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Jean-Pierre Dorléac The Naked Truth

May 17, 201527 min
The Depth of Beauty: The Most Unarguably Beautiful Women You Would Ever Want to Meet, Let Alone Know Los Angeles, CA, April 29, 2015 - Forget about a painted façade, towering elaborate hairdo, ostentatious and chunky borrowed jewelry, an overly pushed up décolletage and a see-through spangled gown—the true magnificence of a movie star is in her demeanor and sincerity, not in the all-too-plastic manifestation. As has been stated many times, "beauty is only skin deep.” With all the cosmetic surgery and filler injections available now, that is hardly true any longer. Deep beneath the surface of what everyone sees is where the true splendor of a person lies. It's not in the eyeliner or false eyelashes, bright lip gloss, rouged cheeks, stiletto pumps or wearing something someone else has borrowed from a designer you never heard of … although in the ongoing Hollywood parade where everyone tries to out "glam” one another, it appears to be de rigueur. Few of the true beauties ever subscr

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