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March 13, 2017123 min
Hour 1. David Meade is a researcher, investigator and writer by background. He has served at these levels, working both for the federal government and in private industry – the latter primarily Fortune 1000 Companies. In both capacities he has written investigative reports for the highest levels of management, and boards of directors. After close to four years of research into the Planet X mystery, he wrote a book about a year ago entitled Planet X – The 2017 Arrival. His media interviews on You Tube have approached one million views, and his book has been distributed on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other platforms in most Englishspeaking countries, available in eBook, audio and printed formats 2nd Hour Guest: Investigator Matthew Schulz Born into the Scooby-Doo generation and having a curiosity of all things paranormal since a child, Matthew Schulz's interest in the spiritual realm was greatly heightened when it was discovered his uncle and aunt lived within a haunted turn-of-the-2

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