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Jillian Michaels Yeah Baby

December 7, 201610 min
Not just a book for women who are already pregnant, YEAH BABY! is a must-read for anyone thinking about getting pregnant—now or in the future. Jillian encourages women to adopt lifestyle habits and make choices that will help them when they’re ready to conceive. She also advises going to your doctor before you begin trying in order to address any issues that may impact conception so that you don’t waste valuable time trying to conceive. Jillian and Heidi found out that Heidi had uterine polyps, preventing her ability to conceive without medical assistance. Jillian writes: “Had we been a typical heterosexual couple, we likely would have tried to get pregnant for two years before discovering something was wrong.” YEAH BABY! is also for women who have been pregnant. They are sure to find new and useful information to help them enjoy their best pregnancy and grow their healthiest child. YOUR DOCTOR MAY BE AWESOME AT DELIVERING BABIES BUT MAY NOT BE UP TO SPEED ON THE LATEST IMPORTANT LIFE

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