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Baruch Spiegel -GENI World

March 4, 201631 min
Today we have with us Barrack Spiegel, CEO and Founder of GENI (Global Education Network Initiative) and GENI World. Baruch established GENI in order to provide quality educational services to families, schools and the broader community of educators. In addition, GENI is developing a message of inclusion through collaborative learning which is directed at both the children and the adults. As a Consultant Behaviour Analyst, Barrack has had the privilege of working across 3 continents and with many gifted and talented educators. It has helped mold the training packages he offers and has developed his ability to craft programs for children that take their cultural surroundings into consideration as well as their abilities. About Baruch Spiegel Best-selling author Baruch Spiegel has worked in the field of behavior analysis for over 13 years. During this time he has spent over 10,000 hours across three different continents developing programs for children with Autism, learning d

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