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Mary Kubica Pretty Baby

August 2, 201511 min
About Mary's new book "PRETTY BABY" - Heidi Wood has always been a charitable woman. She goes above and beyond, working for a nonprofit, offering money to the homeless, and even taking in the occasional stray cat. Her charitable senses go off one freezing Chicago morning when while waiting for the “El”, she notices a young girl on the platform, shivering and clearly homeless. To make matters worse, this girl has a screaming infant clutched to her chest. Heidi sees the girl morning after morning and knows she needs to try and help. And so, she introduces herself to Willow, and offers a cup of coffee and a meal. Willow is not forthcoming with why she is alone on the street, but Heidi sees that the baby is sick and knows they both need help. She invites them home, only to rest up and get warm for the night. Heidi banker husband, Chris, and teenaged daughter, Zoe, are shocked at the transient suddenly in their home, but this is no deterrent. Heidi feels Zoe could learn to be less self-cen

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