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Tzivia Gover Joy In Every Moment

November 8, 201516 min
About the Author - Tzivia Gover is an author, an educator, and a creative, curious, and dedicated dreamer. She facilitates self-growth and awareness through her workshops and retreats on writing, dreamwork, and mindfulness. She is an active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the founder of 350 Dreamers, an international network of people who dream together for global healing. The exquisitely designed and inspirational Joy in Every Moment is a treasury of creative, doable ways to uncover little bits of joy in the course of the day that will add up to a lifetime of happiness. The book appeals to anyone who wants to feel more joyful, particularly those who might be going through a significant life transition. Basic instructions for stress-reducing techniques like meditation give these readers a boost. Readers can follow the daily routines page by page or flip open to sections that speak to them at that moment. Joy in Every Moment acts as a life coach in a

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