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Kate Coyne I'm Your Biggest Fan

June 15, 201617 min
What happens when a girl raised on pop culture lands a job that puts her in very, very close proximity to the superstars she grew up worshipping? Kate Coyne spent her formative years in front of a television set, binge-watching before the term had been invented. As a girl in New York City, she dreamed of living with The Ingalls, The Keatons or The Seavers. (The Drummonds, not so much.) Now, two decades later, as an entertainment journalist, she has dined with celebrities, held their hand as they cried, and seen more than a few of them naked. I'm Your Biggest Fan is a series of hilarious essays that reveal how Kate went from gossip columnist to women’s magazine editor to crafting content for one of the biggest magazines in the world—and how, through it all, she has never stopped adoring the famous and fabulous. From excruciatingly awkward first meetings to surprisingly swoon-worthy moments, Kate lays bare her celebrity encounters in a way no interview could ever capture. This is wha

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