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Bill Rancic First Light

November 30, 20169 min
“First Light pulls from my own life experiences to tell a fictional story of love, survival and hope. My desire is that people finish this book feeling empowered to tackle life’s countless challenges and obstacles. I believe through determination and faith anything can be achieved no matter how insurmountable the odds may appear. It was an incredible, cathartic experience writing my first novel, and I hope everyone finds the same inspiration and thrill while reading it that I had while putting it together.” – Bill Rancic In First Light, a debut novel inspired by his own love story with wife and television personality Giuliana Rancic, Bill Rancic recounts the story of a young couple as told to their 10-year-old son. Ten years earlier, Daniel and Kerry are leaving a work trip in Alaska to plan their wedding back home in Chicago when their plane is sent careening into a mountainside in the middle of the Yukon during a terrible snowstorm, seriously injuring Kerry in the accident. It soon b

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