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July 11, 2024 32 mins

Sean reminds listeners that, with 117 days until Election Day, this election is certainly not in the bag.  We don't know what the liberal media will do or what games liberal prosecutors will try and pull... so treat your vote as the one that saves the nation.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
And thank you Scott Shannon, and thanks toll of you
for being with us. Here's our toll free telephone number.
We'd love for you to be a part of this extravaganza.
It's eight hundred ninety four one sean if you want
to join us. Only one hundred and seventeen days until
election day, an inflection point for our country. I don't
know if we can recover if Joe Biden is re

elected or Kamala Harris basically one and the same is
elected in his stead. Sixty eight days and early voting
begins in the state of Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
and next week we will be in Milwaukee looking for
the best places to eat. If you want to help
us out, go to Hannity dot com. There's so much

news today it's almost hard to figure out and determine
where to start. One thing that is fascinating to watch.
Yesterday was a good day for Joe Biden. He had
a speech before NATO leaders. A teleprompter speech is about
fifteen minutes, and he got through it little stumble mumble
bumble here and there, but based on his average day,

definitely above average, and so he passed that test, and
it was being labeled by the mob the media. This
is a make or break moment for Joseph Biden. Every
moment now is a make or break moment. I mean,
they would have you believe they're in a full panic.
And meanwhile, they have all known about his cognitive decline.

It is the great Joe Biden cognitive decline, lying and
cover up conspiracy of not only Democrats, but of course
their state run media left wing friends in the media mob.

Speaker 2 (01:41):
They all do it together.

Speaker 1 (01:44):
And what happened yesterday also is interesting because he had
this big Democratic Caucus, this big meeting, and Joe Biden
does have some powerful support within Congress. He has the
Congressional Black Caucus behind him. It might recall they played
a very big role in helping support Bill Clinton during
the impeachment years back in ninety eight. And he also

has the support of AOC and the Squad. And he
has the support so far of James Clyburn, probably the
most influential congressman of my view, most powerful. He's he's
single handedly saved Joe Biden's campaign in twenty twenty by
stepping up and supporting him for president in South Carolina
at a time where it all mattered. So and that's

why after this this caucus meeting yesterday, the consensus clearly
was the supporting Joe Biden, stopped with the infighting, were
sick and tired of it. And the Biden rebels, which
have been few publicly, you know, literally were shot down.
Which is why you saw Jerry Nadler he crow and
dejectedly reverse course and say, I guess the support him now.

I don't really love it, but I you know, he's
our guy. I'm going to support him. And it's also
interesting to watch the mob in the media, I mean
state run television, ABC, NBCCBS. They beginning a backtrack on
Biden and praise his defiance and how daring he is
and want to you know, he's willing to step up

to the challenge of the moment. You have other top Democrats,
you know, you have kJ Peage declaring that Biden is
on fire. Why because he gave a fifteen minute speech.
Donald Trump spoke at Durau last night for twenty an
hour and twenty minutes and most of it without a teleprompter.
Democrats blaming Trump. You have one Democrat blaming Trunk for

Biden's disastrous debate performance. It was a disaster before Trump
ever spoke. You got the hard hitting news show, the view.
Joila's behar you know, fuming about all of the Biden
bashing that's going on. He even took it a step further.
We'll play it later in the program today. Men don't
like Kamala Harris because they fear a funny woman, especially

in not making that up. That's on the heels of
Whoopee Goldberg. I don't care if he poops his pants.
So you know, for now, Joe Biden is surviving. I
put the odds of fifty five forty five that he
ends up surviving. I mean, there are powerful forces against him.
We saw Nancy Pelosi waffling on her support earlier today.

She declined to answer directly on Liberal Joe. When asked
about whether she backs Joe Biden's reelection bid, does he
have your support to be the head of the Democratic ticket?
Her ends was, well, it's up to the president to
decide if he's gonna run. We're all encouraging him to
make that decision because time is running short. Well, he's
already made the decision, Nancy, and she knows he made

the decision. I think has overwhelming support from the caucus.
It's not easy for me to say, I'm not the
head of the caucus anymore. But he's beloved, he is respected,
and people want him to make the decision.

Speaker 2 (04:54):
Here's what she said.

Speaker 3 (04:55):
So a matter speaker, you just went through the president's record,
but let me ask you about current moment. Does he
have your support to be the head of the Democratics.

Speaker 4 (05:03):
Again, as long as the president had the president, it's
up to the president to suicide. If he is going
to run, We're all encouraging him to make that decision
because time is running short. The h I think overwhelming
support of the of the caucus. It's not for me
to say, I'm not the head of the caucus anymore.

But he's beloved, he is respected, and people want him
to make that decision.

Speaker 3 (05:32):
He has said he has made the decision. He has
said firmly this week he is going to run. Do
you want him to run?

Speaker 4 (05:40):
I want him to do whatever he decides to do,
and that's that's the way it is. Whatever he decides,
we go.

Speaker 1 (05:46):
With whatever he decides. Hardly voted confidence. Later, confronted with
an African American female reporter. If it was again a
conservative asking the question, there might be a reaction to it,
but and gets pretty pretty snippy.

Speaker 2 (06:01):
Listen to this. Do you believe that you're waiting so
long for me?

Speaker 1 (06:05):
Because many of them whether or not he did one,
I think he did.

Speaker 2 (06:18):
Do you want to get your ruggery election on that?

Speaker 1 (06:22):
I'm English to you.

Speaker 4 (06:25):
I'm not out taking any statements about any of that.

Speaker 2 (06:28):
Right now in the hallway? Am I speaking English to you? Oh?
Imagine a conservative? Good grief. Uh so we're watching all
of this unfold.

Speaker 5 (06:42):

Speaker 1 (06:42):
You do have one top Senate Democrat warning the Biden
can defea Trump, Michael Bennett Colorado, saying that we are
learning other things. Democrats now worried that they could lose
New York. I'm not so sure this was. This was
one district. I think it was taking a little out
of context. Now, it did show that a state that
he won by twenty some odd points was within an

eight point margin. If you asked me which state might
be more winnable, I would say New Jersey by a
long shot. And I think that's interesting. It was also
interesting yesterday to get George Stephanopolos. He's now apologizing profusely
for speaking what he really believes to be the truth.
Caught on tape saying that Biden won't be able to
serve out a second term. I got picked up by

TMZ apparently didn't know he was being taped by after
he was being asked by somebody on the streets of
New York City? Do you think that Biden should step down?
I don't think he can serve four more years? Listen,
how you doing? What do you think?

Speaker 5 (07:42):
Do you think Biden should set down?

Speaker 4 (07:45):
You talked to him more than anybody else had.

Speaker 2 (07:47):
Lately, and he could be offswer for more. You don't
think he can.

Speaker 3 (07:50):
Serve four more years?

Speaker 2 (07:51):
All right, that's an answer. He's an answer.

Speaker 1 (07:56):
Watching ms d n Z go all in for Biden
is interesting, and of course the ladies of the view
doing the same joyless read vowing to vote for Biden
even if he's in a coma. I don't know what's worse.
I don't care if he poops his pants or if
he's in a coma. Latest Siena College pole is showing
Jewish voters are deserting Joe Biden by the way they should,

considering he abandoned Israel and their war on radical Islamic
terrorism and basically surrendered he could trust. You know, Biden
received seventy percent of the Jewish vote, and this poll
finds that just fifty two percent of New York Jewish
voters are supporting Biden, forty six backing Donald Trump. It
was never a better president for Israel than Donald J.

Speaker 2 (08:41):

Speaker 1 (08:42):
One interesting side note, We're going to Milwaukee next week.
If you have food ideas, can go to Hennity dot com.
But then we go to Chicago in August for the
Democratic Convention. But you have Chicago's pro crime mayor.

Speaker 2 (08:56):
What do we have?

Speaker 1 (08:56):
One hundred and seventeen people shot? One hundred and somewhat
people shot over the four day holiday weekend. Seventeen of
them or nineteen of them are dead. I mean, unbelievable.
But Chicago's lefty mayor, Brandon Johnson is blaming Richard Nixon.
Richard Nixon, who resigned from the presidency in nineteen seventy
four and died in nineteen ninety four, for Chicago's crippling

grime problem. Black death has been, unfortunately been accepted in
this country for a long time, he said at a
press conference. We had a chance sixty years ago to
get at the root causes, and people mocked President Johnson.
We ended up with Richard Nixon. Nixon Foundation wasted no time,
calling the remark bizarre and gratuitous. There is, you know,

a lot of polling out there today, CNN's senior political
analyst now warning that Biden's plunging poll numbers now point
to a clean sweep for Trump in November. I want
to just stop everybody right there, right there, don't think
this election is in the bag, because it's not.

Speaker 2 (10:06):
We have no idea.

Speaker 1 (10:08):
With one hundred and seventeen days until election day, we
don't really know for sure who the candidate's going to be.
We don't know what dirty tricks they'll play, you know,
we don't know, you know, if we get another fifty
one former Intel officials letter that will lie to the
country when they knew nothing about Hunter's laptop, we have

no idea if if you know, no reasonable prosecutor will
prosecute comes back up again.

Speaker 2 (10:36):
We just don't know.

Speaker 1 (10:39):
So you've got to just assume that your vote is
the vote determining vote in this election, especially if you're
in one of these swing states. As we watch some
of the other news. You know, Karine Jean Pierre is
upset that she keeps getting questioned. I did like the
Georgie Stephanopolis. Poor Georgie.

Speaker 2 (11:00):
He couldn't have.

Speaker 1 (11:01):
He shouldn't have commented on President Biden's ability to serve
a second term.

Speaker 2 (11:04):
Why not?

Speaker 1 (11:05):
Because he's nothing but a liberal hack on ABC? Anyway,
what we're going to get rid of the pretense all
of a sudden. You know, I think one of the
reasons that fake Jake Tapper and Dana Bash ended up
being fair is because of all of the videos emerging
of how unfair they are in their daily commentary against
Donald Trump. Ryan killed me it had a comment apparently

this morning on Fox and Friends saying that, you know,
look like Jake Tapper ripped off a Hannity montage because
he actually was showing the truth about Biden. Oh that's
that's been a turn of events. Doesn't mean that they
like Donald Trump, trust me. New York Times. You know,
top White House scribe is using translation headsets to understand

Biden when he starts to mumble. You know, Peter Doocey
yesterday asks, you know, during the White House Press her
and you know, he asked the question all right, what
happens if a call comes in after a PM? You
remember the three am ad a relevant that was that

was the Hillary Clinton add what happens? I mean, it's
a really good question. And Kamala Harris is no better.
I mean literally she said, I understand the emotion behind it,
defending anti Israel campus protesters. This is the same Kamala
Harris that backed the bail fund that helped incarcerate the

man now charged with murder go free and bailed out
and arrested again. And these charities boomed after the you know,
when we were going through the riots nearly six hundred
of them in the summer of twenty twenty that the
media mob lied about too, the big Joe Biden cognitive decline,

lie and cover up that they've been a part of
all the lies about Trump and Russia, you know, all
the lie about you know, they're mostly peaceful protests in
the summer of twenty twenty, there or anything, but some
of my favorite pictures still pictures. She got a CNN
fake news reporter, MSDNC reporter basically a city in flames

behind them.

Speaker 2 (13:15):
Oh, it's been mostly peaceful tonight, mostly peaceful.

Speaker 1 (13:19):
Dozens of dead Americans, thousands of injured cops, pelted with bricks, rocks, bottles,
molotov cocktails, mostly peaceful, billions of property damage, mostly peaceful.
And you got Kamala Harris. Sounds like she's supporting insurrection.
By the way, Duke Medical School is claiming timeliness individualism
if you believe in that is part of the white

supremacy culture. Wait, do we get Linda's comments on that later?
Our head's gonna explode. We have this George Clooney comment
kind of like Nancy Pelosi. George Clooney's a jackass. He's
you know, also dumb as dirt. And with him and
his wife did to Prime Minister net and Yahoo and

support him being a war tried as a war criminal
after they killed twelve hundred Israelis murdered them. What part
of murder, rape, hidden apping, beheading does Georgie and his
wife Hollywood elite is that they are not understand? Why
should I give an Adam shift what he says about anything?

Eight hundred nine I spent here. He spends most of
his time in Italy. Anyway, maybe you should stay there.
It's interesting to watch the intramural battling between Democrats. You
have Democratic Representative Richie Torres, a member of the Congressional
Black Caucus, offering a very stark warning on fake new
CNN about the potential down ballot impact of Biden's reelection bid.

If we're gonna go on a suicide political suicide mission,
then we ALEAE should be honest about it. It must
be a series a serious reckoning with the down ballot
in impact. Whoever we nominate, well the people nominate now.
One of the things that I'll get into this in
the next hour half hour. You know, everybody's talking about

and Democrats are all labeling Donald Trump a threat to democracy?
Can you think of anything more arrogant than the elite
within the Democratic Party just totally dismissing and bypassing every
Democratic voter that made their way to the polls and
decided to know about to vote for Joe Biden, knowing

full well about his cognitive issues. Nobody is not a secret.
Everyone can act like it's a secret. They covered it
all up and they lied about it, but everybody knew.

Speaker 5 (15:48):
When news breaks, you get the inside story that no
one else has, and the behind the scenes chatter that
the mainstream media doesn't even know about this. This is
the Sean Hannity Show, all.

Speaker 1 (16:03):
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I mentioned Nancy Pelosi, and Nancy Pelosi while well, it's
up to Joe. She's now waffling on her support for Biden.

Speaker 2 (17:28):
And so.

Speaker 1 (17:30):
First question I had when I saw this in the
New York Times today George Clooney. I love Joe Biden,
but we need a new nominee. Okay, what inspired George Clooney?
The actor? Mister Clooney is an actor, director and a
film producer, like and he's an idiot on top of
everything else. I mean, if you look at what him

and his wife did to Prime Minister yet and yah,
I want them to answer a question. I really want
the question. They the Prime Minister of Israel after the
worst terror attack in their history, which would have been
the equivalent of forty thousand dead Americans in a day,
and he wants the prime ministers fighting back in a
war that was started by other people. He wants that

guy but brought up on charges war crimes for defending
his country. AMAS has in their chart of the destruction
of Israel. What part of that does this idiot not understand?
What part of murder, what part of rape, what part
of beheadings? What part of kidnappings does this idiot not understand?

So it was supposed to he's the expert on Joe Biden.
Why because he said, I've you know, as I'm a
lifelong Democrat, I'm igno apologies. I'm proud of what my
party represents stands for. As part of my participation in
the democratic process and support of my chosen candidate, I've
led some of the biggest fundraisers in my party's history

Obama twenty twelve, Clinton twenty sixteen, Biden twenty twenty. Last month,
they co hosted the single largest fundraiser supporting any Democratic
candidate ever for President Biden's reelection. I say all of
this only to express how much I believe in this
process and how profound I think this moment is. I
could care less about his idiotic, imbecilic, asinine, elitist Hollywood policies,

he's a jackass. What part Georgie, George Clooney and his wife,
what part of murder, rape, beheadings and kidnappings? Don't you
understand I've been to Israel. You need to go, George.
You need to spend a little bit less time in Italy.
You need to make some time go to Israel, go

inside the terror tunnels like I did, go to Stoat
where I did a neighborhood that it was hit with
ten thousand rockets from Gaza border town in ten years.
We talk to the people in northern Israel that are
getting hit with rockets from Hezbolah, another terrorist organization, all
of which are supported by Iran, the number one state

sponsor of terror. Who your buddy, Joe Biden. You can't
kiss their ass enough. I love Biden as a center.
I love blah blah. One thing he cannot win is
the fight against time. None of us can. It's devastating
to say it, but the Joe Biden I was with
three weeks ago the fundraiser was not the Joe big

effing deal Biden of twenty ten. He's such a tough guy.
He wasn't even the Joe Biden of twenty twenty. He
was the same man we all witnessed the debate. Was
he tired? Yes, the cold. Maybe our party leaders need
to stop telling us that that fifty one million people
didn't see what we just saw. We're all so terrified
at the prospect of his second Trump term that we've

opted to ignore every warning sign.

Speaker 2 (20:57):
Stop there.

Speaker 1 (21:00):
Everybody's known this unless George is a complete imbecile, which
is a possibility. You know, everybody knew that he was
in a significant cognitive decline. And he says that George
Stephanopolis did this, and he just goes on to say,
it's you know.

Speaker 2 (21:18):
Where did this come from?

Speaker 1 (21:20):
That's all I kept thinking to myself, is I'm reading
this garbage from this this idiot, and I'll tell you
where I think it came from.

Speaker 2 (21:27):
And it's a guess. I don't know for sure.

Speaker 1 (21:32):
My sources, which are pretty good, have been saying pretty
much every leading Democrat has made the pitch privately to
Biden to get out.

Speaker 2 (21:42):
He's not.

Speaker 1 (21:42):
He's He's resisted all of it. He's got the support,
as I said, of the Congressional Black Caucus, He's got
the support of the squad. He's got the support so
far of James Clyburn. Maybe that changes. I don't know.
I think it's fifty five forty five. He's still the candidate. Wait, wait, wait,
do you see Kamala Just watch Hannity tonight. You don't
want to miss They may they may be begging to

get Joe Biden back once you see Kamala Harris's record.
Let's put it that way, And I'm gonna lay it
all out on Hannity tonight and her radicalism and her extremism,
and frankly, she is not the brightest, brightest politician in
Washington by any means, by any stretch. And so you've
got these conflicting forces here. Then you've got the media

there there now split you got the MSD n C
types battling the New York Times battling fake news CNN,
and it's it's just a mess. And it's a mess
of their own making because all of them new this
is the big Biden cognitive decline lying, you know, I mean,

they've been flat out lying to us. They've been lying
to the American people and covering it up. The Biden
cognitive decline, lie and cover up, that's what they've been doing.
And they've known forever, So we'll see what happens. To
watch this unfold. This is actually pretty interesting and I
don't really care what any of them said.

Speaker 2 (23:16):
You know you do.

Speaker 1 (23:17):
And the reason I think that probably a conversation took place.
I don't think Barack Obama has the courage to stand
by what he really believes, which is Joe Biden should
get out. Remember, never underestimate Joe Biden's ability to f
things up, according.

Speaker 2 (23:31):
To Barack Obama.

Speaker 1 (23:33):
Right, Remember that you have three former Obama advisors and
I guess they have this podcast, and.

Speaker 2 (23:43):
You know, John love it. John.

Speaker 1 (23:44):
What's that guy's name, Bavaru something like that. I forget
how to say his name. Yeah, Fevreau. Tommy Veeder I
think is his name. Often referred to as the Obama
Bros during their tenure in the White House, dedicated to
the majority pod Save America podcast that they got. You
know it's you listen to them, but they're ganging up

on they're ganging up in this case against Joe Biden.
If you really want to know what Obama is thinking,
listen to them. Listen to David Axelrod, Listen to Van Jones,
because that's Biden's inner circle. Their conversations haven't started, haven't stopped.
Since Obama's been out of office. They've all talked about

Joe's cognitive decline privately forever. They just haven't talked about
it publicly because they've covered it up and they've been
part of the big lie.

Speaker 2 (24:40):
But the revolt is not going the way they wanted.

Speaker 1 (24:44):
Joe Biden his family have steadfastly said we're not getting out.
And if they don't decide to get out on their own,
I'm not sure exactly how Democrats get them out unless
they invoke the twenty fifth Amendment, which is not going
to happen. There is certainly panicked, you know, is the
story in the New York Times that Democrats are panicking

and now their only hope is that he might have
another big public misstep. Well, I've been saying forever that
he's one fall away from him not being the nominee.
I think that remains in place today. If he had
a major fall today, it'd be a disaster. You know,
they keep moving the bar and raising the bar. I
mean the bar was raised, you know. The lead up

into yesterday's press, yesterday's speech before NATO allies was, you know,
for make or break moment, fake news CNN was saying, okay,
past the test, he managed to read the teleprompter pretty
well for fifteen minutes. Did a pretty decent job for him.
Let's put it that way. His next big test will

be his press conference, his big boy press conference. How
many questions are they going to take? Are they going
to give the questions out ahead of time? Handpick the
reporters the way they usually do. I love how one Democrat,
Troy Carter of Louisiana, is blaming President Biden's dismal debate
performance on President Trump being distracting. It was a disaster

before Trump ever spoke.

Speaker 2 (26:17):
You know.

Speaker 1 (26:17):
Jerry Nadler coming out of that caucus meeting yesterday with
his head between his legs was priceless. Michael Bloomberg, former
mayor of New York City, donated twenty million to support
Biden's reelection campaign. That's interesting to watch. And this is
a party, and I'll lay this out tonight. Be careful
what they wish for. If they want Kamala Harris so bad,

if they want anybody, And this is the point that
I've been making, it doesn't make a dime's worth a
difference in terms of policies. They all support these open
borders policies. They all support these idiotic Biden economic policies
of redistribution. They all support the New Green Deal and
radical Marxist socialism. They all want electric vehicles in your driveway.

They all support the insane energy policies. They all like
higher prices of energy. The only person ever that got
caught publicly saying it was Obama. But otherwise they wouldn't
they wouldn't have the policies that they have. So things
kind of got slowed down a little yesterday. Now the
pressure ratchets up for the next thing. And then he's

going to do an interview I guess with Lester Holt
sometime next week. All right, so's he's he's trying to
put himself out there, have a vigorous schedule. We still
don't really know the answer about the Parkinson's expert and
all the visits to the to the White House. You know,
one question that the New York Post raise today. Vote
for Joe Biden as November is a vote to make

Kamala Harris president next year or soon thereafter. That's their
opening line. The president can't possibly last another four years.
Is the client is unmistakable and plainly accelerating rapidly. However,
remember he had two frontal lobe surgeries, you know, however,
many decades ago. I don't know if that's a part

of what is going on with them, but something that
people pay very little attention to. But it is unmistakable,
and it is accelerating. Cognitive decline is degenerative. It never
gets better, it only gets worse. If he does drop,
she's going to be the leading candidate to replace him
at the top of the ticket, you know, even though

her approval ratings are as bad as Joe's and she's
more radical than Joe. And of course then we have
a lot of tape of Kamala Harris, and then of
course she was the borders are and she supported every policy.
So I think she's got she's got a lot of
challenges she will face very quickly, and I have no
doubt Republicans are prepared for any possibility. Watching the media

is just fascinating. I don't care if it's the Women
on the View, I don't care if it's The New
York Times at aatorial after editorial calling for Biden to
get out. I don't care if it's MSDNC. They're mad
at the rest of the media for being going after
Joe Biden, joy List behar I mean it's you just
can't make up how bad. And then Georgie Stephanopolos having

to apologize after he can't serve another term he didn't
know he's being taped. I guess that ended up on TMZ.
It just doesn't get any more. It doesn't get any
more entertaining than this, to watch them implode and Donald
Trump last night. I showed the fixtures on Hannity last night.

It was massive. The Cook Political Report delivering bad news
for Democrats in the Biden campaign. They've updated their projections
for key swing states following the debate, and one of
the leading nonpartisan election and campaign watchers, Cook Political Reports,
one thing you got to watch out for. I don't

trust any poll that's to come out now that's going
to show Donald Trump landslide. And I don't trust the
Paul that's going to show Kamala Harris will beat Donald Trump.
I think all of that is the same mob media,
all that conspired together to cover up lie and hide
Joe's cognitive decline. That is their way of trying to

convince the people in this country of their position to
get rid of him. So I don't believe a thing
that I'm going to read. I'm not going to believe
a thing that is said by anybody, And I don't
think these people could ever be trusted again. Did any
of them ever speak out have the intellectual honesty to
say the valuation of the judge in New York and

Goroan of eighteen million dollars for Mara Lago, even a
rudimentarily rudimentary perusal of Palm Beach real estate, shows that
that was just not true. Did they ever care? No
nobody ever talked about it. Did they ever care that
a novel legal theory that a person charged with thirty

four felon accounts wasn't even told what the charges were
until the end of the trial. Do they care about
a misdemeanor upgraded to a felony using this novel legal theory?
They care about an unfair venue? Did they care about
a judge that was, you know, obviously abusively one sided
a Biden donor on top of it? Do they care

about any of this? No, they didn't care. All they
care about is getting Trump. They all agree on that,
and that's why George Clooney, that's all he cares about.
And he's taken somebody got in his head. That's my
best guess. Out of all the things you do to
maintain your home and protect it, your biggest investment. You

know how many of us have gotten up on a
ladder to clean out gutters. It's awful. I hate it.
I'm not doing it anymore. I'll never do it again anyway.
It's time to upgrade to a permanent solution. It's the
leaf Filter right now. You can save up to thirty
percent off your entire purchase. Go to their website. It's
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Trusted pro is going to clean out, realign seal your
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number one gutter protection system. Now schedule your free inspection.
You get thirty percent off your entire purchase when you

go to Leaffilter dot com slash Hannity. That's a free
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Speaker 2 (32:43):
Check it out today, every single day.

Speaker 5 (32:54):
This is the Sean Hannity Show.

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