schoolboy, C

Steve Lacy Tyler, the creator YG west Side Buogie, Kaylin
for for I know who that is.

Speaker 1 (19:00):
I know it is killing for real for real?

Speaker 7 (19:03):
Yeah Klin or Kailin forer real.

Speaker 4 (19:05):
For I found the name last night. I saw him
last night. For that was the person I got introduced
to him.

Speaker 7 (19:13):
Okay, and it was more friends than that. A lot
to name. The show was lipped for Kendrick even came out,
though he forty narrated the beginning of the show and
DJ must Have. He did a tribute to Nipsey with Roddy.

Speaker 4 (19:26):
Rich Last time did I checked Rest in Peace? Nipsey
hustle Man, I know was living there last night?

Speaker 1 (19:33):
Yeah, I know it was.

Speaker 7 (19:34):
I had a couple of friends that went. I went,
I'm not able to fly that far right now, so
I ain't making there. But his set list, he started
off with Euphoria.

Speaker 1 (19:44):
Yes he did.

Speaker 4 (19:45):
I'm so glad he set the tone with that record
because my fear last night was that he had went
to his therapist. So he went to the spiritual Levis
and he was gonna come out of town to be peaceful,
but he chose violence from the beginning.

Speaker 1 (19:55):
He set the tone, said that's what he was going
to do.

Speaker 7 (19:57):
He already said that's what he was going to do.
He set that back like that, like stop playing me on.
It's just a big need. So of course to celebrate Juarantine,
he get all right, that.

Speaker 1 (20:07):
Was spiritual, all right on June Team Spiritual. That's powerful
last night and no.

Speaker 7 (20:13):
My gosh, I gotta go big on watch on Amazon
on Amazon, and yeah, I gotta go watch it. Yeah,
I need to feel the present. Doctor Drake came out
as well.

Speaker 2 (20:22):
I was just missus Snoop. Now, I guess maybe Snoop
had another show. That was the only thing I was like,
I was waiting for Snoop to come out.

Speaker 1 (20:28):
But yeah, you know what you're thinking. I thought about
that too.

Speaker 4 (20:32):
But I don't think there is a connection between Snoop
and Kendrick outside of them being from the same coast.
Like if you notice the people who bought on stage,
like Kendrick was a TD artist who got his you know,
big CoA sign from Doctor Dre and then outside of
that it was you know, black hippie, you know school
boy QJ Rock a soul. So I think he kept it,
you know, to people who are close to him professionally
in personally.

Speaker 2 (20:52):
But Snoop Coach signed him too as well. Snow Coat
signed him as well or not.

Speaker 1 (20:55):
It's not the same as being signed to a b
that's true.

Speaker 7 (20:58):
Yeah, But and one of them interviews when they X
when somebody was talking a snip about when they did
the AI trick, when the AI trick, he was just
like both of them and my nephews. You can't just
be honest nobody, no connection, no type of way, no
type of way.

Speaker 1 (21:11):
We said, both of them though, yeah he did they both.

Speaker 7 (21:15):
So that mean come support your one nephew and then
go double one when.

Speaker 1 (21:19):
Five or maybe pick a sad No, he the uncle,
he can't do that.

Speaker 19 (21:26):

Speaker 7 (21:27):
Anyway, anyway, Kendrick did not like.

Speaker 12 (21:30):
Us five times.

Speaker 2 (21:30):
I haven't seen somebody do something like that where they
performed five times they get the same energy every time.

Speaker 1 (21:37):
That's not true.

Speaker 2 (21:38):
Why why did you say only only other time I
seen that was I seen fifty do it within the club.
I've seen that happen before, and Diddy with Benjamin When
you've seen it five times like that with the same.

Speaker 4 (21:46):
Energery, I've seen Jay Z and Kanye West do it
sixteen times in a row with n words in Paris.

Speaker 2 (21:51):
I just seen sixteen times.

Speaker 1 (21:52):
Win. I didn't see that they did it like sixteen times.
That was a big, big, big deal.

Speaker 4 (21:56):
That they kept doing it over and over, And I
forgot which city was.

Speaker 1 (21:59):
Gonna remember that? Our what country? Don't remember that? Yes, yes,
jay Z and Kanye with Edwards in Paris, I don't remember, yo.

Speaker 7 (22:07):
But that's the craziest thing. The crowd was singing it
so loud. He didn't even have to say nothing, nothing
like it. They kept singing it. They could have carried
the whole song.

Speaker 3 (22:15):
In their same energy for five times.

Speaker 4 (22:18):
Jess, I don't know who bought you that big tray
of breakfast that you're eating, but you eating the way
Kendrick was eating last night. You hear me, okay, Kendrick
set the tone. He let us know that this was
a victory lap, and he came there the blood and
krip walk on his enemy's headtop. And to me, the
show wasn't about Drake as much as it was about
Kendrick Lamar becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of hip hop.

Speaker 1 (22:41):
Like when it comes to this new generation.

Speaker 4 (22:43):
We've been watching over the last fifteen years, Kendrick is
the king of hip hop and it's not even close.
And I'm not talking about charts. I'm not talking about
streaming records. I'm not talking about you know, pop songs,
singing on songs. I'm talking about.

Speaker 1 (22:55):
Bars, rap, hip hop culture. Kendrick that crown and it's
not even closer. I agree.

Speaker 3 (23:01):
It was bigger than than the Drake beef and all that.

Speaker 2 (23:03):
Just what he did for l A and and the
fact that he unified so many different hoods, so many
different communities, so many different gangs had him all on
one stage, and what he did for hip hop last
night was simply amazing.

Speaker 1 (23:15):
Greatest thing that.

Speaker 7 (23:17):
I wouldn't hear of any violence, violence breaking out nothing.

Speaker 1 (23:21):
There was plenty of violence when he did not like
us six times in a row. That was violent.

Speaker 4 (23:25):
When he when he started off the show with euphoria,
that was violence. When he did not like us last night,
that was violence came out.

Speaker 7 (23:33):
I'm talking about people fighting and shooting and all that stuff.
You know, we can't really we can't always say nothing
like yeah it comes to big events like that.

Speaker 4 (23:42):
So I was just saying, like that, guys, the greatest thing,
greatest thing that happened on Junie team since they made
it a national holiday. Okay, I've never witnessed anything like
I saw last night. That was spiritual.

Speaker 2 (23:53):
I wanted to dance one time like I was from La.
I ain't even gonna front. I wanted to do that
one that like throwing some some khakis and do that.
He like, like, I just want to do that one time.

Speaker 4 (24:02):
But that just when you put on khaki, it look
like you ain't got no pants on because you already
khaki colored. And you know what, you shouldn't practical. You
shouldn't practice bad habits. You shouldn't practice bad habits walking,
don't be crick walking and blood walking, all right, don't practice.

Speaker 1 (24:15):
Don't practice bad habits.

Speaker 4 (24:16):
In your living room because you might fool around to
do it at a party in LA when you ain't
got no business doing it.

Speaker 2 (24:21):
I wouldn't do that, but I wanted to do it
one time when that came on with I just want
to I don't even know what I'm doing, but it
just felt like you just make like a fist.

Speaker 1 (24:27):
Just the hell was that? You just said you wanted
to fit somebody, and then you would.

Speaker 3 (24:36):
You kinky bro sixty nine?

Speaker 17 (24:37):
What do you call it?

Speaker 1 (24:38):
You a sixty nine hole?

Speaker 2 (24:39):
You over there, man, you kinky?

Speaker 3 (24:41):
I want to have somebody here, sixty nine?

Speaker 1 (24:43):
God, all right, that's just with the mess, Thank you, jess.

Speaker 16 (24:53):

Speaker 1 (24:53):
You got one of them movie breakfasts?

Speaker 2 (24:55):
The hell yeah, bacon eggs.

Speaker 1 (25:02):
That's one of them movies. You know, you see them movies.

Speaker 4 (25:04):
You see all the white kids and they be having
them big, big breakfasts and they don't hardly eat it.

Speaker 7 (25:11):
You already know.

Speaker 2 (25:13):
All right, Well we come back, We got front page News,
more gonna be joining us, and we're gonna open up
the phone lines.

Speaker 1 (25:18):
Did you see the show last night? What was your thoughts?

Speaker 2 (25:20):
Eight hundred and five eight five one oh five one?
Did you see the concert last night? It was free
on Amazon prov when you could have went to the
Instagram page and it was a twitch link right there
that made it free. Did you watch it last night?

Speaker 3 (25:31):
What were your thoughts? Let's discuss. It's the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (25:34):
Good morning, you're checking out the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 3 (25:37):
Warning everybody at j n V, Jess Hilarrys, Charlamagne, the guy.
We are the Breakfast Club. Let's get in some front
page news.

Speaker 2 (25:44):
Go on to Morgan good.

Speaker 7 (25:45):
Morning, Good morning, y'all.

Speaker 9 (25:47):
So, yes, let's get into it. President Biden is announcing
a new plan to provide.

Speaker 8 (25:51):
A pathway to citizenship for about five hundred thousand undocumented
spouses married to US citizens. The program applies to immigrants
who have been living in the for at least a decade.
Let's hear more from President Biden.

Speaker 10 (26:04):
Keeping couples together who are married, where one spouse's US
citizen to the other's undocumented, they've been living in the
United States for at least ten years. Ask collective officials.
They know it's good for American business, they know it's
good for the American economy.

Speaker 1 (26:18):
They know it's good for America.

Speaker 7 (26:19):
Period. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (26:20):
So Biden says he wants those immigrants to put their
skills to work in America, and the administration did admit
that a majority of those who would benefit would be Mexicans.
The Trump campaign calls the move mass amnesty and a
power grab for votes. Immigrant officials expect legal challenges to
this action.

Speaker 7 (26:39):
What do you guys know, I thought it.

Speaker 1 (26:41):
Was always like that.

Speaker 4 (26:41):
I thought that if you married an American citizen, then
you become a citizen.

Speaker 2 (26:46):
Nope, it's not true. You got to still go through
the process. You still got to go through the paperwork,
you still got to take the test and all that
other stuff.

Speaker 1 (26:52):
So now that's not true at all. I don't know.

Speaker 4 (26:54):
I knew that, but I thought getting married to an
American citient that helped all that process go fastest.

Speaker 2 (26:59):
No, not at all.

Speaker 1 (27:00):
And I tell you a quick example.

Speaker 2 (27:01):
You know, if you follow the Housewives of New Jersey, No,
Teresa Judice and her husband, they were married for I
think like fifteen seventeen years. They met each other in
high school. For when he was convicted of a crime,
he got sent back to Italy. And he's been in
the States longer than he has been in Italy. I
think he was only in Italy for one year, two years.

Speaker 1 (27:17):
But that's crazy.

Speaker 3 (27:19):
He was he was sent out of here because he
wasn't a quote unquote citizen.

Speaker 1 (27:22):
Because that was all true.

Speaker 7 (27:23):
It doesn't matter how long.

Speaker 4 (27:26):
Yes, member, a few people from the Caribbean would get married.
You're like, oh that you Maican, just marrying her to
get a green card.

Speaker 7 (27:33):
Okay, So moving on.

Speaker 8 (27:34):
In sad news, Major League Baseball this morning the loss
of Hall of Famer Willie Mays. He died at ninety
three yesterday and MLB held a moment of silence before
every game. The league will also pay tribute to Mays
during a special ceremony before the MLB at Rick Field
a game between the San Francisco Giants and the Saint
Louis Cardinals in Alabama.

Speaker 7 (27:53):

Speaker 9 (27:53):
Rick Field is the oldest professional ballpark.

Speaker 8 (27:56):
In the US, and it's where Mays began his career
in the Negro League with the Chattanooga chu Choos in
nineteen forty seven. Negro League Baseball Museum president Bob Hendrick
says Mays revolutionized the game of baseball.

Speaker 9 (28:08):
Let's hear more from Bob Kendrick.

Speaker 6 (28:10):
There was an aura about him. The least little thing
he did it just seems to excite the masses. I
guess in Hollywood they called it it, and you don't
always know what it is, but Willy had it. Willy
probably never got the kind of credit that he deserved
for being a student of the game. He was a

very cerebral ball player, the beast to catch. He thought
it was easier for him to transfer the ball up
into a drawing motion than it was to catch the
ball above his head. There was nothing on the baseball
field that Willy made couldn't do. He was the consomment
five tool player. If the power, if the average, could field,

could run, could throw, you were looking at someone especial.

Speaker 7 (28:56):

Speaker 8 (28:57):
Known as the say Hey Kid, Mays played twenty plus games,
most of them with the San Francisco Giants and May
twenty four All Star teams, won.

Speaker 9 (29:04):
Two National League MVP Awards and twelve Gold Gloves.

Speaker 8 (29:08):
He's regarded as one of the greatest baseball players of
all time and was elected to the Baseball Hall of
Fame in nineteen seventy nine.

Speaker 1 (29:15):
Yeah, most rest in peace, Willie Mays.

Speaker 2 (29:17):
Definitely morganment twenty two seasons. You said you played twenty
two games, midt twenty two.

Speaker 8 (29:20):
Seasons, Yes, sorry, twenty two plus years. Yeah, I'm sorry
about that.

Speaker 9 (29:26):
Thanks for the correction.

Speaker 8 (29:27):
And y'all talk about stayed up late, Well, there's bad
news for the night owls. A new study from Stanford
University shows that going to bed late is bad for
your mental health. Researchers found that going to bed by
one a m can reduce the risk of developing depression anxiety,
regardless of your chronotype and your preferred sleep time, whether
it's rising with the sun or going to bed late.

They don't now on the researchers don't know why this is,
but they found that people who get up early and
make the most out of daylight hours, which would be
us right, have the.

Speaker 9 (29:58):
Best mental health.

Speaker 8 (30:00):
Researchers say, regardless of when you go to bed, seven
to nine hours of sleep is optimum.

Speaker 7 (30:04):
Do you guys get that?

Speaker 4 (30:06):
No, But that's what I was thinking too, right when
I read that study yesterday, I'm like, Okay, if you
go to bed at one am, well, let's just say
you wake up at eight o'clock in the morning. You're
still getting your set eight to nine, You're still getting
your seven to eight hours of sleep, So why would
that affect your mental health?

Speaker 1 (30:20):
And that's still pretty early in the morning, eight or
nine o'clock.

Speaker 8 (30:23):
Absolutely, yeah, you know, I'm not I'm not sure. I'm
somebody who goes to bed late and wakes up early.
I catch naps and I try to get my nine
not seven to nine. You know, I'm not sure if
it applies, you know, in the interiom, if it's broken up.

Speaker 9 (30:35):
But yeah, I'm not sure. Do you not all at once?

Speaker 7 (30:39):
I've never, I've never. This runs on my dad's side
of the family. We never can stay asleep so longer
than like four hours of the time. So I get it,
but it's broke up, like and I really don't get
it down because I have a human growing inside of me.
But I never get seven to nine straight hours of sleep.
And my miss love is fine. Morgan. So I don't
know what you are staying for talking about.

Speaker 9 (31:00):
Don't know, not me.

Speaker 7 (31:01):
I just reported I don't make it.

Speaker 9 (31:04):
That's your first page news.

Speaker 7 (31:05):
I'm working with.

Speaker 8 (31:06):
Follow me on social media at Morgan Media and for
more news coverage, you can follow the Black Information Network
at Black Information Network.

Speaker 9 (31:13):
And bi in news dot com.

Speaker 1 (31:14):
Thanks y'all, Thank you.

Speaker 2 (31:15):
Morgan, Thank you Morgan. Now when we come back, did
you watch the show last night? I'm talking Kendrick Lamar's performance.
If you weren't in l A, you've probably got a
chance to see it on Amazon Prime. We're asking what
are your thoughts eight hundred and five eight five one
oh five to one. And if you're listening on the
West Coast and you were in the building, I would
love to know the energy, how it felt, what it
was like being there. Call us up right now, let's discuss.

It's the Breakfast Club one Morning, the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 13 (31:41):

Speaker 1 (31:45):
It's topic time.

Speaker 2 (31:47):
Call eight hundred five five one five one to join
into the discussion with the.

Speaker 1 (31:50):
Breakfast Club.

Speaker 8 (31:52):

Speaker 2 (31:53):
Everybody at cj NV, Jess Hilaris Charlamagne the God, we
are the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (31:58):

Speaker 2 (31:58):
If you're just joining us, we're talking about Kendrick Lamar's
performance last night. Of course, he performed on June teenth
out in l A. He brought out so many different
people like doctor Dre, he brought out of course his crew,
Jay Rock, Absol and so many more. So we're asking
what were your thoughts on that concert last night? Now, Jess,
you didn't see it, you've seen the clips. What did
you think about the clips?

Speaker 7 (32:19):
Jes makes me want to go watch the full concert.
Like what y'all talking about. Matt John's talking about more
stuff than I saw. They You know, these blogs can't
cover every single thing, and they haven't because things that
y'all talking about I didn't even see. But from what
I did see, I want to watch more.

Speaker 1 (32:35):
So you didn't see when Kendrick bought Drake's daughter up.

Speaker 7 (32:38):
No, you keep staying that, and I think you lying.

Speaker 3 (32:40):
You always line he's lying.

Speaker 1 (32:41):
That's that's not true. That's not true.

Speaker 7 (32:44):
That's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. Wh people
stop buying them a little.

Speaker 1 (32:48):
Books, get one.

Speaker 2 (32:51):
I thought the show was you are gonna die line,
it is now the show last night, I thought it
was doing. I seen it on a was on their
Instagram page. You can go to instagram page at a
link to twitch, and I just thought it was dope.
I just thought it was so la and I loved
the fact that they kept it so la, like every
la artist that was out there that just starting off

with with DJ had who brought him out to the
Mustag brought out Taie dollars, san Y G and Roddy
Ridge to Kendrick who just bodied it and it just
felt like a big LA family reunion.

Speaker 1 (33:24):
It just felt like the.

Speaker 3 (33:25):
City needed that and I love to see it.

Speaker 4 (33:27):
Well, you can't even call it a reunion because it's
something that's never happened, Like when you bring all those
LA rappers from different hoods together on stage to show
unity and it's no issues, you know, and like Kendrick said,
one West, that's unprecedented. Man, Like I was sitting back
watching it, like, Yo, Nipsey is loving this because that's
something that he always you know, talked about bringing all
of the different sets and all of the different hoods together.

Speaker 1 (33:49):
But yeah, it was fantastic. I thought it was.

Speaker 4 (33:51):
I thought it was spiritual, like it was the epitome
of culture. Two Black too Strong, you know. Like, and
there's this quote that I love, and the quote is
where there is unity, there is always victory. And Kendrick
Lamar took one hell of a victory lap last night.

Speaker 2 (34:06):
Yeah, And people always talk about competition and the competitiveness
of hip hop, which it is, but last night it
showed a different side, just unity. Just to see all
of them different, like you said, so many different people
from so many different hoods on that stage and throwing
up whatever said they was repping and that picture to
show that they could be unified. So I hope it
goes beyond that concert, and I hope it stays like that.

But I just thought it was an amazing concert last night.

Speaker 1 (34:28):
Me too. And you said something else just now you said.

Speaker 4 (34:32):
I forgot what you said, but whatever you said, it
made me think that, Yeah, Kendrick Lamar has no competition, right,
there is no pair the Kendrick Lamar, like you know,
he really does stand alone when he said on like that,
there's no big three, it's just big me.

Speaker 1 (34:46):
That is an absolute fact and it's not even close. Hello,
who's this?

Speaker 13 (34:50):

Speaker 2 (34:53):
They I teach you?

Speaker 7 (34:53):
Good morning, go morning, Good morning, morning girl.

Speaker 2 (35:00):
What do you think about the show?

Speaker 8 (35:01):

Speaker 12 (35:01):
I think the show was mad lit.

Speaker 15 (35:03):
First of all, I was watching it on Amazon Crime
and I was watching on my phone with to see
DJ academics souse. I had to see his face, you know,
be disappointed. Okay, you know how our agels are. So
I was excited about that. I was like, let me
towards it to see what he has to say. I
love the fact that DJ had brought out people that
I'm not familiar with, you know, I'm I'm really from

New York, so I'm not familiar with the West.

Speaker 12 (35:27):
Coast vibe yeh and those artists.

Speaker 15 (35:29):
I love the fact that we got to see Tommy
the Clown.

Speaker 12 (35:32):
I didn't know he was still alive.

Speaker 15 (35:33):
So I'm glad to get to see the company that
I enjoyed and I grew up with watching With the
Rise video, DJ Mustern was lit. It took me back
to college. I went to stim in college or shout
out to all HBCU.

Speaker 13 (35:45):
So I love like the music.

Speaker 15 (35:46):
I like how he blew a YZ and then of
course you come with the man tender.

Speaker 12 (35:50):
He was a small dude.

Speaker 15 (35:51):
I didn't know he was that short.

Speaker 12 (35:53):
Were He's a small dude with a powerful voice.

Speaker 15 (35:55):
First of all, he didn't drink nor water on stage.
He had great fun control, a very great lung control. Okay,
so let's shout out to him.

Speaker 5 (36:03):
The fact that he.

Speaker 15 (36:04):
Started with Ephouria. I loved the fact that the crowd
knew it word by word, bar by bar. That was
chef kiss Okay. I felt like I was in the audience.

Speaker 12 (36:15):
Also, I was at home comfortable.

Speaker 15 (36:18):
I love the fact that he changed the lyrics in Therphouria.
There were two lyricy changed one way. He told Drake, Yo,
you gotta give me that proper ring before I respect you.
And then also in before he mentioned in three hours,
but in the performance he mentioned two hours because Drake
is now in Texas.

Speaker 6 (36:36):
So I love that.

Speaker 15 (36:37):
Then I love the fact that he stopped at a minor.
I think that was a great powerful impact.

Speaker 12 (36:43):
And they wind him back six times.

Speaker 15 (36:46):
Okay, so I feel like Drake not Drake.

Speaker 12 (36:49):
I felt like, well, you.

Speaker 15 (36:50):
Know, Drake did what Drake always do, which is like
post something after the whole debacles. But I feel like
Kendrick Lamar really did it for the culture, and he
really put who went together and I curtoughly enjoyed it,
and I feel like everything he did was the remnants
of like bringing the West Coast together and bringing hip
hop back, because actually missed it from what we have

now with Michael Wave Roppers.

Speaker 1 (37:13):
He definitely made that. He definitely, absolutely positively did that.

Speaker 5 (37:17):

Speaker 7 (37:17):
She only caller we need right again.

Speaker 4 (37:21):
That was fantastic cap and to her point, to her point,
Euphoria is not an easy song to perform, So if
you start off with that, I would need a simple
water right after that record?

Speaker 1 (37:32):
Right right?

Speaker 2 (37:34):
Hello, who's this?

Speaker 7 (37:35):

Speaker 2 (37:35):
Hey, what's your name?

Speaker 1 (37:36):

Speaker 12 (37:37):
I'm Erica.

Speaker 2 (37:38):
Hey, good morning.

Speaker 1 (37:39):
What did you think about the performance last night? Michelle?

Speaker 12 (37:41):
Alright, so so George City, Kansas Water was okay, Kansas.

Speaker 20 (37:50):
But no call because my first conqueror Will Concord I
went through was great and oh.

Speaker 1 (37:59):
You must have went to the club Paradise though, yeah,
what that means now though.

Speaker 12 (38:04):
It was like at full start, like I don't understand like.

Speaker 1 (38:07):
You and what that means?

Speaker 7 (38:12):
Like what like y'all?

Speaker 1 (38:14):
I mean I used to open, now I close. What's
the problem?

Speaker 2 (38:17):
I mean, like any competitive I mean, it's it's like
anything else I've I've opened up for DJ's before when
I was getting started.

Speaker 3 (38:24):
Is it is what it is, And don't see DJs
I compete with.

Speaker 1 (38:28):
That's that's how the world goes. Some days you would
some days you would bottom you just you just never
know what's gonna happen in life, the beauty of life.

Speaker 2 (38:37):
And where you're at right now, you bottom man?

Speaker 1 (38:39):
Shut up?

Speaker 2 (38:40):
Eight hundred five A five one oh five. What we're talking?
Kendrick Lamar, did you see the show last night? Let's
discuss It's the breakfast Clug in morning everybody. It's the
j n V Jess, Hilarry Charlamage, the guy. We are
the Breakfast Club. Now if you're just joining us, we're
talking about Kendrick Lamar. Last night he performed Juneteenth out
in l a Uh. It was a great time too
because it started at four p m. And ended that

was seven pm.

Speaker 7 (39:03):
That was.

Speaker 4 (39:05):
That's why I got to respect the young boy, Kendrick Man.
Kendrick be looking out for the old man, like you
know what I'm saying. Like I was in the I
was in bed at a reasonable time last night. That
was fantastic.

Speaker 2 (39:17):
So we're asking what did you think about the show
last night? Hello?

Speaker 1 (39:20):
Who's this yo?

Speaker 5 (39:21):
This is a being from now one and two?

Speaker 7 (39:24):
He was in Georgia.

Speaker 17 (39:25):
But I repent the.

Speaker 2 (39:26):
Five oh four year yeary?

Speaker 7 (39:29):
All right?

Speaker 1 (39:29):
What you think last night?

Speaker 5 (39:31):
So look, I know you still calling seeing the shore,
I did not, But I'm just listening to y'all for
this morning.

Speaker 6 (39:38):
And my one thing.

Speaker 5 (39:39):
See, I don't feel like he should have.

Speaker 1 (39:41):
Did not like us Jarman six times watching I don't
even see it.

Speaker 7 (39:47):
What are you talking about?

Speaker 1 (39:48):
Why you see it?

Speaker 3 (39:49):
But why you don't think you should have performed it?

Speaker 5 (39:51):
Because Junie kink was something that saying us, you know,
celebrate us, not to promote the beef.

Speaker 4 (39:59):
For young young man, young man, there is nothing more
June teenth than Kendrick Lamar's last verse or not like
us when he breaks down.

Speaker 1 (40:08):
Uh you know, uh how how the white man used to.

Speaker 4 (40:12):
Colonize us at house Drake colonized Atlanta culture like it was.

Speaker 1 (40:19):
There's nothing more June teenth than that verse. What are
you talking about?

Speaker 7 (40:21):
Versus? He said, what betterh pop out and show what
you talking about?

Speaker 1 (40:27):
That's right.

Speaker 17 (40:29):
I just feel me personally like a as a young man.

Speaker 7 (40:33):
You didn't see it, misunderstood I did not see it.

Speaker 4 (40:38):
Back and talk to us and tell us if you
still feel that way after you actually see it.

Speaker 1 (40:42):
But but I was beautiful.

Speaker 2 (40:44):
I will say this. I did see a lot of
comments which I really didn't understand. You could tell people
didn't see the show and it was just people that
just wanted to make negative comments. People were saying, well,
why would he do that on June tent? Why would
he tear another black man down? I see what he
tore down a biracial You shut up. He wasn't talking
to drink side. Shut up, man, you're talking to Drake's
white side. Drake is still black, but I've seen a
lot of.

Speaker 1 (41:03):
People talking to his white side.

Speaker 2 (41:05):
But what people got to understand this was bigger than
than him and Drake Beef. What he did for LA
on that stage was unifying a bunch of different hoods,
was unifying a bunch of different gangs, was unifying a
lot of those people that were on that stage before that.
If they seen each other on a different block, it
probably would have went left. So what he did on
that stage was bigger than Drake, was bigger than hip hop.

Speaker 1 (41:26):
It was for that culture.

Speaker 4 (41:27):
If Kendrick has to sacrifice Drake's white side in order
to bring all those black and brown people together in LA,
it's a worthy sacrifice.

Speaker 1 (41:36):
Oh my goodness, it's a worthy sacrifice. Kiss you on
the mouth one day.

Speaker 2 (41:41):
Hello, who's this?

Speaker 1 (41:43):
You've been stopping with your father? He renee? What's up? Man?
What was your thoughts?

Speaker 7 (41:49):

Speaker 18 (41:50):
That show last night was incredible. I had so much
fun watching it from my phone in the garage. Could
wake up the kids. But my thoughts on it that
I wanted to share was that, Uh, I feel like
every song could be played was low key directed, that Drake.
Also he started to win Euphoria. The second song was

d n A all right. Then the third song after
that was.

Speaker 6 (42:16):
Element Yeah, and uh, I don't know. It was just awesome.

Speaker 18 (42:21):
It was also awesome to see Russell Westbrook there. Lebron
James was in the crowd, Brick Cross, James Harden was
the crowd. I mean a lot of people came together
to really show support for Kendrick and it was it was.

Speaker 4 (42:34):
Don't get it twisted. Drake gonna be doing a lot
of unfollowing and blocking the day. You hear me if
Drake was in n in any NBA group chats he
getting out the day out of he getting out.

Speaker 7 (42:46):
Of the day.

Speaker 2 (42:48):
Yeah. And now we got DJ Head on the line.
Come on hand say West.

Speaker 1 (42:51):
Coast, West Coast, you already know what it is. Let
me tell you about DJ Head. Me and me and
had was together on Saturday night. We was at dinner.

Speaker 4 (43:02):
I'm fishing trying to see what's going on with this
Kendrick show. Now, once did he tell me he was
opening up the Kendricks show. Not once did he say
I will be on that stage. I got a whole set.
He ain't say nothing, boy, than West Coast guy stick
together and they're sneaky.

Speaker 1 (43:19):
They say sneaky.

Speaker 17 (43:20):
Well, you know, you know, according to certain people, you
you the leak over there with with the other sides.

Speaker 2 (43:26):
Charlamagne, Yeah, we know you joking, you know Charlamage, No, goddamn,
he hate light skinned people. So had break down the
show last night. I know you were there. We heard
the energy. We seated online break down the show and
everything how everything came together if you can, hey man, listen.

Speaker 17 (43:45):
I got the call on the bat line and they
was like pull up and top secret, So that is true.
I did go to dinner with Charlemagne. We did have
a break two day conversation, and I didn't mention none
of this because I couldn't. It wasn't my place too.
But it was a beautiful show. You know, a couple
of people that they were questioning as far as where
these people are. These people are on the road. But

that's whole point for doing this is to unify everybody
and get everybody together from a southern California perspective and
all the way up to the top that's coming. But
right now you've seen what you saw.

Speaker 4 (44:22):
Now what does that mean for la Head? Like like
What did that mean last night? That picture that all
of y'all took at the end, what's the significance of that.

Speaker 17 (44:29):
Well, the thing is, our politics is a lot different
than anywhere else in the country. So when you see
certain things like that, that's not normal. When you see
certain clicks cruise sections, certain people, a collection of people,
especially people that.

Speaker 13 (44:43):
Were on my set.

Speaker 17 (44:44):
You know a lot of people from different sections that
don't necessarily collaborate with other sections. So for us to
be able to do that, shout out to all of
the homies and the homegirls, you know, for holding it
down when we're having rehearsals. I just kind of huddled
everybody up and was like, look, bro, I know where
y'all from. I know where you're from. But the next
team that the next week, we're doing this like we

all in the same gang. And so everybody got on
the cord and it was beautiful.

Speaker 3 (45:08):
Well, well hold on, let's let's talk to some let's
talk to DJ Head some more when we come back.
Uh eight hundred and.

Speaker 2 (45:14):
Five eight five one on five to one. DJ Head,
of course, he was one of Kendrick Lamov's friends performing
on that stage last night. He opened it up. He
had his own set artists, and we're gonna talk to
Head some more when we come back, So don't move
us to breakfast club the morning when everybody it's DJ
n V, jes Ilariy, Charlamagne the God. We are the
breakfast club if he's just joining us. We're talking about

Kendrick Lamar's show last night. It was on in LA.
He had so many different friends. He brought out of
course uh appso J Rock Uh. He brought out Doctor
Dre uh and then he had some friends with him.
He had DJ Mustard, he had DJ Head, who's on
the line with us. Now, now I got an ass
Head was performing not like us six times part of it?
Or was it just a feeling because it just felt

like it was just such an amazing feeling like he
just had to.

Speaker 1 (46:00):
Do it over and over and over again.

Speaker 17 (46:03):
Now here's the thing I knew about my set. I
only knew about a couple of things on his set,
but a lot of stuff we didn't know, Like it
was kind of compartmentalized. I had a lot to worry
about from mind set. It was a lot to wrangle everybody,
and you know, be a contributor. So I didn't really
pay attention to what he was doing for his rehearsals
and his sets and stuff like that. So it was
a surprise to me, and I think it was off

pure energy.

Speaker 1 (46:25):
Honestly, Man, you had me googling a bunch of artists
last night.

Speaker 4 (46:28):
Had I told you this. I was googling people because
there was a lot of these people that you brought
out I had never heard of.

Speaker 1 (46:34):
But they had some slaps, hey, slappers, blaffers, and blamers.

Speaker 17 (46:37):
That's all we doing, joints and jams for the rest
of twenty twenty four. That's what you're gonna get from
the West. Slappers, flappers, blamers, joints and jams.

Speaker 12 (46:44):
Envy. I need that in the People's Choice mixed.

Speaker 1 (46:46):
I like and I like all them dudes. That was
flamed up? Dude, what's that what they called.

Speaker 6 (46:54):

Speaker 17 (46:54):
Talking about the hummy jay Worthy and the wolves?

Speaker 1 (46:56):
They called me woos, Yes, sir, yeah they are.

Speaker 17 (47:00):
You know, you had an old So I'm gonna do
his thing, Caleb for real, real cheap for rio. It
was a bunch of people on there that I'm sure,
like a lot of people wasn't familiar with, and they
were just learning in real time.

Speaker 2 (47:09):
Like you, I was gonna ask, you know, with all
those different artists from so many different hoods and so
many different.

Speaker 3 (47:15):
Sets, how do you keep the peace like that? Because
you know, you know how it is.

Speaker 2 (47:18):
Last night, it's all peaceful, and then tomorrow we go
back to the block and things never change.

Speaker 3 (47:22):
So how do we make sure that it remains like that?

Speaker 17 (47:26):
Well, I think you have to leave by example, you know,
Charlotte Mamaine always tell me the best apology has changed behavior.
So I think the best way we can do that
for ourselves has changed the behavior that we've seen in
the past where we returned to those grip to return
to that negative energy. And so I think from now
till for the foreseelable future, you're gonna see a lot
more collaborations. Even after the cameras went off, you know,

the Homies was in the parking lot, like, yo, man,
maybe we can do a feature, Maybe we can do this,
like oh yeah, we never thought about collaborating before because
this person is from the other side of the track.

Speaker 5 (47:57):
So it's just a.

Speaker 17 (47:58):
Beautiful thing to see.

Speaker 6 (48:00):

Speaker 4 (48:00):
Like I told you, man, the West deserved it, you know, y'all,
y'all y'all deserved that moment, and I'm glad that y'all
put on for the city the way that y'all did yesterday.
And I was, I was even saying this weekend when
I was out there, it felt like that wasn't a
concert for outsiders, Like it.

Speaker 1 (48:16):
Felt like we were supposed to watch it at home
on Amazon.

Speaker 4 (48:21):
It felt so la, so West Coast, so Inglewood, so competant,
so watched like that moment was for y'all, And I'm
glad the world got to see that.

Speaker 1 (48:30):
Man, absolutely what man.

Speaker 13 (48:32):
I am too.

Speaker 17 (48:32):
I appreciate your supporting us. You know what I'm saying,
West Coast?

Speaker 2 (48:35):
Now, had I got to ask one last question. Now
we're seeing everything that went down like we've seen it
with Nas and j We've seen it with fifty in fact, Joe,
We've seen it with Beanie Siegel and Jady Kiss back
in the day.

Speaker 3 (48:48):
We've seen it with t I and a bunch of
other people.

Speaker 2 (48:50):
Do you think that Drake and I'm not asking you no,
do you think Drake and Kendrick could ever be gold
and cordial?

Speaker 1 (48:59):
Again? Do you think don't want that?

Speaker 2 (49:00):
I'm not talking to you. You hate light skinn people I'm.

Speaker 1 (49:02):
Asking light skinned people want that only the big brigade
wants that.

Speaker 2 (49:05):
You don't want to ask. And I'm just asking you
ever think that they could happen, that they could be
cool again.

Speaker 1 (49:10):
That we don't want to be around you beage.

Speaker 17 (49:12):
No Ay, let me, Okay, I'm gonna answer that question.

Speaker 13 (49:19):
Answer that question what you want.

Speaker 17 (49:21):
Is it possible for a country as Negro from months Corner,
South Carolina with a list to talk for a living
and being a radio hall of fame.

Speaker 2 (49:30):
It's possible. It's a slim chance, but it was possible.

Speaker 13 (49:33):
That's my answer.

Speaker 1 (49:34):
So it's possible. I hope not. I don't want to
see that big that was.

Speaker 4 (49:39):
That was one of the things that I was worried
about last night, that Kendrick might have went to go
see his therapist. Kendrick might have went to go see
his spiritual adviser, and he might have came out there
and chose peace.

Speaker 1 (49:48):
When he started with euphoria. I was like, oh, yeah,
dot this yeah, yes, well.

Speaker 17 (49:54):
Yeah, I mean, this is this is him just you know,
taking his claim. I heard you say earlier, you know, undisputed,
you know, taking this ground. I told him that, you know,
before the show. We was talking and I was like, bro,
don't run away from it, lean into it, on it.

Speaker 13 (50:09):
This is yo. And he's like, yeah, I'm on it
all right?

Speaker 1 (50:12):
Well you thing had I heard you say it earlier,
but you said Snoop was on tour. That's why he
wasn't death. He didn't say O nowhere.

Speaker 12 (50:19):
I don't know.

Speaker 17 (50:20):
I don't know where Snoop is, but I know, like
when I asked, like we're certain people where they were
all certain people's on the road. It wasn't It wasn't
down Luto me. It was just other people who was working.
I was like, Yo, where's on So like, oh, they
on the road or you know, they couldn't make it
or whatever the case may be. I don't know what
everybody got going on.

Speaker 2 (50:35):
All right, got thank you DJ head Piece, my brother Peace.
All right, when we come back, we got just with
the mess jets. What we're talking about. Ess looked like
she just ate so much.

Speaker 4 (50:46):
Food at figure out movie breakfast. I'm telling you, I
want you to took a picture of her tree. She
had a movie breakfast. She had oatmeal, waffles, grins, eggs, sausage,
orange juice, fruit.

Speaker 7 (51:00):
Yes, I did. John and y'all just making y'all over
there hungry. But meanwhile y'all doing.

Speaker 12 (51:05):
The Breakfast Club.

Speaker 7 (51:06):
That's crazy. We're talking about Remy's son.

Speaker 3 (51:10):
All right, we'll get to that next. That gotta be
a mean. It's just laid back.

Speaker 2 (51:15):
It looked like her hand was in her crotch and
she was just chilling. It's the Breakfast Club, going to
just with the message next, good morning everybody. It's DJ
n V, jess Hilarry Charlamagne, the God we are the
Breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (51:28):
Let's get to jess with the mess.

Speaker 7 (51:30):
You needs is real, whether Hilarius, Jessica, robber Moore, just
don't do no.

Speaker 12 (51:33):
Lines, don't do that talk.

Speaker 3 (51:36):
She'll stand nobody talk world why jeffs worldwide mess.

Speaker 1 (51:43):
On the Breakfast Club. She's a coaching ship.

Speaker 7 (51:45):
She was able to get y'all to see something and
understand something that nobody could get you to see.

Speaker 5 (51:51):
The time set it on.

Speaker 7 (51:54):
So Justin Timberlake was arrested in saying Harbor, Long Island
on Tuesday. We got the reporter.

Speaker 21 (52:00):
Police say, Justin Timberlake lewis stop sign and he couldn't
stay in his lane and when asked to take a
breathalyzer test he refused three times. He told police I
had won martini and I followed my friend's home, but
according to court documents, he had bloodshot and glassy eyes,
smelled like alcohol, and performed poorly on all field sobriety tests.

Surveillance video shows Timberlake behind the wheel of his gray
BMW right before he was pulled over. Police say he
ran a stop sign at Madison Street and Jermaine Avenue
and he couldn't stay in his lane, but I will
did not get in with.

Speaker 7 (52:36):
Order to appear in court. On July twenty sixth, His attorney,
of course, said I look forward to vigorously descending mister
timber Lake on these allegations. I will have a lot
to say at the appropriate time, but I'm currently awaiting
full discovery from what the District Attorney's office is. Some
celebrities showed up to there to show their support, suggested Timberlake,

one being Gail King a whole they cover the story
on the CBS Mornings. Gail came to his defense.

Speaker 22 (53:04):
Since Timberlake is a really, really great guy. Listen, this
is clearly a mistake. I bet nobody knows it more.

Speaker 1 (53:10):
Super mist exactly, and he knows that.

Speaker 22 (53:13):
But he's not an irresponsible person, he's not reckless, he's
not careless. Clearly, this is not a good thing.

Speaker 3 (53:18):
He knows that.

Speaker 1 (53:19):
I love.

Speaker 22 (53:19):
When they stopped Billy Joel and Billy Joel said, you know, wait,
not everybody judge at this particular time, but listen, driving
drunk there's never any excuse for that.

Speaker 12 (53:26):

Speaker 1 (53:27):
Yeah, ever, it's alleged you just made one at this point.

Speaker 22 (53:30):
But based on what the officer saw there, it's not good.

Speaker 4 (53:34):
Gal said, is an excuse for driving drunk, which she
just gave one. I mean, driving drunk is irresponsible. Driving
drunk is reckless, Driving drunk is careless. It doesn't mean
you're an irresponsible, reckless, kalless person, but you definitely did
an irresponsible, reckless, careless thing. And luckily nobody was hurt
in that situation. Now, what I need is video of
the fields variety test. That's what I would like to see.

I would like to see if Justin Timberlake started dancing.
I started dancing, because because if he started dancing, you
got to take him to jail. Wow, because he drunk,
because he clearly you're clearly we have you to do
a field of bridey test. We asked you to walk
the straight line. You started crumping. Now you got to
come with us.

Speaker 7 (54:14):
And it doesn't it doesn't matter who you are to
established you color you are. As a matter of driving
drunker very.

Speaker 4 (54:21):
Very dangerous because when you're driving drunk, you don't care
about you, You have no regard for yourself and more importantly,
you have no regard for anybody else or you know,
on the road.

Speaker 1 (54:29):
So I mean he got to deal with the consequences
of that action.

Speaker 4 (54:32):
That's just simply that, like he's not above nobody's above
the law, especially when he comes in here and and
drive it.

Speaker 7 (54:38):
Yeah, all and more law remy my son charged with
first degree murder is being reported that Remy my son,
his name is Jason, He is being charged for the
first degree murder.

Speaker 23 (54:48):
We got the report fox Fers Lisa Everest has learned
from multiple police and law enforcement sources that the son
of rapper Remy Mom, twenty three year old Jason J. Scott,
along with another man, have each been charged with first
degree murder, two counts of weapons possession, and reckless endangerment.
The charges are in connection with the June seven murder
a forty sen year old Darius Gilibo in Queens. Investcators

are looking into the possibility if that was a murder
for hire, but arrayment is expected later stay in Queen's
County Courthouse. We're gonna have much more on this breaking
story coming up.

Speaker 7 (55:23):
So that, yeah, I know that arraiement that Lisa Evers
mentioned took place yesterday. Actually Jason is only twenty three
years old. And Remy spoke to MD about the situation
and she said, we stand by Jason's innocence and pretty
that NYPD will conduct the content and thorough investigations to
rebuild the truth. And she also said, as his mother,
I would I want to address this situation personally, but

have been strongly by his legal counsel not to say
anything as most people in similar situations do, because there's
an active case.

Speaker 1 (55:53):
Of course.

Speaker 2 (55:53):
Yeah right, Very said regardless, I mean this happened in
twenty twenty one, so that was what three years ago, yep.
So the fact that they just getting the information now
is is is crazy, But gotta see what happens.

Speaker 7 (56:07):
Yeah, Ryan Garcia News So he recently sat down and
did an episode of Shoppers for sneakers hold up. So
while they were in the sneaker store, they stopped in
front of Jordan's sneaker display and Ryan's shared his thoughts
on Michael Jordan's No Jordan people some shoes, no come

on rings outside of the course.

Speaker 1 (56:38):
Okay, okay, though I said I can do that.

Speaker 7 (56:42):
I'm gonna pull up on the Jay step that. Don't
you be outside of the court. He said, Jordan ain't
do nothing for the people?

Speaker 1 (56:50):
How can how does he know that?

Speaker 7 (56:53):
All right?

Speaker 4 (56:54):
Like this, there's a lot of charitable things Michael Jordan's done.
Like where's where's he getting that from? Like that that
narrative that Jordan don't do it. There is a narrative
that Dan doesn't do anything for the people.

Speaker 1 (57:04):
But that's not true. Just do a quick Google search
and you can see a lot of different things that
Michael Jordan has done.

Speaker 2 (57:09):
He gets back to the Boys and Girls Club, He
does the College Fund where helps kids go to colleges,
not just HPCUTH, both colleges. He does things for the
Special Olympics. He does a lot to support children and
families and the organizations.

Speaker 1 (57:21):
I know that for a fact.

Speaker 4 (57:22):
So all you gotta do is Google Michael Jordan charity donations.
He donated ten million dollars to the Make a Witch
Foundation last year, food the largest individual contribution in the
charity's history.

Speaker 2 (57:33):
Yeah, but that's just the narrative that's online and people
following there. He ain't do nothing for the people, but
there's a list of things that he does yearly for
families in the community.

Speaker 4 (57:41):
He made a multimillion dollar donation the Friends of the
Children and supported the organization's national expansion campaign and they're working.

Speaker 1 (57:47):
Charlotte Chicago.

Speaker 4 (57:48):
Donated two million dollars the relief efforts in the waker
Hurricane Florence in the form of one million dollars to
the Red Cross and another million dollars somewhere else. Donated
seven million dollars the fund two KNOWVN Health, Michael Joy
and Family Clinics in Charlotte. He's done a lot five
million to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History
and Culture. Like come On.

Speaker 2 (58:07):
He pledged to donate one hundred million dollars over ten
years to various organizations in support of racial equality, social justice,
and greater access to education for the Black American community.

Speaker 3 (58:17):
So there's a lot that he's donated to.

Speaker 7 (58:19):
And that's I picked this story because y'all know him
better than any kid on any social media platform.

Speaker 4 (58:27):
I just google is Google Michael Jordan's pactric activities.

Speaker 1 (58:31):
It's a list, but this is.

Speaker 7 (58:32):
But this is also y'all era as well. Like y'all,
y'all know Michael Jordan's you had.

Speaker 1 (58:38):
On, Jordan's last.

Speaker 4 (58:41):
You had on a fresh pair of four within four lasts,
the white and reds.

Speaker 7 (58:47):
Yes, I keep a paying Jordan's on, but I don't
know much about him. I did this because y'all did.
Now moving on, because y'all took another way. Now listen, gosh,
they're so old. That's why I did it, because they
know him.

Speaker 4 (59:00):
I just don't like people from other communities saying that
people in our community don't be doing nothing for the community.

Speaker 1 (59:05):
That's what I don't like.

Speaker 7 (59:08):
Well, yeah, maybe he was talking about his people.

Speaker 13 (59:10):
Maybe he was.

Speaker 7 (59:10):
I ain't never do nothing for.

Speaker 1 (59:16):
Yo, Listen.

Speaker 7 (59:18):
That wasn't Also, he also jumped on X and claimed
that he was retiring. He said boxing will be all
right without me, but still sucks. I was fun of
the game and it was fun to punch people. I'm
officially retired. Y'all may catch me out out and about
in the streets, but boxing I don't know. He claimed
that he was hurt. He may do acting or singing,

he said, those are some of his other great hobbies.
He said, he'll still be training, but he's hurt and
he's done with it. In everyone, The sad part is
I'm a great boxer and I entertain and knock people out.
I'm sad because I'm box because I love boxing. But
I'm praying for everyone, and I hope that everyone has
a great life.

Speaker 4 (01:00:01):
Okay, all right, I don't believe it, but all right,
but he probably feel that way because they're saying that
he might be suspended for two years for failing the
drug test.

Speaker 7 (01:00:11):
Yeah. Ryan is all over the place, so yeah, yeah, yes.

Speaker 1 (01:00:16):
You know, just just pray for him.

Speaker 7 (01:00:19):
If Michael Jordan can do anything, just pray for Ryan. Michael, stop,
you please, that's what you can do for this Mexican.
Just pray for him.

Speaker 2 (01:00:27):
So all right, well, thank you, Jess with the mess. Now, Charlamagne,
will you give your donkey two?

Speaker 1 (01:00:34):
You know who I want to talk to this morning.

Speaker 4 (01:00:36):
You know, yesterday Swiss and Tim announced that they were
doing a deal with X for verses. I want to
talk to all of the people who I saw upset
about said deal. We'll discuss four after the.

Speaker 2 (01:00:48):
Hour, all right, and then don't forget Jess fix my
messes right after that. So if you're having problems, relationship
issues or any type of issue, you can call just
right Nowhall help you out with your problems. Eight hundred
five A five one five one. It's the breakfast level morning.

Speaker 1 (01:01:02):
You're checking out the breakfast club.

Speaker 2 (01:01:04):
It's donkey up to today. Damn he hogged.

Speaker 1 (01:01:10):
It's time for donkey. I me ain't trying to be
donkey today no more. They should be embarrassed by what
they already did. I'm not making that people do these
things called donkey of the day, and it really caught
me off guard.

Speaker 7 (01:01:22):
Damn Chla man who got the Donkey of the day today?

Speaker 4 (01:01:28):
Yes, Donkey of today for Thursday, June twentieth, goes to
all you individuals I saw yesterday on social media upset
that Timberland and Swiss signed the deal with X. If
you haven't heard, X, formerly known as Twitter, announced on
June teenth it reached a distribution deal with Timberland and
Swiss to bring show based content from Versus to x

now Ex's ink similar deals with the WWE and Range
Media partners, both of which revolve around sports content. XES
media deals, according to Forbes, are means of supplementing its
advertising revenue. Bloomberg projected the company was on pace to
generate two point five billion in AD revenue last year,
after bringing in more than six hundred million in AD

revenue in each of the first three quarters of twenty
twenty three. Big business. So that's just some context to
the business. But let's get back to why we're here.
I have one simple question, How in the hell are
y'all criticizing Swiss and Tim for doing business with X
while being on X. Y'all don't want Swiss and Tim
to be on X, but y'all off tell me how

that makes sense to you. I spoke to a few
people yesterday and they all was justifying why it's okay
for them to be on X, telling me things like
we've been here before, Elon bought it, and I don't
make I don't make X no money, Swiss and Tim
making their money.

Speaker 1 (01:02:45):
If you are a user of X, you making X money,
Knock it off? Okay? They get the type of ad revenue.

Speaker 4 (01:02:50):
They do because they have three hundred plus million followers,
and if you're an active user on X, you're one
of those followers. Okay, I had someone tell me there
is a difference between using X that amplify my voice
and paying to use the platform to get more eyes
on it.

Speaker 1 (01:03:04):
So tell so tell me.

Speaker 4 (01:03:05):
If you can use X to amplify your voice, why
can't Swiss and Tim use X to amplify their business. Look,
if there was a mass exodus of black people from X,
and I would totally understand everybody's complaint would be extremely valid.

Speaker 1 (01:03:20):
But y'all over there, Okay.

Speaker 4 (01:03:22):
Y'all on there right now, y'all gonna be mad at
me saying what I'm saying and gonn tweet at me
on X. Okay, that's probably one of the reasons X
is an attractive partner for Swiss and Tim because there's
a bunch of black people over there on that app
every single day. Yes, I hear all your complaints about
Elon Musk. You say, he's the man who pushes a

couch that degrade black people. He attacked DEI, he attacked
black doctors, black pilots. All valid criticism Okay, I hear
all of it. But if that's the case, why are
we on X?

Speaker 1 (01:03:56):
Why are you on X? Why do you use it
every day?

Speaker 4 (01:03:59):
Do you not realize how crazy it looks to criticize
Swiss and Tim about being in business with X while
you are actively on X, not to mention you own
a tesla. Okay, but that's another story. What I'm simply
saying is it's amazing how we can justify our own
bs for doing something but get mad at others for
doing exactly what we are doing. Literally using X to

voice your frustrations about Swiss and Tim being business with X.
And this is not in defense of Swiss and Tim. Okay,
I don't have an opinion on their deal either way.
This is about the hypocrisy of you negroes, and it's
a shame we can't see our own hypocrisy. One day
we will learn to give each other grace, but I
doubt it, I truly do. You can criticize the Elon

and musk call you want. You can criticize him on
his platform, that's fine, But he don't give a damn
because he's getting out of you what he needs to
be successful. He needs subscribers, and he needs engagement. As
long as he's getting.

Speaker 1 (01:04:54):
That, he don't care.

Speaker 4 (01:04:55):
So if you really got a problem with elon Musk,
if you really don't like elon Musk, if you you
really got a problem with X, don't use it.

Speaker 1 (01:05:03):
It's that simple. It's a choice. Okay.

Speaker 4 (01:05:06):
I don't use X because it's not good for my
mental health. I don't want to be subjected to all
those different opinions and thoughts about me.

Speaker 1 (01:05:13):
Are anything else.

Speaker 4 (01:05:14):
My team will post stuff on X from time to time,
and it's all promotional stuff, but I don't personally use it,
don't have it on my phone, don't want it on
my phone. But best believe Swiss and Tim do the
right versus. You know, if they do the right versus,
I'll find a way to watch.

Speaker 1 (01:05:28):
And soul will you?

Speaker 4 (01:05:29):
And if you are one of those people saying I'm
not supporting versus anymore if it's on X, if you're
choosing the boycott versus for being on X, if you
want to quit versus for being on X, but you
don't have any of that same energy for X. If
you don't have that same energy, you don't for them
Teslas you drive then this Hea Hall is for you.

Speaker 3 (01:05:50):

Speaker 4 (01:05:51):
The moral of the story is it is not fair
to ask of others what you are not willing to
do yourself. So if you don't want Swiss and Tim
doing business with VERSE, lead by example, and you don't
do any business with with with with UH with X.

Speaker 1 (01:06:05):
Okay. Oh I said that wrong.

Speaker 4 (01:06:07):
If you don't want Swiss and Tim doing business with X,
you lead by example, and you don't do any business
with X. Okay, because best believe if you are an
active user on X, you two are contributing to the
business of elon Musk. Please give everyone complaining about Swiss
and Tim doing business with X while being active users

of X the biggest.

Speaker 1 (01:06:28):
He hull.

Speaker 4 (01:06:33):
Now run the X and X me they call it
what they call it now, they still call it tweeting.
Run well, run the X and tweet me our exit me. Okay, idiots,
digital digital d heads, Jesus, you chose violence this morning.

Speaker 1 (01:06:50):
I don't care. I think you need to go see
it therapist today. I will, all right. I have plans
to get up, get up, get up my schedule.

Speaker 2 (01:07:02):
I have plans, all right, just making sure all right, Well,
thank you for that donkey today yes, indeed, where's Jess.

Speaker 1 (01:07:09):
On the toilet problem?

Speaker 2 (01:07:10):
I'm looking at Jess on the zoom screen. The noid
you see is an empty chair. Well, oh, yeah, she is,
she is, she is, she's in toilet. Yeah, she put
the toilet with the moment that got like the water
water eyes. Okay, all right, she's pregnant man, all right,
all right? Well up, Next is just fix my mess
eight undrink five. God, she really did up the bathroom.

Speaker 7 (01:07:37):
I don't know what's going on here.

Speaker 1 (01:07:42):
On yo.

Speaker 3 (01:07:42):
That was classic the way Justice walked out the bathroom.

Speaker 1 (01:07:45):
All right, just fix my besses.

Speaker 2 (01:07:47):
Next eight undrink five eighty five five one Did you
change your sweatshirt too? Was it that bad?

Speaker 6 (01:07:53):

Speaker 1 (01:07:53):
I need the whole time.

Speaker 3 (01:07:58):
Just fix my messes. Next is the Breadth Local Morning,
the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 7 (01:08:05):
Ax about me for relationship problems, as about me. If
you need to beat your coworker's ass at about me
for your coworker needs to beat your ass.

Speaker 3 (01:08:12):
Call it up, doctor Jetson. I'm here to fix your masks.

Speaker 2 (01:08:16):
Fix your mask.

Speaker 9 (01:08:17):
He's giving very much mess.

Speaker 1 (01:08:18):
He let me fix that morning.

Speaker 2 (01:08:19):
Everybody is dj n V Jess Hilarius Charlamagne the guy.
We all the breakfast club is time for.

Speaker 1 (01:08:25):
Just with the mess.

Speaker 7 (01:08:27):
We have Mallory on the line.

Speaker 2 (01:08:28):
Mallory, good morning.

Speaker 15 (01:08:29):
Good morning, good morning.

Speaker 1 (01:08:31):
What's your question for Jess?

Speaker 7 (01:08:32):
Okay, Jess.

Speaker 14 (01:08:33):
So I've been single for about a year and a
half now, and I've been in different situations.

Speaker 20 (01:08:39):
It's nothing serious.

Speaker 14 (01:08:41):
Recently, my ex came back into the picture and basically
he's given me like an ultimatum, not really, but like
saying that it's kind of like now or never. He's
a good guy and everything, but I recently like found
this new independence in myself and I went to Jamaica
and I'm just living life and I'm afraid that if

I get back with him, I'm not gonna be living.

Speaker 4 (01:09:04):
Like that no more.

Speaker 14 (01:09:06):
And I gotta like settle down. But I'm not ready
to settle down yet.

Speaker 7 (01:09:09):
So you just got your group bag basically went to Jamaica.

Speaker 24 (01:09:11):
You found out Yeah, yes, yes, And I'm seventy three,
I have two little girls already, and it's like, you know,
I'm financially stable, and it's like I'm good, but I don't.

Speaker 2 (01:09:22):
Want to miss out and you know, not not for
my person right indeed.

Speaker 7 (01:09:28):
But look, do you feel like he's your person.

Speaker 13 (01:09:30):
I mean, he's an amazing guy, you know, like he
give me what I want.

Speaker 7 (01:09:35):
Our thing was he was long distance, you said, you said,
y'all think was.

Speaker 12 (01:09:38):
What we was long distance? It was a long distance relationship.

Speaker 7 (01:09:41):
Oh well, damn, I feel like, listen you because I
can even tell that your move change when you started
talking about him as supposed to be talking about the
journey that you're on right now. So in my opinion,
I think you thrive. You're you're in the moment right
you're in the era of your life where you're thriving,
you're flourishing, and you're still getting to know yourself and

you're realizing what it is to love yourself and have
that independence. You know, that independency and everything. I think
you should throb a net for a while, like honestly,
and then if he's really a good guy and he
loves you, he will let you do that. It's not
about other people, is it.

Speaker 14 (01:10:18):
You're right, No, No, it's not about that.

Speaker 7 (01:10:21):
It's literally about you being able to provide for yourself
or you got two baby girls, like, but you're getting
to know yourself, You're getting to fall in love with yourself,
which is something that you need to even be in
a relationship. So I would say, explore that more. Explore
yourself and what it's like to be by yourself. I
always tell people being alone it's not being lonely. It's

a big difference. So if you can still because it is,
he opens to like, would you are you open to
dating him while getting to know yourself, not being in
a relationship, but just dating him like this is y'all,
y'all are working towards something. But he still has that
understanding of you doing you. And I don't mean that
involves any other guys. I'm just talking about you doing

you exactly.

Speaker 13 (01:11:05):
You know what.

Speaker 14 (01:11:05):
I'm back into fitness. I don't lost a lot of weight,
so I'm really like feeling myself. And it's like, I
don't want to slow that down, Lord.

Speaker 7 (01:11:13):
I want to slow down because what you do when
you get a man, you start eating a laying around girl,
You're gonna pick.

Speaker 15 (01:11:18):
Up all of that exactly.

Speaker 12 (01:11:19):
Ain't with that no more my back, gome No.

Speaker 7 (01:11:22):
I think it's a really really good thing what you're doing.
And I love I think that you should. He's your
respect that you're doing that and just you're not being ready.
Some people are just not ready to settle down, and
that's just what it is. You're not ready, and if
he forces you, if both of y'all will end up
very miserable.

Speaker 15 (01:11:37):
So no, right, thank you, Jack, no grabbing girl.

Speaker 2 (01:11:42):
By all right, just fix my mess eight hundred five
eighty five one O five to one. If you need
relationship advice or any type of advice called.

Speaker 1 (01:11:50):
Just now is the breakfast Club. Good Morning, It's the
wheel Peel got me.

Speaker 9 (01:11:57):
I'm all up in your mess.

Speaker 7 (01:11:58):
I'm gonna fix it, mix it, fix it, just gonna
fix your mess because my advice is real morning.

Speaker 2 (01:12:05):
Everybody is DJ env Jesse, Larry Charlamagne, the God. We
are the breakfast Club. Now it's time for just fix
my mess. We're actually in the middle of it right now,
and we got the pre on the line. Dupree, what's up,
problem man? What's what's your question for?

Speaker 12 (01:12:20):
Jess Man?

Speaker 7 (01:12:21):
My question for death?

Speaker 11 (01:12:22):
So says, I just don't know what to do.

Speaker 12 (01:12:24):
I got a baby mama.

Speaker 1 (01:12:27):
Eight years.

Speaker 16 (01:12:28):
We got engaged. Last year, I caught off the engagements.
This year it's been three months since we've been together.
We currently co appearance and but I ran into a
doctor doctor feeling me maybe Mama see a dentosus. So
she a little jealous, you know, just acting bitter, getting
really disrespectful and h they want to snack each other now,

but you know what i mean, I'm a business and
then so I'm trying to keep it mutual, you know
what i mean, And I'm feelin so I'm like, you
know what I mean, how can I go about, you know,
just killing the fuel? You know me?

Speaker 12 (01:13:00):
Everybody who called off the engagement I did?

Speaker 16 (01:13:04):
Why, you know what I mean, It's just the values
of Mossy don't share the same beliefs were not compatible.
I just realized that, you know, you get older, you're
turn thirty, you start realizing going up there and you're like, man, yeah,
I mean it's like, well we're gonna keep it.

Speaker 7 (01:13:20):
Moving, Okay. How does she feel about you calling it off?

Speaker 16 (01:13:23):
Was she?

Speaker 7 (01:13:24):
Did she feel like? Way?

Speaker 13 (01:13:25):

Speaker 12 (01:13:26):
She don't want to?

Speaker 6 (01:13:27):

Speaker 16 (01:13:27):
Uh, she ran back to the dude that she was
messing with. Then they didn't work out. Then she try
to come back to me, and I'm like, I'm good,
you know, I mean, I got doctor on my teams,
you know me? The status I wanted my girl to
be a doctor, but she didn't want to.

Speaker 13 (01:13:39):
Be a doctor.

Speaker 16 (01:13:40):
Just like you know, we're good now, but I'm not
not to say that I'm like trying to mess with
the doctor because I like other she got to kid
that she got to be killed, you know, to b
BLS style right now.

Speaker 13 (01:13:52):
So just like I don't really know.

Speaker 7 (01:13:55):
So your question to me is basically what my to.

Speaker 16 (01:14:00):
You is like, I can I keep the teeth between
the big mama and the doctor because I can't really
the doctor my friend and she a doctor.

Speaker 12 (01:14:07):
She got emotional, you know what I mean, She's pretty strong.

Speaker 16 (01:14:09):
I'm not about to just tuck my friend off to
my baby mama trip and I'm not with my baby,
you know what i mean. But right now they like
like so basically, my my daughter, she sayd time me yesterday.

Speaker 13 (01:14:19):
I was at the doctor's house.

Speaker 5 (01:14:21):
And then so my big.

Speaker 16 (01:14:22):
Mama's like, are you at that that older whole house.
But then the doctor heard her. So the doctor was like,
snack you and they they they being kind of going
at it. But it's more coming from my baby mama.
But the doctor she supposed to be this older woman.

Speaker 13 (01:14:36):
So I'm like, you.

Speaker 16 (01:14:37):
Blown, you know what I mean, you're about to be
thirty nine and thirty so like you're supposed to be them.

Speaker 12 (01:14:42):
But the third one, like you know what I mean,
entertain you said this, and you said this to the doctor.

Speaker 16 (01:14:48):
But your baby mama tripping, she tripping hard, you know,
but she told her, like you know what I mean,
You the one that can't messing.

Speaker 12 (01:14:54):
Around when we got engaged.

Speaker 13 (01:14:56):
But that's for you.

Speaker 7 (01:14:57):
Yeah, I would say, nobody knows your baby mama like you,
and you should have known even when your daughter facetimed you,
that was for her mother to see where you were. Anyway,
she knows that you're yeah, and then and then your
baby is like that at what's a higher status? And
the way you big up in this doctor, this lady

to me, if I was a better baby mama, then
I would feel the same way. However I am not.
But I've been in that place before. And it's no
way that you're gonna be able to keep peace right now.
It's that's just what it is, bro Like, there's no
way because a little bit of you, I can tell
you you can get a little patty too, because you

you like the fact the fact that your baby mother
chose somebody else and ran back to whatever she was
doing her. You kind of like making her mad with
this new little peach you found me. Like, I know,
I'm already doing it.

Speaker 12 (01:15:51):
I'm already thinks.

Speaker 16 (01:15:55):
I don't believe trying to do that.

Speaker 13 (01:15:56):
Like you know what I mean, don't you know what
I mean?

Speaker 7 (01:16:00):
I run election. Well if you ain't well, if you
ain't time for that, you would have stepped out of
her house and answered.

Speaker 12 (01:16:07):
The door, I mean, answered the phone call that you know,
you know your baby, I'm gonna be.

Speaker 7 (01:16:12):
Righty, alcohol.

Speaker 16 (01:16:14):
No, I was using the bathroom. I actually was headed
out the house, and she like just know I was there.
But I'm like I told the doctor, if he didn't say,
she would have never knew I really was open here
because I could have been anywhere.

Speaker 7 (01:16:24):
Yeah, you're in a messy situation. I don't know how
you're gonna fix that, bro, I really don't. But what
I will say is, don't get that doctor caught up
in your you know what I'm saying, because that's that
ain't gritty. That ain't gritty.

Speaker 16 (01:16:37):
And then but I feel like you know what comes
with it though, like so being and not you know
what I mean, don't get some suits her level.

Speaker 19 (01:16:46):
You know what I mean, That's what I'm Yeah, but
you can't say that because say that she was on
the other foot and your baby mama had a boyfriend
who was talking I'm talking about talking crazy action net
and you were able to hear him.

Speaker 12 (01:17:00):
How much sure are you.

Speaker 7 (01:17:01):
To sit back like whatever?

Speaker 18 (01:17:04):
No, you ain't that much for the most part, Like
I did what you're saying.

Speaker 16 (01:17:09):
But it just depends on you on like then we
can get to that level.

Speaker 1 (01:17:14):
You just.

Speaker 13 (01:17:16):
Man, bro, you.

Speaker 7 (01:17:19):
I had everything you're saying, but I think if that
doctor is listening right now, she.

Speaker 12 (01:17:23):
Need to run for the hills.

Speaker 7 (01:17:24):
Baby. Good luck, bro, you got you and your baby
mama got a lot of growing up today.

Speaker 2 (01:17:29):
Absolutely all right, Well, yeah, look, just fix my mess.
Eight hundred five eighty five, one on five one. Now,
when we come back, we got the mess. We're gonna
be talking about people's mess. What are we talking about
when we come back.

Speaker 7 (01:17:40):
We're gonna be talking about hold up your fifty, calling
somebody out. It's calling somebody out from being mass shining.

Speaker 3 (01:17:49):
All right, we'll get into that next. It's the breakfast Club.

Speaker 1 (01:17:52):
Good morning, The Breakfast.

Speaker 2 (01:17:54):
Club, Good morning, everybody in Steve j NV just real,
showing them to God.

Speaker 3 (01:18:01):
We are the Breakfast Club. Now let's get to jess
with the mess.

Speaker 12 (01:18:04):
The news is real.

Speaker 7 (01:18:04):
Whether it's Hilarius, Jessica, Robert Moore, just don't.

Speaker 4 (01:18:07):
Do no lines, don't talky talk world why jests worldwide mess.

Speaker 1 (01:18:17):
On the Breakfast Club. She's a coaching.

Speaker 7 (01:18:19):
She was able to get y'all to see something and
understand something that nobody could get you to see.

Speaker 5 (01:18:25):
This's time to set it off.

Speaker 7 (01:18:28):
Okay, So the Descent found himself having to check Southwest
He from being f recently. Okay, so y'all know, for
those who don't watch, if the fifty cent bing f
series on Stars is based on the life of Southwest
He and his big brother UH and his brother Big Meech,
it recently came to the fifties attention that he was
connected with some of fifty's ops. A picture of Tea

with Supreme Sun's surface.

Speaker 1 (01:18:52):
Online right now.

Speaker 7 (01:18:53):
The Freme is the guy who allegedly was behind trying
to organize fifty fifties murder when he was shot nine times. Apparently,
Supreme Son drove nine hours to give Southwest He some clothes.
A fan of fifty shared a comment calling out Southwest
he for linking up with the ops basically, and the
fan had commented and said, so you come home to

a series started about fifty about your family, and I'm
sure checks came behind that and it helped your transition home,
and you go take these pics with this club chasing
kid who is the alleged son of the person who
was trying to kill fifty. I see why Meach wasn't
messing with you. So Fifty saw that comment that the
fan made and he reposted it and he said this, Hey,

I know t you feeling like he's not making as
much money as Meech is making. But I thought they
would be all happy for him. It's not like I
didn't help your family make millions. Cool. When stars start
suggesting the wrong moves, I'm simply gonna sit back and watch.
Don't worry. You will be off the air in no time.
So now, because of this clown, now davinually gotta get

shot and killed. Probably what we don't just divent. He
plays defense. He plays he.

Speaker 2 (01:20:06):
We don't know if that's you, I know, but fifty
who kills somebody off in a minute.

Speaker 1 (01:20:13):
That is facts.

Speaker 2 (01:20:14):
That is facts not but I mean it's still a story,
it's still a show. But fifty is a very loyal person,
meaning if he rocks with you, he rocks with you.
And if he considers you a friend or family or
he giving you opportunity, he expects you to do the same.
And if you don't and you cross we I mean
we all see what fifth does and what he's capable

of doing.

Speaker 1 (01:20:34):
But is that loyal person.

Speaker 2 (01:20:36):
He's the person that's gonna give you the shirt off
his back and he's not gonna tell anybody about it.
He's gonna make sure you straight. He's gonna make sure
that you're family straight. He does that a lot, and
when people cross him, he just goes nutsle Yeah.

Speaker 7 (01:20:48):
And I see rightfully, So you see this right, like
what's going on? It's like, yo, you had to know
what was going on with that, Like why would you
even accept them?

Speaker 24 (01:20:58):
You know?

Speaker 7 (01:20:59):
And then these people been antagonized the fifty three years,
you know, Supreme and the Sun and all that, Like
you already know what's going on, So why you're gonna
playing around and then you know fifty two Southwest.

Speaker 2 (01:21:09):
He yeah, so that I mean, I think the world
knows how fifty is and how he looks at loyalty.

Speaker 1 (01:21:16):
And you know it's the same thing on both sides.

Speaker 2 (01:21:18):
Like if somebody has a problem with you and in
Fifty speaks to that guy, there's an issue, and you
call Fifth and be like, yo, I don't rock with
this person because of it.

Speaker 3 (01:21:26):
Fifth with delim in a minute like he's that type
of person.

Speaker 7 (01:21:29):
Yeah, that's crazy. I guess this is crazy. See, this
is why I should have been on being Math or.

Speaker 1 (01:21:36):
This reason why you should have because you would have
made sure that happened.

Speaker 7 (01:21:39):
I would have made Yeah, none, none of this would
be going down, which they had just.

Speaker 12 (01:21:43):
To come more on the show.

Speaker 1 (01:21:45):
But you was on BMF. I was on the other
one that he was on the other one. That's why. Okay,
all right, yeah, you're right, right good.

Speaker 7 (01:21:53):
I was on the one on BT plus and I
thought he was on the wrong one anyway, all right,
Tamar's man is on the Luce again. Remember he was
on a loose with Tommy Lee from Love and Hip
Hop and from Beatty. But now he's on a loose again,
and this time allegedly with the woman Angela Stanton. She

sounds very familiar, but she shared a photo with Tamar's
man with an interesting caption, and the caption said, Hey, Tamar,
remember when you told me that my son didn't need me. Well,
last night I told your man that he didn't need you,
and of course he agreed. So this is real petty Now,
I said, Angela Stanton was very familiar and she isopse
who don't know. Angela Stanton King is an author who

is known for her support of the Republican Party and
Donald Trump pardoned her from.

Speaker 13 (01:22:43):
Yeah, so that's what she is.

Speaker 7 (01:22:44):
But when the photo of Angela and Jr. Who is
Jeremy Robinson, the white man that Tamar is dating, their
picture started circulating around and Ja Jr. And said, no,
this is not true, and he also described what was
going on. He said, this is all calf with y'all,

a white man putting a cap on the This.

Speaker 12 (01:23:10):
Is all cat y'o.

Speaker 7 (01:23:11):
This is so funny. He said. I sponsored an event
with young Jock for men appreciation, and I took a
picture with plenty of people. No clue who this person
is and never spoke to her people do anything for
some clips. Now, when Angela saw that, Angela shared a
video claiming that he turned down several women who wanted
to take a picture with him, but had no problem
taking a picture with her. She did clarify that they

want together at all because her preface is one hundred
black man. But she insisted that he did speak on
Tamar and had a lot to say. And Tamar hasn't
said anything about this whole situation. But I know that
sure that he did have a lot to say about
it because he ran his mouth to tallmy Lee about Tamar,
and Tamo still ended up being with him. And then

you get mad at her for sitting down with people
like Carlos King who caused him the Calf's Man and
say when he think about JR? Do he think about
a cue piece? And you know, then you get mad
at Debt. But she'd be, you be big embarrassing this girl. Whatever.

Speaker 2 (01:24:09):

Speaker 7 (01:24:11):
So we're just gonna watch this old tobacco unfold now.
A Shawte and Nelly got married in secret ceremony last year.
So on Wednesday, TMZ obtained the marriage record from the couple.
The marriage was made official in Saint Louis, the county.
I know that's right now, so it's likely they got
married in his hometown, even though they haven't spoken about

the marriage yet. A Shaunce confirmed confirmed their engagement in April.
Earlier this week, she went on Entertainment Tonight and she
was asked about how Nelly proposed to her. We got
the audio. It was just such a beautiful, intimate moment.
We were not dressy. What do you yeah? I definitely
had on like one of his T shirts and then

his boxers. I had absolutely no idea.

Speaker 9 (01:24:57):
He completely shocked U lely.

Speaker 25 (01:25:01):
I felt like it was gonna come soon. I didn't
know when right, and the way that had happened was
just so funny. I'm sitting in the bed watching TV
with boxes on, you know.

Speaker 7 (01:25:12):
What I mean, It's not really sexy.

Speaker 12 (01:25:15):
I cried.

Speaker 7 (01:25:16):
I gave him the biggest hugging kiss ever. I facetimed
everyone I know and I love that.

Speaker 2 (01:25:25):
Now there are you know, there's people in the industry
that are a holes, but they are good people. Shanty
is a good person or Nellie's a good person. Like,
they are good people to this day. They both call
and check up on me. Like my first tour I
ever did was a Nelly tour. I was actually DJ
for FAB So yeah, now they are good, good, good,
good people. So I'm so happy for them. So congratulations

to Nellie and a Shanty and.

Speaker 7 (01:25:48):
He just think my best friends, Like they had fun,
like they missed each other so much in those years
that they were apart, and he would not stop trying
to get this girl back, Like that's what I loved
about it, Like he was not let and they go like, no,
I know you the love of my life, Like I
messed up whatever, but I'd love if somebody can reconcile
like that. I'm not trying to tell nobody to go

back to that, because I would never in my life
go back to none of the niggas Jesus. But what
I'm saying is I love their reunion and how they
reunited and everything.

Speaker 12 (01:26:17):
It's amazing.

Speaker 7 (01:26:18):
So congratulations Nelly and Ashanti. And that's just the money.

Speaker 2 (01:26:21):
And also, you know, you know the people that in
justice like that, like when you're around, you just want
everybody around to have fun. That's how they are. Like
if you're like if you're with a Shanty or you
with Nelly. French Montane is like that as well, Fifth
is like that as well. Busters like that. Fat Joll
was like that. Those artists. If you're around them. They
just want you to have fun. They just want you
to have positive energy, and they're gonna make sure that

you do have fun. So if you're ever around them,
if you ever get an opportunity to be around them,
whether you're a celebrity or not, they just want whoever's
around them to have fun.

Speaker 3 (01:26:48):
So salute to them. Ke Kevin Hard is like that too.
All right, Well, let's get to the mixing.

Speaker 7 (01:26:54):
Like that, I've been around here, because you're doing a
lot of flexing on me, y'all, like you're talking about yeah,
because if you.

Speaker 2 (01:26:58):
Ever been around all right, I just all right, but
you know I'm quiet usually me and my wife are quiet,
but they go out of their way to make sure we're.

Speaker 1 (01:27:05):
Comfortable, and I love them for that. All right, As
soon as.

Speaker 3 (01:27:09):
You can dropped this baby off, then we can go
back and hang in the streets again.

Speaker 2 (01:27:14):
All right, cool, good, Let's get to the mix. Eight
hundred five eight five one oh five one. You know
my car show is August seventeenth, so call a one. Oh,
let's do call a ten right now. Eight hundred five
eight five one oh five one. If you haven't got
your tickets, I got you for the four Family four
pack of tickets. It goes down August seventeenth at the
Meadowlands expos Center, your favorite celebrity cars from so many
different people. So if you haven't got your tickets, tickets

are on Lincoln Tech right now. Eight hundred five eight
five one oh five one.

Speaker 1 (01:27:39):
Let's get to mix. Wa wake up wa cool. If
you're like into the Breakfast Club morning.

Speaker 2 (01:27:45):
Everybody is DJ, Envy, Jess, Larry Charlamagne, the guy.

Speaker 3 (01:27:48):
We are the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 2 (01:27:51):
Now. We represent a gay a day, each and every
day because it's June is Pride month.

Speaker 1 (01:27:55):
And who we repen today?

Speaker 7 (01:27:56):
Actor producer and writer Lance from and Think I didn't
know he was gay? Yep, he was the last one
of the joint and think but the when he was
recruited by Justin Timberlach and Yo. His nicknames are Lanston, Scoopie,
and lb Z. The first two is gay, the last
one is not you stupid but uh and just some

some like fun texts of arms. He's afraid of flying
and he did want to stay the girl. Her name
is Danielle Fischell. He was like, I don't like it, so,
yep he's gay.

Speaker 2 (01:28:28):
Okay, Well, salute to him. Yes, all right, and now
we do that each and every day. We reprogate a
day of course, because June is Pride month. Now when
we come back, we got the positive note. It's the
Breakfast Club. Good morning warning everybody. It's DJ Envy, Jess, Hilarry, Charlamagne,
the God. We are the Breakfast Club. Salute to everybody
that came out to Queens. Yes yesterday, Usta, myself and

Miss Jones. We did a big barbecue and Roy Wilkins Park,
south Side, Jamaica, Queens. We were teaching the kids tennis.
I was playing tennis out there yesterday. We had a
lot of fun. And then after that spoke on a
panel at the American Dream More. You know I met
yesterday Charlemagne. I met Melba from Melbourn's Restaurants. Yeah, from
Melbourn's in Harlem. She actually has four restaurants. She was

just telling me her history, how she started from South Carolina,
your hometown, and how she came up here and started cooking,
and just talked about how cooking became so important in
their family because it came a place of where everybody
sat down and just talked about history and shout to
Melbourgh and the congressman i've seen do it all yesterday
and the congresswoman from Jersey City and from Patterson. We

just had a Juneteenth conversation, so I just want to
say thank you for inviting me on that panel yesterday.

Speaker 1 (01:29:36):
It's Luther Melbourne.

Speaker 3 (01:29:38):
Now, Charlemagne, you got a positive note.

Speaker 7 (01:29:40):

Speaker 4 (01:29:41):
My positive note is simply this, man, your competition isn't
someone else. Well, first of all, before we do the
positive note, thank you to everybody who's been continuing to
buy my new book Get on us or Dieline why
Small Talk Sucks. It is a national bestseller and you
know every week it's doing great, So thank you very much.

Speaker 1 (01:29:58):
I really appreciate it.

Speaker 4 (01:29:59):
I appreciate the comments that people are sending me about
the book and the things that they're learning from the book.
And when you buy the book off Amazon, please leave
a review. Okay, please leave a review.

Speaker 1 (01:30:10):
Thank you very much.

Speaker 4 (01:30:11):
Now the positive notice simply this. Your competition isn't someone else.
Your competition is the attitude, habits, discipline and choices you
make on a daily basis. Choose wisely have a blessed day,
breakfast club

Speaker 1 (01:30:24):
Y'all finish or y'all done,

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