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11-14 Dan and Nigel

November 14, 2017134 min
IT’S TUESDAY! We talk about the win Blazer got over the Nuggets and having the lineup switched up with Caleb Swagin starting at the PF and holding his own in the paint, and now he will start the next game with Orlando on the next game coming up. We like that Caleb was starting, it surprised most people that were watching the game and we did not know that he would get the start, but you might as well keep him in the lineup with his performance. The Dolphins got their ass whooped against the Panthers, Jay Cutler looks like crap and the Dolphins can only blame themselves for this. OSU basketball losses and UO basketball are looking like they will be a good game. Also, Trump helps out UCLA, Cam Newton destroys the Dolphins, and LeBron is still king. We had Coach Stotts on the show this morning as well for his weekly segment!

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