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Ryan Leaf From Transcend Recovery

May 4, 20166 min
Ryan Leaf is considered one of, if not, the biggest NFL bust in draft history. A bright young talent, 2nd in 1998’s draft behind Peyton Manning, Leaf’s name is brought into every conversation and Hollywood movie that deals with young, gifted NFL players that bomb. Ryan had a college career for the record books, but what followed was a terribly turbulent professional career leading to crippling depression and a life littered with drug abuse and legal issues. Leaf, now clean and sober for 4 years, is proud to be the Program Ambassador for Transcend Recovery Communities. Since opening its doors in Los Angeles in 2008, Transcend has been helping people build new lives and offers not only the best sober living care in Los Angeles, Houston, and New York, but also supports those in need with mentoring for extended care, drug testing, and specialized sober companions. Leaf has personally worked with current and former professional athletes in crisis. Most recently reaching out to Johnny Manzie

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