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April 25, 2024 38 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
is Tanner, Drew and Laura's DonkeyShow, Donkey Show. What Up,
Kiddo? Thanks for checking out Tannerto and Laura's Donkey Show pod casto,
heard online at one of five ninethe brew dot com. I'm Tanner,

Drew's here, Laura's here, Busteras Marcus is here. Good morning everybody,
Yo yo to you and yours.You know, morning, it's been
a crazy We were just talking offthe air, how it's been a kind
of a crazy couple of days herein the Northwest. Yeah, you know
yesterday that that school resource officer kidnappinga baby and then killing himself on the

freeway. Yeah, the baby wasfound safe, thank god. It's wild,
you know, to have all thosemoving parts. Yeah, and uh,
you know, Marcus was on theshow earlier talking about it. It's
just it's really dark. You know. He killed two other people before he
did that to himself. One ofthem was the mother of the baby.
Yeah, you knock up a teenby the way, you knock up a

teenager. And then I was justthinking about this right before we started the
podcast, that like, what's thethought process there on that girl and that
baby even being at his house,Like did he grab them from somewhere because
they'd already been to court. Hewas out on release. It was well
known to everyone that he is thefather of a minor, a baby with

a miner. Like, how thatgirl was at his house in the first
place blows my mind. It soundslike he should have been in jail because
he was. Yeah, he wasout on bail, right, But it
wasn't a violent well it is violentsexual thing if it's something with a minor,
and you were the resource officer,right, I'm sorry, but you

don't get to you don't get towalk out. We got to figure this
out. Yeah, I agree withyou. I think the law is what
screws us here. Can I addanother razy wrinkle to this? I saw
in an article actually right after Igot off the air with you guys earlier.
He was a substitute teacher as wellas a resource officer. And this
was not at a high school.It was at a goddamn junior high This

guy should not have been walking thestreets. I don't care if he passed
with flying colors. I don't careif he was officer of the years Okay,
so as somebody who should never beeligible for bail or bond. So
I saw these conflicting stories. Andthis is where I'm confused. If he
is this resource officer at a juniorhigh, how can she be fifteen and

now sixteen at the later parts ofthe situation. I mean, he was
a resource officer at a high schooland then he was a substitut. Okay,
so he also was at that placeas well. Okay, so guys,
I but there's something to remember,Like I there were two kids in
my school that were sixteen and eighthgrade. Like some kids don't make it
through those lower grades as easiest restaurantsfind the world does. And I mean

these were driving to school, drivingto junior high. Legally, dude,
you are so three years behind thepart if you're in sixteen and eighth grade.
I mean that that's some small townstuff right there. That's a show.
I mean, I was the oldest. I was the oldest kid in
my class because my birthday fell fivedays after the class deadline. So I
was the oldest kid in my class. And I turned fifteen at the beginning

of my eighth grade year, orno, fourteen, sorry, but still
hold me back once and I'm sixteen, right as I leave eighth grade.
Yeah, so this guy will don'tbelong anywhere around these kids. He didn't
belong being a pe teacher, ateacher, or a resource officer. And

how does he become like because he'sa police officer to be a resource officer,
correct, Yeah, I think youneed to be a cop to do
that. Because the one in myschool wore his uniform and he had his
gun on him and everything looked likea copy Mine was openly mocked, you
know, like people thought he waskind of like the bitch cop. And
I'm sure a lot of kids treatthem that way. But there's still a
police officer and they're to be youknow, they're held in a like a

spot where we are more we allowourselves to be more sensitive around them,
and I think he took advantage ofthat. Yeah. Yeah, just talking
to one of my I was justtalking to one of my coworkers from Ohio
and they told me that this justhappened, not nearly to this extent,
but at the high school that theywent to. The high school resource officer

was hooking up with a student andhe was married and had kids and everything,
and it tells me that there's adeeper underlying issue. And I think
everybody knows this, but we don'ttalk about it a lot. And that
is that people that are attracted toyoung kids and miners like this, they
will find a way to get aroundthem. Right. And I don't know
how we change the screening process becausewho else are you supposed to trust?

Well, your high school. Ifeverything falls apart, you go to that
school resource officer. Right. It'sthe exact same model as Boy Scouts.
It's people who are in schools andhooking up with kids or even female teachers.
It's they do it because it's convenient, you know. It's like if
I love something, I want towork in that field. Sadly, these

people are creeps. They're obsessed withchildren, and so that's how it's not
a coincidence that there were so manyBoy Scout leaders who were creeps. It
was because that was a crime ofopportunity and they were given power in a
place. It's the exact same thing, but just with a badge in a
school. I can't see any different. What do we and how do we
screen these people out? Because they'rethey're insidious at this point. I mean,

they'll they find the places where itis convenient and they weasel themselves in
and it's like they play the longgame, like some of these teachers,
some of these like priests, boyscout, like they won't touch a kid
for years, and then all ofa sudden they'll start and it'll cascade and
then they're they're so deeply entrenched atthat point. Yeah, that what do

you do unless unless you have hardproof. I don't know how you eat
them out now, but I doknow that we should cantapult to them into
the city dump when they're found,just toss them away, forget about them
forever. They're they're dead to societylike that, they're not in real life.
And it's it's tough because there reallyis a lot of this stuff is
how do you even fix them?You know, like, if you've done

these terrible things, how are wesupposed to retrust you? I don't think
there is Again, if you've donesomething like that already, that's just who
you are, and that's why youare a register. There's no going back
to me. It's like murder,there's no going back, right, and
that opportunity, like I was whenI was working in the yard yesterday I
hit a random podcast about covering upfor this guynacologist who was actually performing oral

sex on girls during their exams withouttheir knowledge. And the whole thing was
like he'd been doing this for twentyfive years. It's that same idea.
If you're obsessed with vagina more thanwe are, super duper obsessed, why
not put yourself in a place whereit's in your face every day, right,
And like they might go to schoolfor years just to be a creep.

I wonder how many people are creepin their field because of their because
they're creeps, you know, likethe proctologist who just loves butthole. There
was a kid that we just sawa murder doc of and he was like
fascinated by gore and murder and deathand things like that, and his parents
thought he was going to get intocriminal investigations because that's what he was into.
But he went out and cut somebody'shead off instead, right at eighteen

years old. But it seems likea lot of people do do that,
like they've got a fascination with itand maybe they channel it in a way.
Some do, some pull it off, and some fall short and become
that creep that they're chasing away.But it's really too bad. I don't
know the answers, but I doknow that when we find them, we
should just just throw them out.Yeah, we need to stop being so
lax about this stuff. You know, it's like okay out on bond or

bail whatever, No that no,leave them in if it's anything has to
do with the child, or likebump up the amount of money that they
owe because like I mean, puta two hundred thousand dollars on it,
I bet this guy wouldn't have beenable to get out so quick. So
yeah, I don't know, andI'm surprised. So there's shady bail bondsmen
that'll take anything on collapse like hecould have. You know, you could

drive your truck up and be likeyou could have the Toyota if you can
get me out on bond, Andthen they're still walking out, Like I
think, I think you're onto somethingwhere you say, there just is a
hard rule. If you've touched akid in appropriately, no bail, no
bond, and you know what totake it one step further, We're gonna
put you in gen pop in apink jumpsuit, so everybody knows why you're

here, and if you survive genpop by the time your trial comes around,
then we'll go ahead. And Iwonder if the reason I wonder if
that was the main reason this guytook his life because he was a cop.
He's gonna get wrong, and itwas because he was such a little
bit. He was such a cow. Yeah, he was I know what's
coming. He would have gotten fuckedup in joy and so he probably knew

it. And then he's like,you know what, I'm just gonna do
this. I wish that did happen. I wish that he got everything coming
to him in jail, in prison. Yeah, I like Marcus' idea of
the different color outfit and all that. I would beg to do it.
After the trial, I imagine youdidn't do it. Yeah. Yeah,
they beat him with a canna ofbeans. He was totally innocent. He

didn't do a thing. I mean, brother, no one knew about Yeah,
like after the trial though, whynot an unpopular opinion in this room
and elsewhere, I'm sure, Butlike, depending on the crime, sex
offenders, castration, like get itout, dude, I'm about like,
if you have a problem with ifyou're a sexual deviant, you absolutely should

be just you castrated and your shipcut off, take away your weapon,
right if you can control yourself.If you're raping, if you're molesting,
you lose it. You turn intothe Spider from Game of Thrones. And
I don't think that there could bethat much pushback because if you argue four
like, if you argue against thatidea, then you're a creep. Because
if you're not a creep, I'dbe like, yeah, cut all their
weenies off because it doesn't affect me, but it will affect me if one

of them touches my kid, andI have to cut it off myself.
And I do think maybe that wouldbe a more effective deterrent, Like if
you're like, oh, well,I'll only get thrown in jail for couple
of days whatever, maybe served sometime, you'll testosterone again exactly. Like
that's so, Like we said atthe top of the podcast, it's been
a crazy couple days here in theNorthwest, late a chill, and today

we were talking about all that stuff, and we got a talkback message from
this dude who also is experiencing somethingcrazy today. What's going on, guys,
welder Robb here, I'm just tryingto figure out what's going on.
I just had like twenty cops passme on my way to Kalama, right
right up before Kalama, and thenthere's cops on the side of the road
getting spike strips ready. So I'mtrying to figure out what's going on.

I know they you guys said theycaught that guy yesterday, but someone might
be on their way down this wayright now, because there's at least thirty
cops heading towards Kalama right now onthe five. So the guys know anything,
let me know. So I didn'tknow anything, but he sent us
another talk back a few minutes latergiving us an update. Hey guys,

welder rob again. So I lookedon my local scanner page on Facebook.
Turns out somebody stole the police explorerfor IT explorer and they were chasing him.
I had no idea. Dude totallypassed me going one hundred and something.
I'm pretty sure he might have almosthit a motorcycle cop that was on
the side of the road. Theywere trying to set up spike strips,

and from my rear view mirror,I've seen dust bline and cars were swerving
anywhere, and the cop on thebike was the only one I didn't see
comes for it cut him off,so it looks like they probably swerved him.
Yeah, got that while throwing whathow do you steal a police explorer?

Like a tweet? Big it didn'tlock the vehicle. I know because
I've seen police you know, youwatch the show or you just you see
it on the internet where the copsjust jump out of the car and they'll
chase the suspect. So I alwaysthink about if they jumped out of the
car in like a neighborhood and theychase the suspect for five six blocks,
who's like going through their car,like maybe stealing their gun and going to

act. I saw that happen once, not to a cop, but just
some naked woman on PCP when Iwas living in Colorado. Standard issue.
Yeah, a woman. A womanjumped out of her car to help this
woman who is naked running across thestreet, thinking this woman's in danger,
I've got to help, and thenthe woman uh in turn, jumped in
her steeler ol trig. Why docops not have a key fob in their

pocket that with a kill switch.That's a great idea, and maybe they
do. I don't. I don'tknow how right. It sounds like it
sounds like it's expensive and police departmentson the pay, especially a little place
like Kalamo. We just missed anational drug take back day. What police
need is an autonomous vehicle. Sowhen they do do that, the car

can just come and find them,you know, like the car like let's
say he tackles the suspect three blocksfrom the vehicle, the vehicle just drive
to him if it can. Youknow, sometimes you're in an alleyway or
something, and we can't be thatfar off. If you can be inside
of a Tesla and not touch thenot touch the wheel from driveway to driveway,
why can't the car come find me. They're already doing it in La.
They got driverless vehicles in LA,and they and if my car can

just be like, oh, sayyou're at the mall, where did I
park that thing? I'll just bringit up front. I would imagine that
eventually. I'm not sure we're toofar off from that, but I mean
the technology definitely already exists. Sothey need to perfect that autonomous car.
They need to perfect that before I'mjumping in that thing. I've seen too
many people just get into accidents orI think I don't even think Tesla.

I think they've disabled it. No, it's not disabled. You just they
changed it to where you have totouch the wheel every once in a while.
That's right, So you can't besleeping. Yeah, but they'll still
drive you all the way to LAfrom here. Yeah. We need we
need to get it to where Ican sleep and where I don't have to
worry about it at all. Becausethe video that I saw the the day
of this driver list, it's likea driverless uber or whatever. It's kind

of like an uber in Los Angeles. Uh. The car turned a corner,
but there was a police barricade inthe middle of the road, and
the cop was telling the driver thatwasn't there to turn around and go the
other way. But the car justkept inching forward because it's a fucking robot.
Yeah, it doesn't It doesn't knowwhat's going, doesn't know what the
cop is trying to tell it todo, and the person's in the driver's
seat going I don't know, bro. Like I I think it's gonna come

to like almost having a QR codeon a sign that the thing sees and
it's like, oh dtour follow thefollowing day, and once they perfect it,
I'm all about it. Give itsome time, you know, especially
for drive driving. I saw thatvideo to Tanner, and what I I
kept just shaking my head about isthe person going, I'm not driving it.
I don't know, I'm not driving. There's got to be like,

put your fucking foot on the brake, right, I mean the car you
take it. There was nobody inthe passenger seat. Yeah, so it's
not that's a Tanner scenario. Isdifferent than you just in your Tesla crying
because you can't hit the brake.This is as so there wasn't anybody sitting
in the driver's seat in this caris completely autonomous and and there's zero people

in the driver's seat, so it'ssuper eerie. I've seen people shoot videos
in the back seat like this isfucking weir We saw what happened and upload
run you right off a pier.Yeah, it's true true. So once
they do it, though, I'mall for it's all, especially when you
can be in the back and it'snot your fault, like I'm buzzed.
Of course, I had the cardriving me home. Not a problem.

Okay, thanks for being responsible.Sex in a moving vehicle while it's self
driving on the road. Well,I don't know, hey, I mean
reminds you of those old hand jobsunder a blanket back in the day when
his mom's cat was it just me, I was a load something. Oh

here, let me play this forMarcus. I did not play this for
him. This trailer park girl whois oh this, I bet you this.
She's that sixteen year old from Marcus'sclass. Yeah, she is so
so southern, so country, sotrailer park. I guess this is the
state she lives in, Mississippi,where they have spider bits. They got

spiders falling from the sky, andshe was giving us a weather report.
Apparently, y'all there needs to bean update onto the ice water. If
you're shared of the spiders outside,all better stier butts and the off because
I don't found col spiders only inthe past, or I don't know what
fighter a spiders I are, butlet me tell you I've been called so
if I'm in the ear, it'sprobably because I got spider bit. But

y'all sight pined and size spiderless bitor whatever that's called. The way she
says certain words coming up in anair an r from here, it's how
I figure you guys would sound ifI was huffing duster. Yeah, yeah,
there needs to be an update ontothe ice water. If you're sharing
of the spiders, she says,weather. Then we start talking about insects,

and I love when she is spiderbit, but then she goes into
another thing, so a spider bit. But yeah, if you're sharing of
the spiders outside, all better,Stier butts and I off because because I
can't even do it, I can'teven say it. She barely says it
all better Steier, But it's nighoff because I don't found about four spiders

only in the past. I don'tknow fiver as spiders I are, but
let me tell you out there meantflavored extra crispy. I don't know fiver
as spiders I are, but letme tell you out I've been calling all
I rely, so if I'm inthe ear, it's probably because I got
spiderber. But y'all tuned and thyspiderless bit or whatever that's do they talk
like that in enterprise? Orgon Marcus, Now this is it you're getting into

like a this is almost like remindsme of like a by you accent,
but a little bit of the South. Yeah, I got a little bit
of Louisiana in there for sure.And you've only ever talked to six people
because they like and I'm thinking,like the language I like to call sorry,

go ahead, no, go ahead? Well now we want to know.
Oh, I call this language Copenhagenlong cuts. I can tell she
has a dip in her mouth,like it's so easy. The lips is
kind of it feels like it's hanginga little bit. And I love that
the weather outside is spiders, yelike spot weather outside of the worst type

of weather. Can't you imagine howgreat her breath is spiders tomorrow for else?
I was just I'm thinking, like, these people went to school,
probably at least for a brief periodof time, and that's where they look.
Is one of the worst school systemsin the country. I know,
so like, but where do youlearn down at Mississippi MUDs. It's a

it's an all ages school for sixweeks. I'm assuming you learn this and
you pick this up from your parentalsand not your teachers, but maybe your
teachers also, like how when you'relearning to speak. But some of these
places where it's like the d We'veall seen the documentaries of these deliverance houses
where half of them are super inbred. They don't think a second cousin getter

is like a bad idea, youknow, like they really throw it on
themselves to where they're not just notraise the way you are. Yeah,
I mean, I mean you,I guarantee you by third grade, the
way that you studied, you hadher locked out for the rest of the
time she took. She definitely needsto study for another hour or two.
Yeah, but if you get spiderBit, but I'm just checking out.

Yeah, yeah, that's country man, that's country the band spider Bit.
But but but that sounds like aterrible place. I never want to I
never want to go there. Wepart of Mississippi, do we know?
I don't They got to be southern. The shweatiest part flies on the forehead.
Yeah. There was a poll donestudy recently, and I think a
lot of people are sick and tiredof the celebrity president thing. And I

know a lot of people are justlike I want to you know, I
don't want a celebrity. No,I just want a dude, will lose
the novelty of it. Right.Well, this study found that fifteen percent
of Americans, if we had tohave a celebrity president, who do you
like? Okay, before I evenget to you had to be a celebrity
president, who would you pick?I already know the answer of whom most
people. I know the largest percentageof people. What everyone picked is not

my pick? Okay, because Ilike it, but it's not my first
pick because there you team kloon.I want to I like Clooney, but
I think like Hanks, Hanky pankyTommy. I mean, you know,
I could get down on Tom Hanksbecause like he is always he's always kind
of felt like the I don't know, just like the dad or something.
But then I saw I saw himin that video getting like kind of hot

when that paparazzi was too close tohis wife, and I was like,
Okay, Tom Banks actually means business. Ye, He'll he'll fight if he
has to. Yeah, I thinkhe's a good man. I think Tom
Hanks is a good man. Iwouldn't mind, Uh, Matt Damon,
stop does it have to be anactor because mine would be I think I
don't think mine even qualifies because he'soh celebrity, Mark Cuban, Mark Cuban,

Well, there's shark tank, there'sroom. He's off shark Tank.
Now he sold the Mavericks. Neverone thought that he was going to run
for office, but he said thathe didn't and that he wasn't going to.
I just like that. He's willingto smash people on all sides and
say why they're not good at thenot going to be good at this.
I don't know if he would be, but that was just an idea.
Well, according to this study,fifteen percent of Americans pick Denzel Washington as

their celeb choice for president. Fifteenpercent. I like his I mean he
gives a good speech. He wouldgive a great speech, and boy,
wouldn't you feel like you could takeany country on with him as your president?
Oh yeah, and very intimidating andwhen he's passionate. Mm hmm.
Let's see you missed the best.The best choice here for a president,
think about speeches. If we're goingwith actors, president Jamuel L. Jackson

is the guy. Absolutely get thismotherfucking inflation, this motherfucking country. I
throw it down, like I likethat big. If we're gonna do this,
let's be entertained at the least,not that Denzel wouldn't entertain. Tom
Hanks is great, but I feellike you could see him look at I
want somebody he could look at Putt. You call me a bitch? You

say I was a bitch clicking gunstogether? Does he look like a bitch?
And if we can't get well,maybe they could run with media.
It'll be a nice two person ticket. Here is a strong choice coming in
a close second place for celebrity president. Who do you think it is?
Matthew McConaughey. Not Matthew McConaughey,but Rock. I like Dwayne the Rock
John he's already give it up,gets the dream, he's already said he's

not doing it. And thirteen percentof people say that he should be president
the Rock Do you smell? Whatline is cooking? Taking the last spot
in the top three, Tom Hanksat twelve percent, followed by Clint Eastwood
at ten years old. Come onright, anyone who's writing that down,
it's like you're just writing down oldbrands. He likes CLEAs what is a

thousand? He can barely hold hisbody up. I saw a picture of
him. He is ninety four yearsold, and he looked like he had
a hard time just standing. Hemakes he makes it look like he can
eat off the kids. Men.This is the most stereotypical American thing ever.
Like, who do you guys wantyour president to be? Dirty?
Harry? Like, yeah, thenGeorge Clinton American. George Clinton's got tempers

end of the vote and Oprah hasa nine percent. The same with the
Oprah Like, let's just give upthe dream. Well, she does pick
good books, Taylor Swift? Doesthat make you a good president? Though?
I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor runsand you know five tens. I
mean, she definitely is capable ofgetting people signed up to registers. It's
got, it's got Republicans, it'sfreaking out all stressed. Yeah, Taylor

is president. Just can I go? Can I yell? I'm going to
Canada? You can? You cansay plenty of people put your money where
your mouth is. You don't actuallyeven have to go, but there you
go. I guess people in DenzelI think he you know, not be
terrible, but when he does,like a commencement speech, it's he gets

you pretty fired up. Yeah,yeah, I could like to see it
happening, not happening on on videoand movie, right, Yeah. I
just want to that token though,doesn't Jim Carrey also give a hell of
a commencement. Jim Carrey get outof here. He's insufferable. I can't
stand Jim. I'm not Jimmy fan. I either lost his mind sucks now

he sucks. I'd like to seeJohn Stewart. John stewartould be great.
Colbert would be great. So Ijust want somebody who knows their ship,
not just because they're famous, likethey got to be smart. And everyone
on that list I feel like,with the exception of Oprah, I don't
know if she knows her ship,but Clooney does, Damon does, Tom
Hanks does, Gary Busey, BarryBusey's really sharp? Great, anybody want
to say the butt end of hercannon? Double Lowris Brob Schneider would make

a great vice president. What doyou think Schneider? Only if Sandler Schneider.
No, I think he would bemaybe like, uh Press secretary.
You'd have Sean Spicer's see that,and then he would eventually end up on
Dancing with the Stars and have tothank Adam for everything. Yep, awkward
dude. And Adam is like reallygood to the people that he cares about.
If he's convinced to care for theentire nation, I'm voting Sandler Spade

twenty four, no question Spade.But then he's gonna do the kayak commercial.
Kevin James, I don't know.I don't know everything today, Baby
John bin Job is going to havea rest stop named after him, which
is kind of cool. I thinkwe should have something named after us here
in town that a rest of triedand Salem and they right out of the

key to the stag, Well thatwas the mayor Salem. Maybe want one
street Ingbong Avenue. How long isa term for may I think it's four
years, isn't it. Well,we'll have to talk to his future opponent.
Yeah, what we will do forwe will campaign for you if you
name a street after us that nowwe're talking. Yeah, I'll do that.

And here's a consolation prize for youguys. There's still a cab that
drives around the city of Eugene withthe one O one five K fly logo
from the old radio stations. Beforethere is something named after you and Eugene.
It's that one cab. It's veryold, and I will say that
that was my one of my liketwo lions, so I'm responsible for that

topper. You're welcome, Marcus.All right, So I think, uh,
that cab tried to hit me theother day, so I'm not sure.
No thank you needed. That's gonnabe it for us, I think
y'all. Tomorrow Thursday, we've gotanother pair of tickets to see Pete Davidson.
Marcus will join us on the finalDonk of the week. We probably
apologize. This is the first donkof the week and then the last Donk

of the week is tomorrow. Thesenext last couple of days, have you
just been well? We had toleave yesterday to go up to alon A
to the Rock and Rock and Bruce. I kept call it Rock and Bruce,
but it's Rock and Bruce, Rockand Bruce. Yeah, I think
that's it. And it's the newkiss themed bar up up in Washington.
But it's not just kiss like Isaw like a couple of kiss things.

It's I saw rock everything. Isaw badass murals. I saw they've got
like it looks like, uh,they're like glowing album covers on the ceiling,
a good job of lighting up allthe art in that bar, the
memorabilly on the walls. It's incredible. Yeah, so it's it's owned by
Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, Iguess, but yeah, it's more of

just an over. Yeah, it'sa nod to all things rock and roll,
so anyone can go and enjoy.They got a beer there called Exit
sixteen. It's a local beer,which is cool. Exit susteen sixteen is
the exit you take to go toand so there's a beer there called Exit
sixteen that's just fairly new but apparentlyit's delicious. That's very so I want

to try that. But I'm lovingthat place. I hope to do a
bacon and beer or some sort ofparty there. But after the show we
had to do that. Laura hada doctor's appointment, which I guess was
super awkward. Yeah, as prettyusual. I just cannot get a break
from these awkward doctors appoint tell themabout the doctor because it's like really uncomfortable.
I mean, we're not ladies,so we have to you know,
well, Marcus. Marcus will appreciatethis because we've kind of not really talked

in depth about it, but Ihave to get like my lady stuff done
more than most women do because I'vehad like a cancer scare in the past,
and so I have to go everyyear for Yeah, and like I
told you about the last one wherethe woman kind of like left the door
cracked open because she forgot the lightand she tried to use the light that
like you look in your ear withlike on my down there area, and

I'm like, what are you doing? Like I left a bad Google review
for that lady that was so putoff by the whole situation. So then
I found she didn't have the lighton her head and said, she's not.
It's not they don't wear it ontheir head whatever they do. It's
a head lamp and it's not aheadlamp, but you get it like the
main lamp. So she tried touse the tiny little lamplight right exactly.

It's a searchlight, and I justsee her like peeking around down there.
That's exactly what it was, andI was like, what are we doing
right now? Like now you knowhow we feel. It's just a big
peak around it. But okay,but that's kind of what it felt like
yesterday I had a residence. Soshe isn't like she's a doctor but not
like fully she's out of med school, but she's still yes. So I

don't know what they were doing downthere, but like I was laying there
in like the most vulnerable, vulnerableposition you can imagine, and they couldn't.
I think they couldn't find my cervixbecause they were like, look,
They're like looking and they're like,oh, is it is that? And
they're talking like you're not there?Yeah, And because like there's like a
senior physician in the room also beinglike, well, maybe like move it

down or like, and so they'relike moving stuff and I'm like and it
got to a point where I startedlaughing, like out loud. I was
like, what is happening? They'relike, oh, I'm and I'm like,
am I between you and this?I'm just like spread eagle on the
table with my feet and the stirrups, the whole thing, and they're just

like, oh wait, I thinkI think I had it. And then
I'm just like, oh my god, what is going on? So I
mean it's whatever, Like at thispoint, I start laughing. When you
started laughing, I think do youthink they were kind of mortified by the
whole situation. And it was finebecause, like I said, I'm used
to this by now. You know, I have it done frequently enough that
I'm not like, oh, I'mso impassed. You can't catch a break

with these. And you've seen thenormal one, the normal doctor with no
peaking from the outside, no weirdlighting issues. I know, but I
mean in your own lighting. Yeah, I brought my yeah, yeah,
or case you could find a differentperson to do that. By one o'clock
this afternoon, yeah, exactly.There's a few on the way back to
Vancouver. It's fine. I mean, And I was going to say everything

checked out, but I don't knowyet. I'll fall that's yes, yes,
yet to be determined. But I'mjust like, man, this has
been a very that's weird, veryweird. So there's a there's a little
behind the side. I didn't wantto do what we're doing yes yesterday,
but I totally forgot that we weregoing to get stuck in meetings because I
had in my head all day andthen I wasn't going to and I opened

the door in a suit is juststanding there like to that meeting. Come
to that meeting really excited and itwas locked. He didn't end up being
longer than it should have been becausesomebody just kept there's somebody here at work
and he's a nice guy. He'slike he's the new guy. But he'll
talk for like ten minutes and won'tsay a thing. Yeah, it's like
we don't get to where there's evena question to be answered, like like

we just talked. He just talkedfor ten minutes, but nothing was really
said, Like you don't know whatcame of that ten minute talks. You
feel like a lot of radio peopleare like that do you have you?
I mean you count? This roomis different, like you guys get to
the point, and we were ona limit being in radio. You should
get to the point better than everyoneelse because you only have a few minutes
exactly and got to be concise,god straightforward. But every time this guy

asks asked a question, it delaysthe meeting for their five ten and then
you don't get anywhere with it.It's like and he asked a dozen questions.
Yeah, and the guy running themeeting was on vacation, and so
he was like, well he was, and I'm not sure how annoyed he
was with that, but it waslike his whole day was this just this
meeting. So it's like, youknow, it's not like they have other
stuff to do. So we weredefinitely in there and my bladder was filling

up. Yeah, it's like,God, I just wish I was with
Tanner. Yeah in Jeene Simmons inhis arms at the party Palace. Yeah,
I mean yesterday was it was crazybusy day, dude, and I
had to cancel some things. Thatwas so busy. So after the show,
I just speed up to alon A, which I got there in like
twenty eight minutes, which is crazybecause that's like the only time of the
day. Yeah, right in,I got there really quickly, even got

home really quickly. But after thatI had a did disappointment, but I
had to cancel that. I hada therapy appointment. At two. I
had, Oh I'm sorry, Ihave a therapy went yesterday day. Yeah,
therapy want two And then it seemrelaxed. At three point thirty,
I had a workout and then afterthat I had to go to the weed
shop and then to the grocery store. Yeah, I love the I was
the weed shop grocery store in thatorder, because yeah, we got it

priorities. But I was exhausted whenI got home, and I still didn't
go to bed till like eleven o'clock. I had email came in last night
at like ten thirty. Yeah,I couldn't go to I was because everything
got pushed back. Yeah, andI also Marcus and I Marcus, I,
so I was. I sat downto work and I get a texting
Marcus, so you want to playVIDs and I and so I immediately stopped
working and I played vis with Marcusfor about two hours. I should because

you know, like I think Iwatched eleven minutes of Fallout last night.
Yeah that time it's too bad.Yesterday was crazy. It sucks too now
because the sun really is not settinguntil late yeah, so it's tough to
really get into sleepy time mode.But Marcus I can't. When he says,
hey, you want to play,I can't say no to him.
I'm like yes, yeah, wellI had already felt bad. So we

had dueling guilt last night because youtexted me to see if I was playing,
and I was. I had juststarted making dinner and I was like,
man, I'm not in for likean hour, and when I got
up and texted you, I figuredthere's no way he's going to be working
and he's going to be getting readyfor bed. And so although it played
hell with your sleep schedule, Iwas very happy. So it was fun
even though we were getting dominated.Last night. We've been playing war Zone

Resurgence and we just cannot like weget better and better each game, but
it starts off terrible, like canwe end up like twentieth place and we'll
just really practice makes personally, Yeah, you will overcome tonight and tomorrow.
No, that war Zones fun.I haven't played and I've played it like
five times, but it's fine.Tanner comes in in the morning like it
looks like you've been through wars.You have no idea. Lots of grenades.

But Marcus and I are playing VIDson Twitch quite often. You can
follow me at Atomic Tanner TV.On the twitch Atomic Tanner TV. We
play hell Divers call it duty.Uh pub g pub G. Thank you,
Laura, You're welcome. Get thatby now. Marcus loves that PUBG.

That's the only thing. And Drewgot a chicken dinner the other day.
Mark I did damn. Oh yeah, because I care. We I
go, I fly in, playone round, die, turn it off.
That's how long I have. Everyone'sso while like Amy and Drew will
hop on and it's fun to playthe Amy because she's like a lot better

than Drew. I don't know aboutthat, and it's a pretty good game
and Call of Duty she's pretty good. Only one way to find out.
I think you guys should get togetherand play place. Every time we play
that, we always play with anylonger. And then Drew dies really quickly,
and you're talking about like, Ithink she's signed on three times in
eight years, and each time,each time she crushes it's so bad that

it's it's a core memory for me. Okay, So it's the truth.
By the way, I'm not makingthat up. Whatever, I'm that game.
I've got her. She's got mein many games, but I got
pubg Oh. I was talking toYeah, prove it, prove it,
prove it. I think, okay, what if we did improve it?

Seven thirteen to seven nineteen. Tonightwe are going to play We're diving in
six Ready. If you hear screamingand I had just you're going to set
off a grenade in my lap.We'll be ready. But yes, it's
fun play, play some vis withus. It's a lot of fun if
you get a chance. We needto get something new, though, because
we need something we're actually good at, you know, like, I know

we'll get better at war Zone,but I just keep playing. What are
you talking about? I know,but it's like you're like you're egging it
on, but you're like, Ihate video games all of my soul.
Yeah, it's fun to watch youguys. Yeah, And honestly, like
I am convinced Laura would if shehad like a boyfriend. I don't think
I'd be very good. You probablywouldn't, but you probably have fun to
it. Yeah, you'd play.Maybe, Yeah, maybe there's some game

like dude, there's so many gamergirls online now, it's kind of insane.
I had a friend try to getme into it. She wanted me
to be like a PC person.That's where we play there. I don't
know. Yeah, that's that's wherethe big boys plays PC. Even though
every time you turn the PC onthere's something you have to fix. Yeah,
you know, like this has beenreset or I've got to like this
crash, I gotta close and restartthe system. It's you can't just turn

it on and play a game,even though it's a much better gameplay and
the graphics are better. It's justthere's always something that you got to fix.
Always. The first fifteen minutes ofmy Arcus and I playing are just
yelling about our equipment. So Ido. One thing that I have missed
is just running over in pubg It'sthe same thing as a GTA running someone
over with a vehicle. It's funwhen they don't see it coming. Is

really it's a special. It wouldbe Grand Theft Auto four and it would
This is back when our group waslike, there's like fifteen of us,
and so we would we wouldn't needany strangers, right, we'd have a
full round of people to fight thatwe all knew, and so we put
it on private match and we wouldchoose the airport and rockets. That's it.
No regular guns. So all youhad was a rocket launcher or you
could smash somebody with a car atone hundred and fifty miles an hour.

That was your only weapon, thatwas And I would just sit there and
laugh till I crawed. I wouldlaugh so hard and so much we could
stay up all night. You know, it's better than that double O seven
and sixty four where you just useslappers. That's pretty good slappers. Pretty
shi slappers is weak. I alwaysrockets in the stack. We always band
slappers at my house. And theodd job guy. Why would you want

band slapping just like was like justyou wouldn't play that most Yeah, yeah,
because it's just it was bit.It was bitch mode if everyone slapped,
and it was the same thing whenyou use the tiny guy. Because
it's like, dude, no oddjob, you can use odd jobs,
so slapping is always banned and oddjob is always banned. Definitely no job.
Ever if you play with odd job, you didn't have people regulating you

growing up. Got a no oddjob, odd job and the slapper,
so it's only punching, slap job, hand job. We'll see tomorrow,
Marcus, thank you for joining ustoday tomorrow. Pete Davidson tickets thing buying.
You've been listening to Tanner, Drewand Laura's Donkey Show, heard daily
at one oh five nine that brewdot com. They gotta have mercy on

all of our souls.
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