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July 10, 2024 32 mins

Sean reacts to the latest announcements by very powerful Democratic alliances that they support President Biden. This may be the very best news for President Trump. 

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
All right, thank you Scott Shannon, and thanks to all
of you for being with us. Here is our toll
free telephone number. It's eight hundred and nine to four
one sean if you want to be a part of
the program. One hundred and eighteen days until election day,
only sixty nine days until early voting begins in the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. By the way, Linda, you know what

I did that was really stupid. About a half hour ago.
I had some chicken broth, as you know I often have,
but I have it way before the show. And the
problem is it just it puts all this junk in
my throat and I have to keep well.

Speaker 2 (00:37):
So I think I would push back gently against the
recording of what's actually happening with your lunch. I would say,
what's actually happening is the soup and the broth is fine.
The amount of salt that was added to the soup
or the broth.

Speaker 3 (00:51):
No, no, no, no, it was a Kanity edition came.

Speaker 1 (00:54):
I didn't, I didn't add any I didn't have Campbell's
soup by a chicken.

Speaker 3 (00:58):
You better watch out, man. The lightning is real. I
don't want it to strike you.

Speaker 4 (01:01):

Speaker 3 (01:02):
I had chicken bull Yon. Oh yeah, that has no
salt at all. It's it's basically salt water.

Speaker 1 (01:10):
I'm not gonna lie sit here and say it's anything
other than that. But I stupidly did it before going
on the air, and I thought a half hour would
give me enough time to reverse it. And it's not
completely there. Although I'm a lot better off. I was
on the phone with my daughter and you know, she's like, Dad, Okay, no,

she started worrying about me.

Speaker 3 (01:33):
Oh, that's true.

Speaker 2 (01:34):
She's a warrior.

Speaker 3 (01:35):
I just make fun of.

Speaker 1 (01:36):
Anyway, we are loaded up today. Now we're expecting Biden
meeting with NATO leaders at the White House, and in
the last hour of the program, we expect that they're
they're supposed to have a a presser of some kind,
some public event of some kind. Uh, so we'll try
and carry that. We'll also get reaction all of this

from Senator Tom Cotton.

Speaker 3 (01:59):

Speaker 1 (02:00):
Doctor Ronnie Jackson, who, by the way, with us was
saying in twenty twenty, in the lead up to that
election that Joe's cognitive decline was significant and real and
he got the crap beat out of him, just like
we did. You know, you think somebody in the media
might say, gee, Hannity was right again. He was right
about let's see the dirty Russian disinformation dossier. He was

right about Russia collusion. He was right about Hillary Clinton
and the de leaded emails and bleach bit and and
no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute top secret classified information. He's
right about the valuation of mar A Lago. He's right about,
you know, this novel legal theory to overcome a misdemeanor

whose statute of limitations had passed. And he's been right
for four plus years about Joe Biden's cognitive decline and
how weak and frail and what a messy is and
it's it's it's pretty unbelievable that, you know, all these
people are fanning this outrage and I'm.

Speaker 3 (02:59):
Watching this in utter amazement.

Speaker 1 (03:02):
You talk about cognitive dissonance, dissonance if you will. And
this is the Democratic Party, this is the medium mob.
They are so convinced that they are doing the will
of God by doing anything and everything, no matter how
morally corrupt it might be, no matter how unjust it

might be, or unconstitutional it might be, no matter how
much they weaponize the Department of Justice, the ends justifies
the means as long as they stop Donald Trump. And
the only panic that is existing has nothing to really
do with Joe's decline. It's that the country now that
already had doubts about Joe, and they they wouldn't unwilling

to show the country his progressive state of decline. We've
been the only ones out there doing it regularly for
over four years, and now all of a sudden, they
can't hide it anymore, and they're mad at Joe and
they're calling for Joe to step up to step aside.
Now on that front, there is a big development that

just happened. We had this meeting of House Democrats and
apparently they've come out of this meeting fully backing Joe Biden.
Now Congressman Jerry Nadler, prominent member of the House Democratic Caucus,
ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, he had been
out there saying in a phone call this weekend with leaders,

including leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus, which have come
out firmly in Joe. On Joe's side, so has the squad. Now,
those those two things couple with James Clyburn, who I
would argue is probably the most influential House member in
the Democratic circles, they've all come out in favor of
Joe Biden. It's going to be very hard. And this

is why Joe Biden, I think, is the term elitist
in his party and establishment in his party and his
disaster interview with Liberal Joe yesterday morning. But I think
what he's saying is rank and file voted for him.

Speaker 3 (05:06):

Speaker 1 (05:07):
Nadler was one of those people on that phone call
this weekend saying, no, he's got to go and now
and which cut is it? You have the cut cut fourteen.
Let's play it about the rest.

Speaker 5 (05:25):
Of this term.

Speaker 3 (05:27):
Just to be clear, sir, you do not want the
president to drop out.

Speaker 4 (05:32):
It sure is your support for the president's pragmatic consideration
given as President said, you remain in.

Speaker 5 (05:39):
Well, yeah, I know.

Speaker 3 (05:43):
These are key will be to support.

Speaker 4 (05:45):
Hopefully that kind of means you with no choice that night.

Speaker 5 (05:48):
Take well, okay, all right, yes, as the President said,
something like nine Democrats voting him in the Prime room,
he was the nomination. And how do you feel a
specialists in the White's times plus well apparently he visited

for other people poison White House.

Speaker 1 (06:19):
You're changing your mind?

Speaker 3 (06:20):
Now, no, I'm not changing. I mean, think about this.

Speaker 1 (06:24):
He's now asked directly if he wanted Biden to drop out,
and now he says no, and asked if it was
a change your heart or pragmatic decision, he said, well, yeah,
he said, Biden's going to remain in. He's our candidate.
We're all going to support him. Uh you know, well
that kind of leaves you with no choice.

Speaker 3 (06:42):
I take it.

Speaker 1 (06:43):
A reporter says, he said yes as the president. What
said something like ninety percent of Democrats voted for him.
Whether or not I have concerns, is besides the point,
he's going to be our nominee.

Speaker 3 (06:52):
We all have to support him.

Speaker 1 (06:54):
I mean, this is like Whoopee Goldberg saying that he
doesn't care if he poops his pants. He's going to
support Joe Biden. And that's where the Democratic Party are.
So you have very very powerful alliances here. Now, there
is one one scenario that I'm hearing from my sources
is that Obama is being heavily pressured to step in,

go see Joe and deliver the news that it's in
his best interest to just bow out. And I don't
think it's going to matter to Joe Biden. What Barack
Obama says to be very frank and I think Biden
and Joe Biden have made their decision and they're staying
in and that's the end of that.

Speaker 3 (07:34):
So it's going to be interesting to watch.

Speaker 1 (07:36):
But once he's nominated, at that point, it becomes nearly
impossible unless there's some type of incident that that would cause,
you know, an emergency replacement, which obviously then would would
have to become Kamala Harris and boys, look, I've been
looking up her record. I'm not ready to share it yet,
but it's it is so bad. The things in the

posi pysicians and the things she said are so bad.
When the country becomes aware of it, she will be
unelectable herself. And Frankly, the problem isn't it's what I
said yesterday. The problem they have is there's nobody that's
going to take on different policy positions than Joe. This
has become a radicalized leftist Marxist new Green Deal socialist party.

This is who they are and there are very few
exceptions to this. The fact that again you go to
the you know, who's really running the Democratic Party? What
did I always say about AOC and the squad, I said,
AOC was the real Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi
at the time was speaker in name only because whatever
the squad wanted, they pretty much got. And you see

House leadership constantly capitulating to the radicals. Now, in terms
of where we are as a country, you know, we've
got to deal with the fact that this Biden cognitive decline,
you know, cover up and deception is so widespread and
so deep. And this gets to the heart is that

every single person has known about this. The idea that
they are all acting surprised and feigning shock they can't
believe what happened during the debate is just a lie,
and it's a big lie. I mean, it was interesting.
You know, I don't think John Stewart, particularly, you know,

wants Biden cares one way or the other about Biden,
to be honest with you, but the fact that you know,
even he is pointing out the obvious and and and
playing clips that we have played over and over and
over and over and over again is kind of spectacular

to me. One thing that John Stewart is not as
a dumb guy. I mean, he's actually one of the
few comics that occasionally go after both sides, and he
can be funny about it, and he's been funny about it.
But the fact that you know, he's now playing clips
that we've been playing for years is I think very

telling in and of itself. But you know, what does
it mean In the end, we have now late night
comics that have resisted Kimmel, Colbert fallon. You know, Colbert
out there saying people are freaking out. He's interviewing some
CNN anchor about the silent scream among Democrats after the
ABC interview, and you know, Colbert is asking questions about

it and bringing it up and saying, I'm a huge
fan of the guy, and you can't say that because
you're Impartially he talks about something was not right, and
I'm like, what part of this did he miss the
last four years? And the reality is is they didn't
miss it. The reality is they consciously covered it up.
They let this guy hide in his basement in twenty twenty,

even though we saw the cognitive decline and they just
hit it. And whenever he had it would have a
big event and a virtual convention, you know, whatever the
debate was, they would hide him for a week, two
weeks on the end, and he wouldn't do events, and
then he'd show up as fully rested as possible. And

I'm sure on whatever whatever red bull, whatever quantity of
red bull or whatever he was taking, if.

Speaker 3 (11:33):
You have eyes to see, you know.

Speaker 1 (11:36):
That this has been happening, that Joe Biden has been
mentally impaired. That's why he didn't do press conferences. That's
why he can't do unscripted events, or his axios pointed out,
that's why you know he would have notes saying walk in,
say hello to everybody, or walking walk to the podium

in big font You know, this is what the this
this is what the audience will look like. This is
why he can't get on the big boy stairs on
Air Force one. This is why they decided to surround
him to and from Marine one. This is why he
couldn't do a Super Bowl interview. This is why you
know they said they're going to have a big boy
press conference, uh with with NATO leaders, well, the last

press conference he had with with I guess.

Speaker 3 (12:22):
President z Olyinsky.

Speaker 1 (12:24):
They ended up taking two questions each, two questions from
Ukrainian media, two questions from American media. And they call
that a big boy press conference because he can't do
a real conference. You know, they attacked you know, special
counsel Robert Hurr, you know who said that he was
an elderly man with a poor memory and would come

off to a jury. Is a nice guy, older guy,
terrible memory and would be you know, that's why they
didn't indict him, and that's the reason. And he's asking
questions like was I still vice president in two thousand
and nine the year he became vice president?

Speaker 3 (13:01):
Not knowing when his own son died.

Speaker 1 (13:03):
And they've got a tape of it, and the weaponized
Department of Justice of Joe Biden won't let you the
voters see this tape. That would be called the campaign
donation courtesy like all the other law fair and weaponization
and attacks against Donald Trump. That is the greatest donation
in kind ever given to any candidate. That Merrick Garland

is hiding that from the American people and preventing Americans
from seeing that. But we'll see how long that lasts.
You never know, this is pretty interesting here. This neurologist
that visited the White House, they say is part of
annual examinations. Now coreinne Jean Pierre was struggling and fighting

with a mob in the media yesterday over why this
guy made ten visits according to White House visitor logs.
That's interesting because they're fighting about it, you know, and
she got all I do take offense. While we were
in the middle of Hannity last night, she released, meaning
Karine Vanpierre a letter from the doctor Kevin O'Connor.

Speaker 3 (14:09):
Now Kevin O'Connor is like best friends with Jill Biden.

Speaker 1 (14:13):
You know, if you want a doctor that is going
to say what you want them to say, hire a friend.
And it turns out the neurologist that was there ten
times is a Biden donor. And Biden is telling Democrats
to end talk of him withdrawing. So there's a lot
of pressure on that end, and he's defyant and saying

I'm not going anywhere, and you know it's they're desperately
clinging to power. Jill Biden scolding reporters about Democratic calls
for Joe to drop out. Don't scream at me. I'll
play that on the other side of the break. But
it's just fascinating to watch all of this unfold, and

I'm beginning to think if Joe Biden can make it
till August fifth, which is the date they've got to
I think nominate for him to be on the ballot
in Ohio.

Speaker 3 (15:07):
I mean it's over.

Speaker 1 (15:09):
I mean that's less than a month away, and then
of course they'll have the official nominating process. But now,
of course they're gaslighting everybody about how great Joe's been
as president, which is a joke.

Speaker 3 (15:27):
You can't always believe what the other side claims. That's
why there's the Sean Hannity Show.

Speaker 1 (15:33):
All right twenty five to the top of the hour,
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be in Milwaukee. By the way, If you're in Milwaukee
and you have food recommendations, Burger recommendations, state recommendations, I
am all ears, Linda. Maybe we should put something up
on the way site where people can just say.

Speaker 2 (17:02):
Even to make Katie be in charge of it. She's
my gal. She knows all the things about that stuff.

Speaker 3 (17:08):
Well, I mean, I know Milwaukee's known for beer and.

Speaker 2 (17:11):
You're known for cheese, aren't they isn't Wisconsin Wisconsin.

Speaker 1 (17:16):
Okay, Oh my gosh, do you know anything about Wisconsin?
Anything about you know anything about the Green Bay Packers.
Have you ever watched the Green Bay Packer game?

Speaker 3 (17:24):
I have not. What does it have to do with cheese?

Speaker 1 (17:27):
That's why when I talk about, oh, you have to
act as though you're behind by by six and you've
got two minutes left in the game. You have no timeouts.
You have to race down the field.

Speaker 5 (17:38):
Do you know what the.

Speaker 2 (17:38):
Whole Storio is laughing at me right now, because obviously
Green Bay Packer fans are called cheese heads.

Speaker 3 (17:44):
Like, how would I know this? I don't know this.

Speaker 1 (17:45):
Yeah, they actually wear cheese on their heads. What just
look it up, just just google it. I don't know
what to do with you because you don't know what
cross the planet is and you don't know what kick
the extra point is. You're slowly learning, but you're not.
I mean, I have somebody that has four thousand degrees

and master's degrees.

Speaker 3 (18:08):
It's some believed business in business, I can't, okay, but.

Speaker 1 (18:13):
Well can learn a little bit about America's pastime. It's
not baseball anymore. It's football anyway. So there are timing
issues here that are very very relevant. I want to
go back to the date August the fifth, the date
the Democrats need to name Biden for him to be
on the ticket in Ohio, because in Ohio you need
to officially be nominated ninety days.

Speaker 3 (18:36):
Before the election. So that's their drop dead date for that.

Speaker 1 (18:40):
Now, the Democrats next week, while the Republican National Committee's
going on, while we will be broadcasting from Milwaukee, they're
going to have their Platform committee meeting on July sixteen,
followed by their Rules committee meeting on July nineteenth, their
Credentials committee first meeting on July twenty. First, By the way,
what are they going to do on the credential committee

meeting when my name shows up? I don't know if
that's the credentials they're talking about, but you know, by
the way, and this is interesting in light of the
news today about the battle that's going on in Washington
over you know, Democrats not wanting to take a stand
and say you need to be a legal immigrant to

be able to vote. I'll get to that in a second,
but anyway, so it looks remember they were going to
have the role call and the nomination, the official nomination
and the delegate vote virtually, just like they're having all
of these meetings virtually next week during the while at
the same time, the Republicans are gathering in Milwaukee and

the DNC's The DNC committee meetings will be virtual, virtual
and streamed online for anyone to watch. And each committee
includes about two hundred people from fifty they say, I'm
reading from there. Where'd you get this from their website?
Fifty seven states and territories. I guess the territories add
to the states. But anyway, the DNC on Friday announced

the fifteen members on the Platform Committee, Drafting, et cetera, etc.
So in late May, this is when the DNC announced
plans to nominate their ticket with a virtual role call
of delegates weeks before the party's convention. Now, the Democratic
Convention in Chicago, that's going to be an Adam Schift show.
According to everything I'm hearing, that's going to start August nineteenth.

I'm sure you're dying to be in Chicago. The good
thing about Chicago, we know what food we want in Chicago.
We want hot dogs. I forget the name of the
place I love, but I will know by the time
I get there. Anyway, officials have said the roll call
needs to happen before August seventh, which had been the
deadline to get on the ballot in Ohio, so he'll
be fully nominated long before the convention. So what's today's date.

Today's the ninth. So if Joe Biden survives four more weeks,
he's officially going to be the nominee. And I guess
that's why there's the urgency. But the meeting, as I
mentioned earlier, did not go particularly well today. Now, on
the election integrity front, there's a lot going on in
Washington because House Democrats have launched a united effort against

an election integrity bill that would require voters to prove citizenship.
Now you have to ask yourself, why would they be
against that? You know, just like why would you be
against against voter ID and signature verification.

Speaker 3 (21:36):
I promise you for me to.

Speaker 1 (21:37):
Get credentialed for the RNC convention next week and for
the DNC convention the week after, I will need to
be credentialed. To get credentialed, I need I need an
identification that would come in the form of my Florida license.

Here's my ID, and I gladly presented to them. Otherwise
I'm not getting in either convention if I don't have
the credentials and I don't provide the ID. But Democrats
don't want voter ID, they don't want signature verification, they
don't want updated voter roles, they don't want chain of

custody controls. They don't even want partisan observers observing, which
we saw in twenty twenty unfold. You know, you have
states that have laws that mandate that that partisan observers
watch the voting all day, the vote counting all night.
You can't watch the vote counting when you're a thousand
feet away or outside the building.

Speaker 3 (22:40):
And that's what happened. They made no accommodations for COVID.

Speaker 1 (22:45):
But now that and by the way, Republican lawmakers introduced
the act that they're debating today is called the Save Act,
and it simply requires citizenship verification if you want to
register to vote. Now you don't need citizen verification to

get licenses in a lot of states, because that's the
way liberals want it to. And if you dare say that,
you know, we have people from one hundred and eighty
countries that have crossed the border in the Biden years,
nearly eleven million unvetted Joe Biden illegal immigrants, including those
from countries would terroritize, as we've chronicled many times in

our top geopolitical foes.

Speaker 3 (23:30):
You know, why would we allow.

Speaker 1 (23:32):
Those people that don't respect our laws, our borders, and
our sovereignties to get licenses the way they get them?
And why would we guarantee them sanctuary protection and status
from the law in states like New York City and
the cities like New York City and cities like San Francisco,
and states like California. But you've got the House Democratic

leadership bringing out all their big guns. It's been going
on all day in DC today against the Republican bill
that is set to be voted on next week that
would require proof of US citizenship to vote on federal elections.
House Republicans have made non citizen voting in federal elections
a big deal, you know.

Speaker 3 (24:14):
I mean, we saw this little girl and.

Speaker 1 (24:16):
I interviewed her mother from Texas, this little twelve year
old girl that was brutalized we now know for two
hours and then brutally murdered. And I interviewed this girl's
mom and her grand grandfather, and this was a Joe
Biden unvetted illegal immigrant. Then you had the rape in

a park in Queens in New York in broad daylight,
videotape by the rapist, the ledged rapist in that case,
and another Joe Biden unvetted illegal immigrant. We told you
the story of Lincoln Riley, another Joe Biden unvetted illegal immigrant.
And then the mother of five that was murdered, another

Joe Biden unvetted illegal immigrant. And I've scrolled the names
of many, many others that you never hear about because
the media mob covers it up. The medium mob, the
same people that have covered up the Biden cognitive decline,
cover up and deception. They're the same people that have
not been willing to show you the disaster of Joe's borders,

the same people that went along with the economies fine
and things are transitory. Why would House Democrats fight a
bill to require proof of citizenship to vote? By the way,
I'm telling you, this is getting powerful. When you have
the Congressional Black Caucus AOC, and the squad supporting Biden,

James Clyburn supporting Biden, It's going to be very hard
to remove them. I'll quote Elon Musk in an x
post that he put up when combined with mail in ballots,
the system is designed to make it impossible to prove fraud.
Mail in and ropbox ballots should not be allowed, as
cameras on the in person voting stations would at least

prevent large scale fraud by counting how many people showed
up versus how many ballots are cast. And he's talked
about these issues as well. This is simple, basic, fundamental
common sense that is not so common anymore.

Speaker 3 (26:19):

Speaker 1 (26:20):
The only thing that's working against Joe right now, even
though you have people like Jerry Nadler saying, yeah, I'm
reversing myself is you know, Biden's Wisconsin vote share is
running twelve points behind the incumbent Senator Tammy Baldwin. That's
why none of these Democrats want anything to do with
Joe Biden. She didn't show up when he was there

screaming the other day the statewide election poll conducted by
the AARP. I mean, this is just the beginning of
you know what's happening. I mean, we got latest Emerson
poll shows Trump up by five in Pennsylvania. He's up
by three in Wisconsin, He's up. In Michigan, He's up
by what six? In Nevada, He's up by four in

one poll, twelve in another poll in Arizona, by five
in Georgia. More swing state voters say Trump is mentally
fit and good health compared to Biden. And as Donald
Trump weighs his VP pick, you know, a new Daily
Mail poll reveals who voters wanted to see on the
GOP ticket. Senator Tim Scott's name is popped back up again,

Marco Ruvio's name is popped back up again.

Speaker 3 (27:27):
It seemed to have come down to JD. Van's and
Governor Bergham.

Speaker 1 (27:33):
I'm not sure if you factor in the possibility that
it might be a different ticket. I'm not I don't
know if I have the answer to that, And I
think at the end of the day, it's Donald Trump's
decision anyway. But now we've got this massive cover up.
We have ten visits, you know, to the White House
by this known neurologist who specializes in Parkinson's disease, and

they didn't want to tell us a thing about it
to yesterday's disastrous White House briefing. Only then actually during
the middle of Hannity My TV show. Did Karine Jean
Pierre come out with this statement of the president's doctor
who is best friends with Jill Biden? And you know,
I think now that there is probably enough support barring

any major major s gaff or difficulty, but you know
that Biden has a pretty better than the even odd
shot of surviving this thing. By the way, here's doctor
Tom Pitts, Board certified neurologists saying Biden has classic symptoms
of Parkinson's well ten times. It seems like an awful

high number of times for and Parkinson's expert to be
at the White House.

Speaker 4 (28:46):
It's ironic because he has just classic features of NERD degeneration.
I mean word finding difficulties and that's not oh I
couldn't find the word. That's from the generation of the
word refeval area. He's also overcome stuttering though could that
be part of that too? No, this is not a
palattle issue or a speech discrepancy, which is very different
from a lemono dysfunction, actual word retrieval where you tick

a similar question or talk around the issue. Plus the
rigidity monotone voice, Wait, go.

Speaker 3 (29:12):
Back to that.

Speaker 4 (29:13):
The rigidity, what do you mean rigid loss of arms, swinging,
standing up more dotically. You notice when he turned it's
kind of nd block turning. It's not a quick turn,
so low. That's one of the hallmarks of Parkinson's is
rigidity and braded kinesias, low movement, and he has that hallmark,
especially with the low voices. That was a cold hypophonia,

A small monotone voice like this over time is a
hallmark of parkinsonism. I could have diagnosed him from across
the mall.

Speaker 1 (29:42):
I could have diagnosed him across the mall. But Joe
Biden daring elites to challenge him at the Democratic National Convention,
It's going to be virtual.

Speaker 3 (29:51):
That's a joke.

Speaker 1 (29:52):
And you know, to have Joe Biden out there yesterday,
you know, doing three separate states and then you know,
screw reporters. The way she did was a little bit shocking,
but yeah, it's it's I guess. And then claiming that
Donald Trump is evil. That's their whole campaign. Donald Trump
is a liar, in a convict and he's evil in

January sixth, and then lie about his position on abortion,
which is just a flat out lie. Now my interview
with President Trump, we're gonna air coming up in the
next hour. We're expecting a a press conference in the
final hour of the program today that we will try
to go to. We also have Senator Tom Cotton will

be checking in with us at the top of the
next hour. Doctor Ronnie Jackson will join us, and we'll
check in probably with Senator Lee I think is going
to call in today as well. We got a lot,
We got a lot of ground to cover. But Trump
was very interesting on the show last night. By the way,
Donald Trump is poised to win more Hispanic voters than
any Republican in recent history, which is huge, huge. I

did ask Trump, do you want Joe Biden to step aside?
And we'll play that. I asked him when he's going
to decide on his VP, we'll play that for you.
So that's all coming up in the next hour, along
with doctor Ronnie Jackson.

Speaker 3 (31:13):
By the way, if you were.

Speaker 1 (31:14):
Wondering whatever Obama is thinking, listen to David Axelrod. If
you want to know the mind of Obama, just listen
to Axelrod. Hey, if you're a homeowner and you like me,
you got to protect your home. I've been telling you
about house stealing. You have these thieves all around the
world targeting American homeowners. If you're a smart homeowner, well

you got to make it tough of these bad guys
to get away with this crime and protect your home.

Speaker 3 (31:40):
You know.

Speaker 1 (31:40):
For example, there's a family in Sarasota and because they
had home title lock dot com watching out for their title,
they called a cyber thief from New York trying to
sell their property in a popular real estate website. The
thief was able to fraudulently change the title Home Title
Locke detected it. They work with the homeowner. They got
the title back in their and if you don't let

that happen, it's a disaster, it really is, and it's
costly disaster. But you can protect yourself from this despicable
crime right now. It's triple lock protection from Home title
lock dot Com. Just go to that website, just put
in your address, use the promo code sewn s E
A N. They're going to send you a complete title
scan of your home's title to verify your home is

still in your name, and you'll get your first thirty
days a triple lock hoolme title protection for free. It's
home title lock dot Com promo code sewn s e
A n home title lock dot Com promo code Shawn

Speaker 3 (32:42):
Sean Nity

The Sean Hannity Show News

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