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David Good The Way Around

November 14, 201514 min
Writing openly about his struggle to understand himself and find his place in the world, THE WAY AROUND is the captivating story of David Good’s parents -his American anthropologist father and his mother, a tribeswoman who could not fully adapt to Western life; of moving between the wilds of the Amazonian jungle to the paved confines of suburban New Jersey; of his mother’s abandonment and the harmful effect it had on his young self; of his rebellious teenage years marked by depression and drinking, and the near fatal car accident that transformed him and gave him purpose, leading him back to his mother in the Amazon twenty years later!! In 1975 David Good’s father Kenneth Good travelled to the Amazon jungle as a graduate student to study the isolated Yanomami tribe—a people then virtually untouched by western civilization. To better understand the Yanomami, Kenneth spent several years among them, learning their language, studying their ways, and participating in their cultu

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