Arroe Collins: Unplugged & Totally Uncut

Guardians of the Geekery 33

August 26, 201570 min
Episode 33! Our own Matt & Abby, veteran emcees for the Geek Gala, join us to discuss costuming, cosplay, and tips and tricks for successful conventioning just in time for DragonCon – along with all the geekery (and dancing) we decide to discuss. Yes, dancing, dangit! Matt and Abby are a geeky husband and wife comedy team from Concord, North Carolina. With a penchant for the past, they dabble in costuming, vintage clothing, vintage decorating, tiki culture, mid-century nostalgia and vaudeville comedy. They can be seen regularly hosting the Charlotte Geeks’ own Geek Gala as well as making appearances at local cons. Together with local comedian Ronnie Deen, they’ve entered the world of youtubing with the 2 Dudes Revue where they’ll bring their brand of madcap silliness to the masses (with varying definitions of “2” and “dudes”). For a link to the 2 Dudes Revue facebook page, click here. To find out more about the Geek Gala, visit

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