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Jesse Ventura American Conspiracies

October 18, 201521 min
In the second edition of American Conspiracies, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura continues his investigative journey to prove there is more to the history of the United States and the implications of today’s political decisions than the government wants us to know. “This book is not about how extraterrestrials are abducting human beings, or the Apollo moon landing being a colossal hoax perpetrated by NASA, or that Barack Obama somehow is not a natural-born American citizen,” says former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura about the second edition of his New York Times bestselling American Conspiracies. “I’m writing this book because I believe it’s vital to our democracy to see the hidden pattern that’s been undermining this country for most of my lifetime.” When it comes to secret trade deals between corporations and select government leaders such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Big Pharma and the oil industry’s influence on politicians on both sides of the aisle, or Senato

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