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Sulome Anderson The Hostages Daughter

October 6, 20165 min
THE HOSTAGE’S DAUGHTER: A Memoir of Family, Madness, and the Middle East (Dey Street Books; on sale October 4, 2016; $25.99) is the gripping blend of reportage, memoir, and analysis by a journalist and daughter of one of the world’s most famous hostages, TERRY ANDERSON. Daughter SULOME ANDERSON takes an intimate look at her father’s captivity during the Lebanese Hostage Crisis and the ensuing political firestorm on both her family and the United States—as well as the far-reaching implications of those events on Middle Eastern politics today! In 1991, 6 year old Sulome Anderson met her father, Terry, for the first time. While working as the Middle East bureau chief for the ASSOCIATED PRESS covering the long and bloody civil war in Lebanon, Terry had been kidnapped in Beirut and held for more than 6 years by a Shiite Muslim militia associated with the Hezbollah movement. As the nation celebrated, the media captured a smiling Anderson family joyously reunited.

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