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Michael Loftus from The Flipside and Loftus Party

March 8, 201621 min
COMEDIC TAKE ON 2016 RACE: Michael Loftus, is one of the busiest national performer/writers in comedy today, he is host of The Flipside With Michael Loftus on TV, and The Loftus Party on Radio. LIMBAUGH: TRUMP ONLY POSSIBILITY OF WRESTING CONTROL OF COUNTRY BACK FROM ELITES... Bill Clinton campaigns outside polling location -- in violation of law? "The Democratic and Republican presidential candidates are charging into Super Tuesday in a coast-to-coast battle for delegates across a dozen states -- but while they're looking for as many wins as possible, a few select states stand out as the crown jewels. At the top of that list, in both primary contests, is Texas. The Lone Star State has the biggest cache -- 222 Democratic delegates and 155 for Republicans. And perhaps no candidate is fighting harder for that prize than Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. The senator went all out on Monday, holding rallies in voter-rich Dallas, Houston and San Antonio in hopes of at least defeat

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