Arroe Collins: Unplugged & Totally Uncut

Classic Rock Report Feb 10

February 10, 20161 min
Yesterday (Tuesday), Stone Temple Pilots opened their website up to anyone from around the world who thinks they have what it takes to be the band's new lead singer -- and found out there are lots of hopefuls out there. Dean and Robert De Leo tell us there are so many, in fact, that the site soon crashed due to all the submissions. But odds are, not a lot of them will make the first cut. STP guitarist Dean De Leo on what STP is looking for in a singer. “We’re looking for a lot of things. It’s a tall order. We’re looking for a lot, because we were affiliated with a couple of guys who were really, really great and really on top of their game. Artistically, we’re looking for somebody along those lines, and personally speaking, we’re looking for someone along the lines of Chester." Lead singers are famous for having big egos, but Robert says that's OK by him and Dean. STP bassist Robert De Leo on whether they’d mind a singer with a big ego. “I think it comes with the territory, you know?

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