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March 15, 201736 min
Byron Walston built and sold a financial practice because as a solo practitioner regulations were taking too much of his time. Byron talks about what keeps him and other business owners up at night and the solution he discovered. [1] You’ve been in business development for much of your career. What reasons attracted you to work with Employer Flexible? A: 2 reasons – the company and the industry. Industry is growing and young. The open-minded culture at the company and having flexible right in the Employer Flexible company name. [2] This term PEO gets thrown around in some circles these days. What is a PEO? A: Why you shouldn’t use initials and no jargon when you’re in a sales or any kind of communication. Byron explains this and what to do instead. He also of course shares what the initials PEO (professional employer organization) stands for and why it’s such an important factor for small business owners in today’s economic environment. [3] How are Employer Flexible and you innova

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