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Dr Dale Archer The ADHD Advantage

August 1, 201512 min
But what if impulsiveness, distractibility, impatience, and the other ADHD symptoms we’re dead-set on overcoming are actually disguised talents like curiosity, adventurousness, and resilience? Might that explain why ADHD-diagnosed people are noticeably overrepresented in prestigious demographics like entrepreneurs and professional baseball players? That is the contention of Dr. Dale Archer in THE ADHD ADVANTAGE. Dr. Archer, a board-certified psychiatrist, is the New York Times-bestselling author of Better Than Normal: How What Makes You Different Can Make You Exceptional and a popular source of expert psychological advice on major national news programs. Dr. Archer’s unique expertise on this topic is also rooted in the fact that he personally has lived (and flourished) with ADHD over the course of his life and career without relying on drugs. THE ADHD ADVANTAGE goes far beyond previous challenges to conventional ADHD wisdom, shifting the paradigm of how parents, students, athletes,

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