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Dan Fowler - Imagination Engineer

August 19, 201626 min
Dan Fowler has an extensive background in film, television, media production and personal development coaching and training. Dan has combined all of his years of knowledge and experience and has developed a speaking, coaching and motivational system that empowers his audience to embody consistent positive change and maintain it through their relationships (personal and romantic), businesses, and life endeavors. He has been in the interactive media production industry for over 22 years and has developed a proven system to help any profit-centered entrepreneur access their imagination, design the perfect dream, and then monetize those ideas and dreams "on-demand." Dan prides himself in teaching people how to change their stories, internally and externally, through deep mental, spiritual, and scientific work and then helps them reinvent themselves as a NEW breed of leader, fueled by the knowledge that you never manifest what you want... you ALWAYS manifest WHO YOU ARE. Dan has writt

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