Appetite for Distortion
From a radio studio in New York City, comes a die-hard fan of the greatest rock & roll band hailing from Hollywood, California. Dissecting all things Guns N' Roses (and anything else in his distorted mind), it's Brando...and this, is Appetite for Distortion. The first ever Guns N' Roses discussion and interview podcast with the biggest names in the GN'R universe hosted by a radio veteran.

Ep. 72 - Mina Caputo, Life of Agony

July 10, 2018126 min
Mina Caputo is not charging for the follow lecture in episode 72. You'll understand once you listen...

Mina first came into prominence with her band Life of Agony in the early 90s. Since then she has quite the journey, including coming out as transgender in 2011. Her story has already inspired so many, but that's only what we knew. Untold tales of auditioning for both Velvet Revolver and the Doors is the start of our conversation, then somehow leads down a thought-provoking conversation about self-love and the human condition.

This is a can't-miss conversation with one of rock's most respected vocalists.