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GEORGE LAMOUREUX: Tonic Herb Formulas for Better Health

June 13, 201632 min
George Lamoureux, of Jing Herbs, shares about tonic herb formulas for better health. Jing Herbs, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, is a formulator and manufacturer of the finest and most authentic tonic herb formulas available in the world. The company was founded and incorporated by George J. Lamoureux on 02-02-2002. “Jing” was chosen as the company name from ancient Taoist text simply because it means the source, the foundation, the primal “essence” of human beings. That is how we want our clients to regard our products; as the foundation and source of health and longevity. Jing Herbs is one of the world’s most trusted authorities in the art and science of Chinese herbs, and its mission to share that expertise with you. Take the Jing Herbs Optimal Health Analysis. It will tell you if you’re adequately protecting, nurturing, and balancing your energy for health, through the analysis of your Three Treasures (the three types of energy that are the focus of health

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