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George Hodgman Author of Bettyville

February 21, 201614 min
When George Hodgman left Manhattan for his hometown of Paris, Missouri, to care for his aging mother Betty, he expected to be away for only a few weeks. But life conspired to keep him there, armed with not much more than a (mostly) willing heart, a broken past to sort out, and two irascible personalities: his own, and Betty’s. In his hilarious, heartbreaking memoir, BETTYVILLE, Hodgman shares their unforgettable mother-son journey, capturing truths about family, identity, and our current American landscape. At the center of BETTYVILLE is the inimitable Betty, a woman of her own time, a small-town wife and mother who nevertheless chafed at her limitations—who hated bad hairdressers, baking cookies, and gossip; who loved roses, driving fast, and speaking her mind with pithy directness, especially when it came to her only son. Betty and George were often in cahoots and often at loggerheads, locked in battle but sworn allies as well. And for all they shared, he kept one big secret from

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