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Engelo Rumora the Real Estate Dingo

April 18, 201760 min
In this episode Max Coursey interviews Engelo Rumora, AKA the Real Estate Dingo. Engelo is a successful Australian entrepreneur living in Toledo Ohio. Engelo has turned or flipped hundreds of properties. The Dingo also owns a leading discount real estate brokerage in Ohio. Engelo gives the viewers a perspective that real estate investment is tough work, requires a good team, honesty, astute financial analysis of the investment property, and the tenacity to take opportunities when they present themselves. Engelo is a doer. Engelo and Max discuss key differences and opportunities between the Australian and US Real Estate market. Mr. Rumora created a bit of a media storm when he bought and sold the "Cheapest House in Australia". Our listeners will appreciate the happy ending where Engelo discusses giving away a home to an individual selected by his community in Ohio. Even though the Dingo may be a bit wild and rough around the edges, he is keen on making a difference through real estate education and giving back following his successes. Real Estate Insiders Radio

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