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Jo Ellen Newman: Start with a Question: What If - Dream Big and Change Your Life

April 17, 201725 min
Jo Ellen Newman, MBA, is a Quantum Success Life Business Coach, Certified Speaker and a Certified Trainer of Infinite Possibilities. After working many years in nursing, moving into the business side of healthcare and ultimately the corporate world, I knew I now wanted to offer coaching services that helped solve our cursed self-doubts, plaguing states of lack of confidence and concerns with financial instability. I also coach youth from 9 - 14 years of age, so they can lean into their fullest potential, relieve their stress, fight peer pressure and more. I specialize in using left (analytical) and right (creative thinking) tools such as meditation processes and actions to quickly shift your beliefs and state of being. My approach solves self-doubt, lack of confidence and more while co-creating a clear and actionable path to your goal. Between my Quantum Success coaching skills and the Infinite Possibilities training I can teach you how to live in a state of happiness, abundance and create your heart’s desire - THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS! As Mike Dooley said, "Thriving is our default setting, not Surviving” We ARE Creators!Clients experience breakthroughs after just a few minutes or even one session. My goal is to give you new tools in your toolbox to cope and respond to life’s many challenges. I offer one-on- one or group coaching; workshops or as an inspirational speaker to your organization. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: joellennewman@jenipcoachjo or Pinterest: Women Innovators with Tami Patzer

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